AA nerf?

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  1. Ninjamastor

    i was just wondering how many people agree that AA's need to be nerfed since they are spammed everywhere and you get shot down before their character even loads yet you load for them. i used to fly alot but now i barley fly at all due to the mass numbers of aa( which takes no skill) easily being able to take out and esf ( which takes an immense amount of skill). they need to get their priorities strait and fix the problems that are already there.
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  2. holycaveman

    There has been countless threads on this. Everyone knows SOE hates air. Its obvious.

    I don't want AA to be nerfed. I don't want any paid for object to ever be nerfed again!!

    No reason to nerf. But air need buffed bad, or it will be completely gone, dead.

    Then the kiddies spaming max's will be pissed their shooting gallery will be gone.
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  3. Robes

    Flying takes a lot of skill to do well, its the only thing in the game that takes that.

    The majority (a good 95%+) of players are godawful at this game, so they can't fly.

    They don't like getting killed by people who are better than them, so they cry if they don't have something so easy anything could win with, lockons and bursters.

    You nerf them, the bads cry.

    You buff them, you **** over anybody who has ever put certs into any air but the bads will be happen, eg TR/VS maxes, but they are a much smaller amount of people.
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  4. holycaveman

    You can't kill what you don't see. I don't want a nerf. Just make them show up. Take their invisibility away from them. That is all I ask

    We have been crying for AA balance for a long time, and what do the devs do? Buff AA.

    Sometimes I think they are actually trying to ruin the game.
  5. illgot

    There are a ton of AA for a reason, we got tired of 1 person in an ESF taking out whole platoons. A good pilot can destroy 99% of the players in this game.
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  6. NietCheese

    SOE don't hate air, but everyone on the ground does.
    Because there are rocket pods in the game, a way for ESF to spam at ground troops, there have to be strong AA counters.

    Remove rocket pods and we'd all be happy to greatly reduce the damage that AA does to ESFs. ESFs can start doing machine gun strafing runs and do what should be their proper role = killing galaxies, killing liberators and killing other ESFs.

    ESFs shouldn't have been the best anti-ground killing machine in the game. Because they were, SOE had to introduce very strong AA because helpless players on the ground would rage when dying to a "sky god hoverspammer".

    Liberators and Galaxies should be the primary anti-ground killers. ESFs should be the hawks that keep the skies clear and sometimes strafe players with machine gun fire.
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  7. theholeyone

    +1 to that. ESF's should have their rocket pods changed to unguided bombs (which can be exploded by small arms very easily), so you either have to get really close to use em, or be really inaccurate. Maybe buff ESF speed and v-thrust instead of a straight nerf to the bursters (which are pretty balanced against Libs/gals, excluding lockdown and zoe).
  8. Skunkworks

    I'll let you into a secret.
    I am a tanker, love my Prowler and reached Rank 68 using 99% of the time, the Prowler.
    During the last six months - even having certed my Prowler to the hilt - I have been ripped apart by barrage after barrage of instakill rocket strikes against the rear of the prowler.
    It was impossible to combat.

    Now they have buffed up the armour at the rear and it has stopped nearly all the rear instakills.
    I still love my Prowler but I owe those dozy ESFs some payback, so I have certed a level five lockdown dual Burster Max for no other reason than the smug satisfaction of blasting those pesky wasps out of the sky.
    I could do it all day long, for no certs.
    Just for fun.
    In fact it's better than Prozac, I think I'll go slap a few more out of the sky because I owe it to all the tankers who have been mercilessly - and skill-lessly - battered by ESFs with no chance of reply.

    In fairness before you cry that I posses no skills, I always indulge in my antidepressent fun solo, there is no joy or sport in sitting in a Burster nest smacking the Air - and I go up against the big boys too, not just ESFs but I makes me chortle to myself to think of some ESF pilot cursing the hell out of Lockdown Burster Max's as I rattle the hell out of its nimble airframe.
    A nimble airframe designed for fighting in the sky - which is ironic really when you think about it - because if they'd have kept to Air to Air instead of cleaning up everything on terrafirma, the burster max might not have been necessary.

    Tou-fricken-che flyboys !
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  9. Sowahka

    I'm going to go ahead and agree. Just got extended clips for my dual Bursters and i can keep a whole base clear of ESFs and get kills on the ones that I can lure in and aren't fast enough to escape, don't even need to reload. Going to try lockdown next. It's a bit silly, often times I don't even need to leave spawn or don't have to leave far enough to be in any danger at all.

    The very least they could do is make it so that you can't shoot Bursters though the spawn shields.
  10. jdono67894

    If you nerf AA it just means more players have to be AA to defend ground troops, the end result is no different for people in the air.

    I say this often and I will say it again, if you are being killed by a defensive unit which is near stationary it is your fault.
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  11. Skunkworks

    Agreed Jdono, furthermore the decent esf driver can easily rocket you by zeroing in on the source of the AA from KILOMETERS away, in fact so small you cannot hit him.
    It has happened to me loads, rocketed from afar with little chance to reply.
    Really - you in THE most maneuverable vehicle in the game - against a AA MAX locked down into one spot with 50% of his firing arc removed.
    Come the **** on boys, surely you can sort these pesky lockdown burster maxes out, I even think I could.....
  12. Goretzu

    People complain about getting killed by ESFs.

    Other people say "Well just get AA!!!!".

    People get AA.

    Other people say "Nerf AA!!!!!!11111".

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  13. EvilKoala

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  14. MarlboroMan-E

    This only happens to platoons full of bad, or dare I say dumb, players. Can't remember the last time I got podded. In nature there are predators and prey. Are you the latter?
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  15. KAHR-Alpha

    And yet, after much whining on the forums, A2Am got nerfed pretty badly, go figure...
  16. Macchus

    Fight NC .

    NC bursters got no buffs to speed or damage .

    problem solved .
  17. Macchus

    lol ... flying ... skill...

    maybe 1 percent of pilots have actual skill .

    the rest , not so much .
  18. Dragonblood

    The age of one-man-army lolpod farming is over, when AA was only meant to scare ESFs away, so they could either come back in higher numbers or just farm somewhere else.

    For the cost of 200 ressources you get the most mobile vehicle in the game with burst damage that tankdriver can just dream about.
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  19. Macchus

    ESF of any faction is probably the most versatile vehicle in the game . speed , weaponry , agility , cost , and just fun ...
  20. Dragonblood

    Yeah, I forgot to mention the versatility they have without the need to change their weapon setup.