A10 7890k performance?

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  1. XxCaZaDoRxX

    Hi I would like to know who uses the processor a10 7890k and what is the average yield this gives with vga or iGPU APU will be my next processor and want to know how they will know it's not very powerful but I think you play with what's wrong with it ....:eek: !!!!
  2. WeRelic

    I don't have that APU so I can't speak to it's performance.

    I can tell you to stay the hell away from APUs for gaming though. Go for a CPU and a dedicated GPU within your price range. Trust me, you won't regret it, and you'll get better performance out of a CPU/GPU setup than you would out of any APU of comparable value.

    No intentions of bashing AMD, but they really missed the mark with APUs.
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  3. Savadrin

    I'm not really sure the APU's were ever targeted for gaming, or should have been. They're fantastic for budget office desktop builds though.
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  4. King_Shano

    AMD vs Intel the never-ending war
    *casually tosses kindling around*
    My amd blah blah will tool you intel for half the cost
    Let's light this thread up lol
  5. WeRelic

    Good point. I guess I kind of forget about that. I use powerful graphic design workstations, so my requirements are a bit more intensive.

    Wasn't taking AMD/Intel's side. I'm just against APUs for gaming in general. I'm too pragmatic to pick a side. :rolleyes:
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  6. Savadrin

    I hear you. Even hard photo editing is degraded on an APU, let alone modeling or the other processing. Don't you guys farm out a lot of rendering though these days?

    You are 100% correct in the green, they're simply not designed to handle it. I don't care what numbers they slap on the GPU cores, the tech is simply not there to consider competing against CPU/GPU systems. At least not yet. I'm almost surprised nobody has designed a mobo with a slot for a GPU that looks like a CPU - and designed the corresponding GPU of course.

    I'd much rather be trading out liquid cooled CPU sized processors than the ginormous video cards.
  7. WeRelic

    Depends on whats being done. 90% of my work is simple photo editing, logo design, or if I'm lucky, texture creation, so I don't really farm much out. I've dabbled with modelling at home though, and I can see the need to pass some of that work along.

    Yeah, I'd love to see the tech progress, but I think it's one of those things that is either a deadend, or the next innovation with no middle ground.

    Not a bad idea, smaller GPUs would be fantastic. It would be one step close to GPUs/CPUs being as modular as RAM.
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  8. BatmanApollo

    I have Athlon x4 880k(880k it is a 7890 only with blocked vga) Overclocked to 4.7Ghz +RX460 Saphire 4Gb+ddr3 2400(it is realy matters 2400 have a difference on 7-9 fps with comparison with 1333).
    Overclocking very simple and this CPU versions of AMD have a super good stock cooler Wraith. With it +liquid metal my temperature just 57 degrees(but working on 80% fixed).

    in 1080p all on ultra only with out shadows. - 60fps And exist other way all on medium+ rendering 1.41 (same 60fps)
    And only in battle 96+ from both sides - 45\43 fps.

    My cinebench R15 result - 397cb. It means that you also can do this

    P.S. My flip queue size -1 (For that use- RadeonMod)IT is working only forDx9, but PS2 -is Dx9! Other way to improve performance - BDC_R1.03B and icc_patch (intel compiler Pathcher) - use it on all drivers,dll's and exe.