A2A lock ons still OP

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Jawarisin

    Not much else to say, I don't play the game much more because of those. kinda ruin my fun. Anywhom just a little remeinder.

    Let the hate flow.
  2. Stack0verflow

    Agreed. Lockons remove the tiny amount of skill necessary to play this game, and A2A locks are the worst example of that.
  3. Obscura

    If A2A lock-ons are enough to "ruin your fun" in PS2 then your reasons to play video games are probably a little shallow in the first place lol.

    I know, it sucks the game isn't just a skyknight hover duel between two ESF's, where the one with the most "skillz" always wins.
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  4. AlexR

    Well. A lot of players one day getting to the point when they want to try airgame. So you all know that air gameplay in planetside2 is almost completely different game where your ground skills not much helping actually. Also there are a lot of "sky lords" around just flying and wrecking everyone. How can any new-to-air player learn anything about air gameplay if he would be afraid of every enemy around and die every battle? A2A kinda gives more survivalability to that kind of players and making them not leaving the sky. Just don't forget about it.
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  5. HappyBrah

    EDIT: Whoops.
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  6. AlexR

    Just in case if you did not notice, he was talking about Air-to-air lock-ons.
  7. Taemien

    I'm not as great with a ESF as I used to be a few years ago. But even now Lockon Missiles aren't what give issue. Its the escalation of Flak. Lockons give a warning and an indicator of direction when fired. Its not uncommon for me to take a missile (I use FS over Flares) and then pelt the offender once I know where they are.

    But flak from bases, skyguards, bursters... not so easy to discern. If it is hitting from a decent range away it may not even render. More than one source gets annoying.

    But the worst part, bursters from invulnerable spawn rooms. There's no counter to that except for 4th factioning or glitching a tank mine through the shields. Course I'm of the mind that anything that can hit me, I should be able to hit back. That what doesn't render should never deal damage.
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  8. HappyBrah

    Ha jeez, somehow my head read that as G2A (even though I wrote A2A). Obviously my brain's not working right, I blame today's Planetside binge on my day off.

    EDIT: I agree with what you said before. I struggle with flying fighters, I don't find them intuitive and so many pilots are insanely skilled. If I ever commit to the air game properly (and I do want to), lock-ons will be my only starter option. At the moment I consider it a successful engagement if I land a hit or bail out before the plane explodes.
  9. Talthos

    Honestly, they're only really 'overpowered' in 1v1 dogfighting scenarios.

    Outside of that incredibly tiny niche, however, they're actually kinda weak. The lock-on speed feels way too slow to be reliable against a pilot who's smart enough to never stop being evasive.

    The fact that A2A lock-on speed is the same versus all air targets regardless of size or distance from the target doesn't help matters, either. I mean, would it not make sense for those A2A missiles to lock-on faster against a Liberator or Galaxy? Bigger targets should be—theoretically—easier to hit, I'd think.

    Actually, I like that idea:

    • Rework A2A lock-on missiles, so they lock faster onto Liberators and Galaxies, while locking slower onto other ESFs. Dunno about the Valkyrie though; either slightly faster, or just keep it at current speeds on live.
    • Rework Coyote Missiles to be most damaging to ESFs, but less damaging to Liberators and Galaxies. Damage vs Valkyries can probably stay the same as now. The homing method can also stay the same as now.

    The differences and specified roles would be much more clear, if it worked something like that. Maybe.
  10. Obstruction

    you're only thinking this because you don't have enough experience with air to really know. what generates complaints about tomcats has nothing at all to do with skill leveling - making it easier for non pilots or new pilots - they are actually punishingly bad at that. they generate complaints because they have several unfair or clearly bugged mechanics that are abused by pilots (and air squads) who are already good enough to fly with less afterburner fuel and remain competitive.

    you see, when you're first learning to control the fighter, track targets, and keep a good position all at once with a cool head, you really need to lean on the AB tanks because you won't be effective at maneuvers, and so ineffective at fuel management. for this reason loading out anything else will inhibit your learning process and for many players will limit their overall progress because they "still just get wrecked by aces" even with supposed skill leveling weapons.
  11. Foxirus

    Or.. You could simply just pull flares.. OH WAIT! That would mean sacrificing that your freebie 25% repair! Oh well, Guess you'll have to suffer lock ons. That or get better and kill your target faster. With how legendary some of you pilots seem to think you are, The fact you allow people to get two lock ons on you means you just aren't good enough to kill them faster.

