[A3TR] Aeolus Eos, the sky is ours.

Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by unsword, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. unsword

    Aeolus Eos
    Server: Cobalt
    Faction: TR
    Time Zone(s): Central European Time (CET)
    Specialization: Air Combat (Liberator)
    Discord: https://discord.gg/7WdKFJr
    Contacts: @unsword#3571 @bosiik#0368
    • Focused on air combat [especially Liberator], but it´s all chilled out, about having fun and gettin good points :D We don't just look for pilots, gunners are all welcome as well!
    • Very kind, communicative and helpful people. So you are always welcome to ask questions e.g. about the Lib combat [basic/advanced] It´s also about gettin new players in the air easier, learning new tricks and mechanics
    • Great teamplay, spontaneous and open to a lot of playstyles when we got no nanites lol
    • Just text us or do an application [Or join the Discord] we are happy about everyone who is interested, independently from your skill level and I´m sure it will be a pleasure to fly with you ;)