AA max is ruining the game.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by holycaveman, May 4, 2013.

  1. SolLeks

    Pro Tip: If a lib is higher than 300m then then lib will not be able to hurt infantry as they are out of render range. same goes for 600m with tanks / transports.

    It is impossible for libs to carpet bomb from out of render range, If they could do that then us flyers would not have as much of a problem with the range of AA.

    so, by your words, If an ESF decides to shoot anything (IE fly in a straight line) then it deserves to die?
    that max has what, 2k certs in it? 4k if you have everything you need for a DB max to be effective? My ESF has about 15k certs into it now and it costs more resources to pull, why is the DB max better or equal to my aircraft? On top of that I have at least one more demention of movement (if not all dementions of movement as maxes tend to sit still wile shooting) to think in wile trying to keep a bead on target wile trying not to get shot down by almost everything in this game. meanwhile your max, who can be revived if killed and can easily stack with numbers into a instant kill burster wall clearing all air in a 4 hex radius should be equal to my ESF?

    And you think the max has a similar skill curve as an ESF? that is just laughable.

    Then you go and say you never get killed by AA, just other pilots... but then you talk about running into trees...


    If you are being spawncamped, its time to move on. Why people just sit in the shild when they are clearly out numbered and have no chance is beyond me.. but keep giving others free kills lemmings. also, 'lolpods' are not as effective as the vortex due to all the nerfs when fighting infantry. It sounds like you are the noob, maybe try and get into an ESF of your own to clear the sky... if only using an A2A ESF was better than a handful of bursters on the ground.
  2. Copasetic

    So limiting AA to 600m should be fine then. Shouldn't be a problem because at that distance it wouldn't kill anything anyway, so AA users lose nothing while air users don't have to deal with the constant plinking damage from 1000m away.
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  3. holycaveman

    you missed the point. You have to survive. You don't just buy rocket pods and start killing things. That is a joke. You are lucky to live long enough to kill anything A max in a spawn area is a free for all. Completely different.

    The learning curve for a pilot is the toughest in the game. for the max its the easiest.
  4. holycaveman

    The max's range should be no more than 300meters. Since many claim you can't kill an esf unless it hovers, this should not be a problem since it has to hover below render distance.
  5. Copasetic

    And what will you do when a liberator hovers at 350m blowing up all your armor?

    Besides the render distances are not hard coded or something, it varies a lot depending on what's going on around you.
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  6. holycaveman

    For one I would man turrets, spawn heavies, use skyguard or get counter air. How many things do you need against one liberator?

    Two heavies can chase off a liberator. One skyguard, especially now since the buff.

    I have played ground alot. And I would get frustrated because no one would do this? Its not difficult to grab a lock on. Shoot I have use the stock heavy launcher and killed libs. They hover a lot.
  7. smokemaker

    "Air in this game is more then A2A ESF-vs-ESF."
    I agree completely.
    I am mainly a pilot.
    I enjoy the anti-ground role in an ESF.
    I did not support nor do i currently like the armor buff to tanks.
    BUT , its here.
    As for the ESF VS ESF, i also enjoy a good dog fight.
    And currently, its hard to get just a dog fight.
    Generally flak will weight in at some point.
    Its not all bad.
    I do find myself dragging enemy ESF's over friendly flak for the advantage.
    If the flight ceiling was raised, it would allow air travel without to much fear from flak.
    While also denying the air a real chance at attacking ground at that height.

    All without nerfing anything.
    nerfs are bad.
  8. SolLeks

    Max is an infantry unit, therefore it should only fire to infantry render distance (300M). Let the skygaurds and turrets take longer range targets imo.

    If the flight ceiling was raised, not much would change. Most aircraft will still fly low as there are a lot of ground attack aircraft, to do anything worth wile you will still have to fly low. to get rid of A2AM or other lockons, you need some forum of cover to fly around and that requires to fly low.
    TL;DR changing the flight ceiling will do little except for the bases that the ceiling is only around 300m from the ground.

    Most pilots I know are not asking for our own little playground in the sky, we are asking to have an effect on the battle field again instead of constantly having to run for our lives.
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  9. asmodraxus

    Substitute AA Max's for Aircraft and you get the other opinion for the whiners.

    Learn to deal with AA, either learn to take them out, using terrain, i.e. go in low and fast, or I don't know use maxed out composite armour to tank a little or stealth so you don't appear on the map, but don't just sit there and think you can get away with it.

    Or park up and grab an AV (striker, lancer or phoenix) and kill AA Max units as infantry.

