A worthy reward?

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  1. Leftconsin

    I was battling the heretics on Indar when I heard the last alert on Connery start. Those dastardly rebels were trying to capture Amerish! Obviously TR Command couldn't afford to lose valuable assets on that continent, so I quickly warped over to quell this senseless rebellion to help bring back order to Amerish.

    The platoon I was in fought hard and beat back the terrorists, even though the freaky alien cult was trying to take our biolab, we held it too. I think the VS and NC might be starting to work together! We drove the enemy forces south, even though they sent their 'best' fighters at us.

    Time had run out in the alert. The New Conglomerate had failed to destroy us. The glory of the one true government for Auraxis stood it's ground against overwhelming forces! As the last few seconds ticked down I waited for my reward. Surely a loyal soldier deserves something good after fighting back against an enemy who outnumbers us two to one. Three to one if you include those insane cultists.

    I watch my cert counter as time runs out. Five certs. o_O I got five certs for stopping the NC from capping Amerish.
  2. -Synapse-

    So did the guy AFKing in the spawn room, but you got a few extra certs from actually fighting.
  3. PurpleBeefer

    dem 5 certs :eek: so jealous
  4. Rift23

    Heretics? 40k is that way dude---->
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