A way to tweak the Gatekeeper's close range effectiveness

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  1. Thardus

    Reduce damage and/or projectile speed, and return them over time/once the projectile has travelled a certain distance.

    The Gatekeeper is supposed to be a long range weapon, but it's equally as effective at any range, making it far too safe an option, able to compete with the likes of the Aphelion and Mjolnir at a distance where they're supposed to shine.
    Now, for all I know, this could be prohibitively difficult to code, but if the Gatekeeper was re-imagined as Gyrojet grenade launcher, a la a Warhammer 40k Bolter, as opposed to the current stabilized darts, this could allow the weapon to have similar damage and lead time at ranges, but do less damage, and require a larger lead at close ranges. Depending on when, how strongly, and over what duration the acceleration kicked in, it could even tweak the weapon's effectiveness at different ranges, getting stronger further out, or even have the speed and/or damage fall off after an optimum range, giving the weapon a range sweet-spot, reducing its effectiveness, but not reliability, at render distance ranges.

    Am I crazy?
  2. Scr1nRusher

    Well you are on forumside & referencing WH40k.
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  3. Armcross

    It's already been tweak.
  4. Hegeteus

    It does sounds a bit weird put that way. In my opinion it's reasonable enough if it's damage output simply wouldn't be as good as it's close range rivals, while having the range to make up for it. Just like with other long range AV weapons that are considered balanced
  5. Taemien

    GK is pretty trash up close compared to even the other faction's Long Range options. As well as the Halberd. Maybe even the Basilisk.

    Remember. It has a 1.5s TTK versus infantry. Spitfire is 1.35s. :D

    Nerf the GK up close and you'll see more Vulcan. Do you seriously want that? Vulcans kill tanks quicker than a LA dropping C4 (gravity too slow!).
  6. Tanelorn

    The low damage and low rate of fire is already a close range balancer. It loses big time at close range to other secondary weapons.
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  7. SanPelicano

    ohh rly? than why am i outdamaged when i ambush a GK+AP maxed prowler and die with my maxed Saron+AP magrider?
    Do not say saron is a long range weapon...that will a pure lie... its a mid-close range weapon.

    As i know GK is a long range weapon, but its effectiveness doesnt change in close range, which is sucks... Prowler AP main cannon is an op ********* in a face to face combat
  8. Taemien

    Because the Prowler AP cannon.

    It'd likely outdps you if it had a Kobalt.
  9. Serialkillerwhale

    1: you seriously tried to facetank the prowler with the tank that can keep it's frontal armor and shiloutte while strafing and specializes in maneuverability? Don't fight a sledgehammer by headbutting it, do something YOU are good at and IT isn't instead of the other way around.

    2: The Saron is hardly a short range gun either you know.

    3: Do the enforcer or Saron get weaker in short range?
  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    make it semi-auto
  11. Towie

    Whilst I do agree with your comment - it seems strange that we defend nerfing something due to the alternative being even more brutal !

    The post-nerf GK on the Harasser has unfortunately made this come true though - Vulcan is now the most popular (again) and continues to shred, just like it always did.

    Prowler is a different matter though and the nerf is barely noticeable - GK remains king, can still do render range shenanigans and is good (accurate) at all ranges. I've said this before - just be thankful that so very many Prowlers are 1/2...
  12. Krinsee

    Honestly, being a victim of the gatekeeper before nerf.. I would say it is much closer to balance than it was.. less gatekeeper 1 man harrasers. Not being screwed completly when a GK equiped prolwer is on your ***... I think it is well in the bounds on cross faction balance as it is.
  13. SanPelicano

    Well, when i play Maggie, iam always flanking. Always... At least i try.
    Frontal armor and siluetting are overestamated, almost useless in a CQC. Your frontal armor is the same as the prowler but your dps is only half of his. And if he isnt totally dumb, he will turn his frontal hull armor against you. Then you will die...

    Saron is a short-midish range AV option, definitely not a long range gun. In mid-long range hellberd is far better. The range Saron only can outdamage hellberd is where you can dump the whole mag with at least 80% accuracy and where Aphelion is a real beast....

    Where Saron become deadly, Aphelion is simply deadlier.. After I got the first hundreds of infantry kills with Aphelion, I felt its faaar better in AI, then saron at all range. Well not as good as GK, but that charged skillshots of Aphelion is OP-ish in good hands.
    The problem is that, Saron has no real role nowdays.

    For flanking and against harrasers pick Aphelion. For Anything else pick Hellberd.

    This is a useless question.VG has shield and stronger armor and in a competitive tankplay, you have maingunner.. . It doesnt matter which is the stronger weapon b/c in a situation where you are ambushing 2/2 enforcer+AP VG from the side, you will still die with your AP+Saron combination in CQC....As i said in competitive gameplay.. Not in a chickenfight you talking.

    Thats true. But in this case this thread has no sense. NERF PrOWlER AP
  14. AxiomInsanity87

    Let's remove the Saron mag dump ability now that we have the Aphelion.
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  15. AxiomInsanity87

    And now that we have the aphelion, saron long range needs a buff and mag dump ability removed.
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  16. Liewec123

    i think the most deadly hybrid is the saron, mag dumping that thing in close quarter fights is lethal!

    on subject though i think GK is fine in cqc engagements, its nowhere near as strong as aphelion or even *cough* mLoLnir,
    i do think it is still a little too easy to use at ridiculous ranges though, and the projectiles are still deadly silent and invisible.
    vehicles shouldn't be seemingly dying to nothing because some guy stuck a GK on his harasser and is sitting on a hill 300m away.

    i think its fine in cqc, still too good at long range.
    give it tracers, give it sound, make it require a little more skill to use.
  17. AxiomInsanity87

    Or just keep the Sarons identity crisis and moan for nerfs like a hippy.