[Suggestion] a way to fix that spawn camping when capping.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Camycamera, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Camycamera

    you know those times when you completely take over a base, and are just waiting for the base to flip to your side?

    yeah, and what usually happens? EVERYONE GOES TO THE ENEMY SPAWN AND CAMPS.

    it isn't fun, its boring. everyone would agree.

    well, here is the solution: PUT SCUs for EVERY SINGLE BASE THAT HAS A SPAWN ROOM. SIMPLE. it's more fun when you take out the enemy SCU at, say a techplant, or a biolab, because then the enemy team is going to have to improvise to take it back, by getting sunderers, or capping surrounding outposts. it makes hunting for those bastards fun, and doesn't result in just waiting for someone to run out while avoid getting shot at from the people inside the spawn room.

    and that's another thing. they can shoot out of the spawn room, yet you can't shoot in? who thought of this? that shouldn't happen, it just makes the people spawning inside just camp in there and insta-gibb anyone unfortunate enough to run in front of the shield door. they need to get out of the spawn room and actually do something, and it would make the top half of the spawn room (the roof with no shields around it on some spawn rooms, if you will) more useful.

    please. it will greatly increase battle flow, tactical-ness, and most of all, FUN. i want the moments of finding that damn sunderer around the techlab somewhere because we destroyed their SCU in ALL bases, not just the big ones.


    all bases need SCUs, not just big ones like techplants etc.
    and people spawning in spawn rooms should not be able to shoot out of the spawn room through the shields.
  2. ih8Darian

    They do this so people won't spawn room camp. If people are dumb enough to come out in the open right by the enemy spawn room, they deserve to die. Sounds like someone got too close to an enemy spawn room.
    Edit: And what happens if they get out of the spawn room to do something? They die.
  3. Wasdie

    They had SCUs at every single base in beta. It was terrible. Most small outposts would fall without a fight. The SCU would be destroyed by some ESF pilot and then he would just move on.

    People didn't spend their time running around repairing destroyed gens either. It was a really lame mechanic that was removed for a reason.

    I love how you say it will increase battle flow despite it doing the exact opposite when it was actually implemented.

    It really sounds like you, along with a lot of other people, simply don't know when a base is lost and when to fall back. This is always a problem. People are either too proud or too stubborn to know when a fight is lost.
  4. Camycamera

    pretty obvious then. put it indoors? have a shield around it?

    i'd rather have this than keep on looking at tanks spamming endless shells at the spawn room to keep people from coming out of the spawn room.
  5. Ghosty11

    There is no way to get rid of spawn camping in a game where the whole objective of taking an outpost or base is to push the defending enemy back into their spawn room. Even in large bases with SCU's, you generally can't destroy the SCU in a defended base until the defenders have been pushed into their spawn. It's really up to the defender to realize that their position is untenable, and redeploy or respawn else where. That said, because many attackers like to dance in front of the spawn room shields, defenders tend to stick around to rack up a few extra kills and certs firing through the shields.

    tldr: Spawn camping is not going away no matter what you do to try to stop it.
  6. Wasdie

    Then what good would that do? You can still have a single ESF pilot come and blow the thing up.
  7. Jaes

    Spawn camping is a legitimate denial tactic to stop enemy forces from mounting a counter attack. If you're getting spawn camped in the first place, you've already lost most of the time anyways and there is nothing you can do to prevent it no matter how many ideas you throw at it.
  8. Camycamera

    then make it similar to the SCUs in the biolab, etc. i have NEVER seen an SCU be taken down by an ESF in there. make it so the entrances have walls infront of the SCU so the ESF cant hit it, and infantry can only access it by taking down the shields, and then going along the side, JUST like the SCUs at tech plants. the only difference is, it has an entire room to itself, and isn't contained inside a large building, and that its shields are placed differently.

    pretty simple, isn't it? wasn't SCUs in beta out in the open, and that was why ESFs could kill em easily anyway?
  9. Distortoise

    If a base is so obviously lost that a platoon of dudes has every conceivable exit from the spawn covered with 5 or more guns, have you considered just redeploying at the next base they'll likely attack and getting ready? I dunno, drop some mines, get a tank and wheel it out to where you can shell the advancing army a bit and thin them out, snipe...

    By that point the base is rightfully theirs. I see no reason to change anything when the only way to reach that position is when the defending team has already lost beyond saving.
  10. HadesR

    He means the ESF lands > pilot get's out > Blows SCU > caps base > Fly's off
  11. Teegeeack

    Remove SCUs entirely. Add several spawn rooms to every base. Remove scout radar from the game to allow defenders to leave the spawn room without immediately being set upon by attackers.
  12. ent|ty

    The base is lost as soon as the enemy turns the cap, and pretty much changes you to the attacker in your own base.

    I don't even 'defend' anymore.. because it's not defending.. Its attacking my own base to try to take the cap back. The enemy does not sit on the flag, so they just take up ; guess what 'defensive positions' to your spawn, and now they have the upper hand...

    There is just no point. So I'll either shoot what I can from spawn and suicide when it flips, or go out and try once, and if i die, just spawn at another base.

    I will not be farmed, and hopefully the enemy players will get bored with the game mechanics and start complaining.