    Evolve or perish as the Vanu might say.

    Back when the game was first released Airchav's said AA was merely a deterrent, guess what it now works as intended. IT DETERS, generally by killing the dumb, stupid and those that don't learn, or the plain unlucky (ie those that lolpod a sundy full of AA Max units), but still it deters.

    Why do you think everyone now has AA?

    Oh and yes I do fly, mainly for quick transport, but I do know that aircraft shouldn't be able to tank something designed to kill them.
    There is 3 things in combat


    Pick 2.

    Aircraft speed and firepower, not armour.
    Tanks and Sunderers armour and fire power.

    What next cry babies infantry armour that stops damage from infantry guns?

    Or should we just nerf all aircraft weapons as the QQ want Armour and speed.
  10. Regis7575

    Sure AA maxes could get nerfed which would then let all the lolpodders that are complaining farm infantry with close to nothing to worry about.
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  11. XRIST0

    Reduce the range of flak , increase composite armor 5-10% .. make it worth the 2000 certs i have spent on it :rolleyes:

    That is all .
  12. SolLeks

    Why does everyone assume we are bad when we talk about AA? I guess they got their buffed toy and refuse to get rid of it. also LoL at asmodraxus saying he does fly, and then saying mainly for transport (AKA he does not fly).

    Just an FYI but its not the rocket podders asking for this, they love the AA, it protects them from A2A ESF, its the A2A ESF that hunt your so called lolpodders that think AA is to powerful. Currently, 1 DB max is better than 1 A2A ESF, and that is wrong.

    sounds bout right, lets see how people try to argue agenced this one lol.
  13. Khyrin

    I give zero flying feathers about Lolpodders, i'm one of the first to say remove Pods from the game (and yes, i am using them for AV and fast runs on infantry where i can't aim with the Vortek) IF it makes space for AA nerfs so i can hunt ESFs again without getting the kill denied because of all the cowards just burning to one Burster MAX which would reduce my chances of winning the dogfight in the new situation to less than zero.
  14. holycaveman

    Yea its a complete shame this game does not have skyguards, launchers, loc ons, counter esf, tanks, sunderers, turrets, machine guns and stuff.........
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  15. Klondik3

    I support this notion.
  16. Meeka

    The only time I've ever seen (or been) a MAX stuck in a spawn room is when there's a half dozen ESFs and tanks pounding rocket at the spawn room, making it impossible to step outside without getting insta-gibbed.

    What's exactly difficult about being a pilot? You do the exact same as you do on the ground; you evade incoming fire, incoming rockets, while trying to hit your target... you fly over an area looking for a target, you find one, you loop back, fly in low, strafe it with rockets/gunfire, and keep flying... unless you mean the part where you have to learn to hover without getting killed. Because that's what pilots seem to be complaining about the most.
  17. Meeka

    As long as Liberators guns and rockets pods have a range of 300m and no more.... that would be fair.
  18. Keelin

    I'm just gonna say i can't agree.
    That being said - i don't think MAXes should be reviveable.
    Yeah this carries some other implications with it but i think it would be worth testing.
    Just my opinion!
  19. Bad News

    It work like it should, it is very easy to spot a plane in the sky but the pilot in that plane will have very hard time to spot any people on the ground.
  20. Sedisp

    Before or after you put on your fedora? I find it strange that apparently you live a sad enough life where all your friends do is sit in silence and talk about your individual careers. Since if you talk about anything else you're a hypocrite.

    So I take it you've directed films then right? If not you're a hypocrite. Unfortunately you're also an idiot. More likely you're just a hipster who has never actually seen attack of the clones and just uses it as a front man for his super edgy opinions.

    If you have seen the movie in question you're an idiot who goes to movies to see shiny things.

    See there are certain things that are not opinions silly hipster. Whether or not you liked something is one thing, whether or not the movie had things like plot holes, terrible pacing, laughable directing and juvenile use of camera work are all things based on fact.

    So you propose for me to:

    A) throw away 200 air resources
    B)Throw away a 20 minute pull timer

    to fight a MAX who will after all the air has gone just switch to a different kill farm loadout.

    Question. When the Air was obscenely OP in beta why didn't you ground pounders just pull a different vehicle instead of saying it was OP?

    Again I am simply asking for the AA max and the Skygaurd to have their roles swapped. ground AA will still be powerful and the skygaurd and AA max will still have a role.

    It makes no sense for a cheaper and smaller unit to also be more powerful and survivable.