    Maybe if they fixed the 25% repair and put it back to 12%, it would make the flares abit more plausible.
  12. DarkWingGB

    A lot of pilots pick LA, when flying (k/d wankers). So they are using Fire Repair instead of Flares. Of course they hate any lock-ons.

    My opinion - if you are using LA in ESF - you MUST suffer! And lock-ons just do their jobs.
  13. Jawarisin

    Well, I just came back to read this, and I see the forum didn't seem to have changed that much if not for demigan. I mean some of you say some points that should be valid like the "skill leveling" aspect, although in reality it doesn't level, it actually cripples new players.
    And the issue isn't new players with them, it's decent players with them.
    And for those who think it's only decent in 1v1 scenario, I encourage you guys to go look at Serversmash you'll notice EVERYBODY uses lock ons because they are drastically overpowered and everybody wants to win. But they are so fun/game breaking that there is now some "bushido smash" where both parties agree not to use a2a lock ons because it makes for boring dull fight that leave no possibility to anything.

    Oh, if I had a bingo card, I'd also check the "idiot who blames it on fire suppression but can't fly anyways". I knew I could find one of those brain dead :p

    And for people like you my dear Obscura, of course we all enjoy winning, but if you seem to think that "this is my only way to win and I whine because people just counter me". I'd like to invite you to go see my stat page righht here:

    if my goal was simply to wreck people, I can do that just fine on the ground, even with the potatoe I call a computer. When I fly, I lag twice as more, freeze about every 45s for 1-2s which trust me can be a pain. But I decide to do so because I like flying anyways. Lock ons ruin it, and it's not a matter of winning, otherwise as you can see, I'd just stick to the ground where, even if I freeze and lag, I can kill most players with ease.[/quote]
  14. Reclaimer77

    lol pilots talking about "fun" being ruined. All they DO is ruin everyone's fun!
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  15. LodeTria

    My biggest issue with them is they are way way too strong vs ESFs, but pretty meh/teribad vs Libs and galaxy's.
    It should be the other way around.
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  16. QQmore

    Help! My hard counter touched me and I refuse to use IT'S hard counter! Nerf plz.
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  17. Mxiter

    just brings your own A2Am/Coyotes instead rocketpods/hornets groundpounders.
    Flares or stealth helps too.

    If you complain to A2Am while il lib, gal or valkyrie, you deserves to dies to ESFs, A2Am or not.
  18. Talthos

    Exactly!! If it were the other way around, we might actually be able to blunt the agony that comes from those flying tanks we call 'Liberators'.
  19. Foxirus

    So you are trying to say people would still complain about A2A lock ons if flares were not entirely overshadowed by that free repair? I highly doubt that. I have placed the Air game enough to know that a majority of locks can be easily evaded and outrun. This is the case for all but A2A.

    Someone locking you with an A2A? Not a problem, Pop that flare and you just ruined the 3 seconds they could have spent damaging you with the ESF nosegun. You can try to cover for it all you want, You pilots have a hard counter to lock ons, You refuse to use it over that abused ability you call fire suppression. So enjoy suffering the one weakness you have. I laugh and feed from your tears as your sky chariot burns.
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  20. Greiztoph

    I think the coyote missles are what A2A should be, fire and hope they get close enough to lock onto a target, allows for skilled fights and lets you still have lock ons in a sense. So the main lockon for A2A could be just a faster moving single high damage variant or something different depending on the faction. I personally don't use the actual A2A lockons since I have respect for fellow pilots but you also have to allow room for new players to learn.

    G2A locks for aircraft are necessary and are in a good place in my opinion, if you keep getting taken down by G2A locks choose smaller fights and stop camp farming like some hamster.