AA Harasser: Ranger or Walker?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Styrkr, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Styrkr

    I'm equipping my harasser for Anti-Air. Which gun should I buy for it and why? They're both the same cost.
  2. HooWoo

    Most would say none at all for the harasser but if you really are keen on getting one, then get the ranger, I believe that's the fast-firing 3 barreled mini-gun thing.
  3. Twitch760

    The Walker is the fast firing 3 barrel mini gun style one. The Ranger is the flak cannon.
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  4. Morpholine

    Dual Burster Max in the rumble seat.

    I find the Ranger extremely underwhelming. If choosing between it and the Walker, take the Walker.
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  5. NoctD

    The Ranger is easier to use but its only got the DPS of like a single Burster MAX... the Walker is better at killing but somewhat range limited and would be almost useless in a fast moving Harasser.

    Bottom line - get the Skyguard instead for a Lightning, if you want to do AA.
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  6. Mr_Giggles

    Walker is the 3 barrel, Ranger is the flak cannon. I'm a ranger fan myself and I keep it on a number of vehicles.

    Anyone else ever noticed that both guns are named after a Chuck Norris show.
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  7. biterwylie

    Either of those weapons is pointless on anything other than usuing them dual on a Sundy. They do not do enough damage to get rid of an air threat that is attacking you, and thus are also pointless for any kind of air denial.

    You have the Vulcan :rolleyes: .....
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  8. Lazaruz

    Personally I would go with the Walker, since it can damage all targets (although not effectively) if the situation comes to that.

    But you'd be better off with a AV Harasser with a flak MAX in the back :)
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  9. RHINO_Mk.II

    Ranger is 100% trashcan tier weapon. Do not even attempt to consider thinking about purchasing it with the intent to equip it on any of your vehicles at any time for any reason.
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  10. Pikachu

    Everyone says the walker machine gun is best but both are bad. Ranger has an advantage of being able to hurt tanks. Takes 31 seconds to destroy a sunderer, 30 for an S1 or lancer fast firing. The limited turning angle greatly limits the ability to use it against vehicles though, and even more against infantry.

    Harassers equiped with AA gun or kobalt are pointed and laughed at.

    Btw didn't the ranger get a new model that looked like an ugly merge of a 3 barrel rotating cannon and a sphere? I'm glad they kept the double barrel design.
  11. Mr_Giggles

    That's just the lib version. Harasser version looks like the fury back end with the 3 barrels. Both versions still suck balls.
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  12. reticentbassist

    I wouldn't kit out a harasser for AA duty, I do not believe it plays to the harassers strength.
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  13. NoctD

    I wouldn't bother with the Burster MAX in the rumble seat either... all its good for is motion sickness!
  14. Izriul

    Ranger - Medium RoF Long range Flak cannon with low DPS and low ammo count.

    This is good for scaring bad pilots but any above average will know that it's a ranger and not be too fussed, they could probably do more damage to you than you could to them and if...IF they ever get into trouble, they can very easily fly away.

    However, as with ALL weapons in this game (apparently, people try to use this argument for the lancer, and only the lancer -.- ) it works much better in groups, so having 3 Harrassers with it could probably do some decent air destruction. That said, even a sundy with dual cannons only acts as though a burster max.
    Ranger not worth getting unless you don't care about kills, certs or SPM and just want to help the team annoy bad pilots and hope they crash. You can pull a max with a single arm burster and pretty much do the same thing.

    Walker - Fast firing, short - medium range soft point AA gun with average DPS and a high ammo count. It can plink away at vehicles and also will kill infantry albeit slowly. This weapons good for any air that over extends and get's a little too cocky. If you wait for it to get close, then you can do a large amount of damage, but once again as with ALL AA, a decent pilot won't panic and know when to fly away (even against a skyguard)

    The best bet for AA would be a vulcan. It does far more damage than the actual AA weapons, insane damage to vehicles, and has no issue killing infantry. It has a large mag, huge fire rate and decent reload speed. The only drawback of the weapon is it's limited range but equipped to a harasser this is easily compensated for. I've had the vulcan on my prowler since near release, I've _always_ loved it and any TR that tries to downplay it's strength's either don't know how to use it and are bad, or desperately trying to hide it's real strength. I don't have it on my harasser though, but it's been the one weapon that kept my MBT alive from podders FAR better on TR than either of the other two factions, especially when pods were insanely strong against MBT's (in fact, back then, pods were pretty much the ONLY threat and the vulcan completely nullified it)

    Really I'd think your only true option for the harasser would be the vulcan. Either of the other two aren't really worth it but if you had to, then I'd personally take the walker.

    If you want to be dedicated at AA, then a skyguard would be your best bet, followed by a striker then DBM with lockdown. Well, perhaps it's not best to have a skyguard since it's a very rare vehicle to see on TR when they rule with LDDBM and strikers or vulcan.

    TR - The anti-air faction, leading to a snowball effect of the other two factions not being able to bring air support
  15. Styrkr

    Tanks guys
  16. MorganM

    Walker; hands down. It damages EVERYTHING. Ranger ONLY damages air because it's a flak cannon. Walker uses projectiles and damages all vehicles, infantry, turrets, etc. Both have limited angles and can't pitch down far enough if you are on level ground. The trick is to park so that your vehicle is pitched down and your gun can now aim at infantry and ground vehicles.

    That said I'm not sure why you'd pick either for a harasser but it's your vehicle and you can do whatever you want!
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  17. Kunavi

    Basilisk. The thing is so versatile at the moment, after all the buffs, that I quit on my Marauder and my Halberd. Next best would be Vulcan IMHO - If only it could aim up... So.. Basilisk if you got the skillz(Driver better be good too though).
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  18. Epoch/Eep

    Walker works fine mate. Got it on my buggy when i was using it with a burster in the back to defend our tank columns. Tons more agile than a skyguard and the old burster dps was better too. We didnt use it moving very often but would move it to overwatch positions then point the back at the area and cover.

    I dont use it much nowadays apart from when i want self transport but it wasnt bad as a multi purpose gun. the ranger is a bit lacking though.
  19. Badname707

    Yeah, if you find you NEED to pull an AA harasser, just go with the basilisk. It's just about as accurate against air as the walker, and you'll still be able to use it on ground targets.
  20. IOwnblueacre

    If you want to turn your harasser into a serious AA platform (why not just get a skyguard?), you'll need a burster max on the back. The only time I've played when either walker or ranger could seriously kill some air was when there are other AA present. By itself, as you've seen in some sundies and MBTs, they act as air deterrent, and your gunner would get a kill only if your pursuer is very, very incompetent.

    All that said, if you want a very, very fast G2A AA platform (faster than racer3 lightning), get a ranger w/ a buddy being burster max. The combined firepower can bring an ESF down pretty quickly, depending on his/her composite level. A walker won't be as effective with this set up because not that many pilots would want to close in on a harasser with a burster max on its back.