A warm welcome from the Helios outfit commanders

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  1. drfrozenfire

    I want to take a moment to welcome you Genudine NC outfits to Helios prior to "The Merge"

    I am Drfrozenfire, formerly of Deadly Dose [DDLY], and on behalf of myself and the following outfits

    WarMachine [VVAR] (the merger of DDLY & CTD)
    Deadly Dose [DDLY] (in process of merging)
    Crash Test Dummies [CTD] (in process of merging)
    Corporate Legion [COLG]
    Blazing Angels [BLAZ]
    Malarchy [5746]
    Fubar [F4BR]

    we would like to extend a warm handshake and look forward to working with you. We do outfit command meetings on an infrequent basis, but will be holding a few once the merge happens and we will speak in command channel about times and locations. If you have any questions for any of us, please let me be of any assistance to you.

    \/\/ar/\/\achine [VVAR]
  2. Hibiki54

    I now feel insulted that The Legendary Rebels [TLR] was excluded from that list, Doc. Next time I'm in game, I'm going to give you two gifts from my Light Assault kit and let you decide if I should push the button.

    The Legendary Rebels would like to extend their hands in welcome to our fellow NC brothers and sisters from Genudine. Like all citizens of the New Conglomerate, we hate communism (Terrans) and scientologist (Vanu). So let us band together and kill all those SOBs.

    [TLR] The Legendary Rebels
    Outfit Leader
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    Corporate Legion welcomes every NC Genudinian with a smile and a handshake, and welcomes all TR and VS with open arms, each laden with gauss rifles :D We look forward to the inevitable slaughter.

    [COLG] Corporate Legion
    Outfit Founder/Leader
  4. drfrozenfire

    Well, considering how many announcements we made about the commanders meeting and TLR and CASH never showed up, we opted not to put you on the list.
  5. Garflow

    I'm sure there were various reasons our leadership could'nt attend, which I do apologize for, although we are still very interested in working together with the rest of the NC as always. A majority of our core was significantly crippled in GU2 such as Azord's damage-less bug etc. So that may be why you missed us at the meeting. Right now Spaghet has a very heavy schedule with other commitments, but he should still be able to be contacted, especially through ways such as our forums. Either way, CASH is up (as always) to destroying TR and VS just as much as the rest of you, so I hope that whatever we missed in the meeting can be covered another time. Looking forward to the next meeting on Saturday.
    On a lighter note, hey there Genudine! CASH is looking forward to meeting you guys :D

    [CASH]Squad Leader
  6. Azord

    You guys have no idea how much I'd LOVE to play. Unfortunately, with the bugs that are halting my gameplay, not only is the game almost unplayable, but I can't even enjoy it. So I've resorted to cheering from the sidelines and praying for a solution.
  7. Oakwalker

    And Just too drunk to attend.
  8. swenma

    Although Hibiki is one of the primary "faces" of The Legendary Rebels, we do have quite a few officers who help to manage our outfit. Please feel free to contact me in the future for any "commander" meetings or any other events that are cross-outfit related. I will be sure to relay the information to the rest of our leadership. TLR is very interested in close cooperation going forward.
  9. drfrozenfire

    We will definitely keep that in mind. Thank you.
  10. LexDecon

    The 1785th is looking forward to meeting and working along side all the NC forces on Helios, and as always causing some serious hate and discontent for the TR and VS.

    See you on the field gents and ladies.
  11. drfrozenfire

    Will do. We may try to hold a commanders meeting on Sunday evening with all of the new command to get to know each of you.
  12. Killuminati C

    We're certainly looking forward to the merger on our end as well. We'll see you out there.
  13. =ADK= AOB LXIX

    Thanks for the welcome, look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!
  14. swenma

    Please message me either here or on our website with the details of the Commander meeting and I will pass the info on to our core leadership. We are 150+ regular players strong and we really want to contribute to the eventual NC cap of Indar. Drozen, PMing you with my email info.
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