[Suggestion] AA Max XP

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Cymoril, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Cymoril

    I have a proposition I would like to run by the community. As an AA MAX I feel you work 2x as had to get XP only to have pilots bail out or get reduced xp when you've hit something and then they crash it. It is a thankless job to suppress bombers while providing support for your team on offense or defense.
    I would like to see a XP gain each time you hit a plane/vehicle. This usually kicks in now 1x after you've hit something 5-10x. The heavy gets xp/hit with a rocket even when he doesn't bring it down. Why not offer the same with the max? This would make it much easier doing what you have programmed the class to do and gain a proper amount of XP/reward.
  2. Leivve

    You get exp if they jump and go splat on the ground. if you don't get the kill exp they survived somehow (ejection/LA)
  3. NoctD

    AA MAX is easy XP really - I do it a lot these days, very little risk, very nice rewards.

    You have to kill a ton more infantry playing an AI MAX to make up the same amount of XP/certs as the AA MAX. Less kills, but much better XP/certs doing AA/AV duty.
  4. TheSDM

    Lockdown > dual AA and let the certs roll in. Of course you'll need to be in a aircraft zerg for that, but nevertheless it's one of the best things in this game. Especially as a max you can go and change location if an idiot gets away to repair only to come back and find out that you're somewhere else shooting AA rounds into his aircraft butt.
  5. patoman

    If aa sucks (no aircraft) you can switch at a terminal, or a sunderer, a lighting aa can't do that.

    Being aa or av or ai is not exclusive, I got all three and alternate depending on who I fighting, if 2-10 aircraft are flying overhead trying to wreak you or those around you pretty much have to be AA until they go away to fight other target,
  6. _itg

    AA is kind of funny in that you need a fairly specific ratio of targets to fellow AA units in order to get a lot of XP. To many helpers, and you just keep getting wimpy assist XP with little chance of actual kills. Too few, and the aircraft just don't die, so you get even less.

    Since enemy aircraft tend to disappear as fast as they come, I usually don't pull a burster MAX unless I'll be just as happy switching to AI or AV. If there's any uncertainty that the MAX will be worth my nanites, I'll just use my G2A lock-on.
  7. MAXArmar

    The real cert farm is on when you cap a base close to a warpgate. In these events, always pull bursters.