A video response to the "NERF HACKSAW" requests.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Dkamanus, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Cryptek

    And I call ******** :D

    Because I did that test before posting..

    I just did the test again, and you know what, You are just not worth wasting time on at this point.

    The only difference between them is that it takes longer for the Heavy cycler to reach the same inaccuracy, since it shoots 50% slower!

    I'm not entirely sure why I said you needed two cyclers for the test tho, since it doesn't change that fact <_< So I guess my bad on that part..

    So thanks for proving that your word is worth NOTHING

    Everyone, please go ahead and do the same test. If you stand in the warpgate room, walk over to the stairs and empty your entire clip at the wall with a carbine, then repeat this with a Heavy cycler clip, then notice that the bullets going the furthest out, reach just about the same distance from your center.

    The only real difference is the recoil, which you need to compensate for on a carbine, unlike a Heavy cycler.
  2. JackOfClubs

    That's cute, but you made a very basic mistake.
    You've placed yourself too close to truly notice the difference in accuracy.
    Upper floor of the Warp Gate, the bit that extends over the vehicle spawning area. Go to the end of that and shoot back towards the building.

    [Edit: Though I admit, I was technically incorrect, as neither the carbine nor the assault rifle seem to ever reach their full spread. Not enough rounds.]

    [Edit 2: After trying one final time for the night, I'm beginning to think the relationship between accuracy is closer to 3-2 than 2-1. It's difficult to tell with a decent plot of the hits.]
  3. Johan

    Lol omg those hacksaws are so OP. i killed 2 TR maxes in 1 clip.
  4. Anonynonymous

    Soooo are you trying to say that scattercannon out range heavy cyclers? I'm not sure if I follow. You're now painting a picture of a scattermax spray his pellets hoplessly at you from a range so far out that you can't charge through, and then you wanna walk closer so he can now kill you?

    I don't understand what you're trying to say. If an NC MAX can comfortably waltz in and out of cover reloading, far enough to keep you from charging into his cover and shoot his still reloading butt. He's already at a distance where his weapons are more or less harmless to you anyway, why not just ignore him?

    The Buzz video? Where he's killing infantries at close range? He killed what, ONE max in that video, and again up close? All his video showed was that NC MAX is great in CQC, which EVERYBODY already knew. So what exactly happened in Buzz's video that contradicted to the results in Dkamanus's clips? The slug video? Oh you mean the one where he kills a STATIONARY target that's not returning fire what-so-ever in about 8-10 seconds or so? If you think the 2 TTK videos were flawed and unrealistic, what made the slug video NOT flawed?

    Silence criticism? Hardly. Videos taken ingame are there to help validat your theory and opinions. To show that whatever you're proposing can be demonstrated in the actual game environment.This way I can't make outrageous claims with no backing and expect people to take it seriously. So far you've just been trying to discredit the clips by theory crafting alone, which holds little water. What you need to do to be taken seriously is to make your own in game clips to demonstrate that if the circumstances were changed according to specifications that you deemed to be more realistic, the result will be exactly how you described.

    No, it wasn't, it was between 1-1.5 second.

    Just because I use the word "Annoying" doesn't mean I don't think it's a sound and fair tactic. It's like how being constantly bombarded by a Liberator overhead and trapped in spawn room is very annoying indeed, but it takes skill and teamwork keep a Liberator flying without getting shot down by the opposing AA. Again, you don't know me and nor how I feel, so stop talking as if you do.
  5. Hordak

    So you want him to spend money/certs to prove to you what? Get over yourselves. We have things that are better then yours as you do on us.
  6. Hordak

    Yours are good CqC too just not as good as ours. Sorry NC have shotguns If I had it my way you wouldn't have any shotgun except the sweeper like old times.
  7. Xasapis

    I'll have dual cosmos tonight, what do you want to check? (Miller server here though)
  8. Dkamanus

  9. Xasapis

    Not from my experience, which is subjective I guess. Cosmos seem a lot more accurate at distances I have no hope hitting anything with the quasar and also more powerful. The combination of those two, especially considering that I try to headshot even with the max, sealed the deal when I decided to get dual cosmos (I don't use SC for anything but cosmetic so I had to collect the 2000 points).
  10. Dkamanus

    Make a video exposing both weapon types with no extended mags, against a target. Would be nice to see, since I can't trial both weapons at the same time (and I'm not gonna spend 1400 SC to buy them =x)
  11. StormFrog

    No, don't do that. That would be like asking them to do all tests with dual Mattocks. Just because VS players insist on using their worst MAX weapon doesn't mean you should use it for testing.

    The Cosmos is far and away the best choice of VS MAX weapon, as you can see for yourself:

  12. Black13

    If anything NC maxes need buffs. They only get good when people spend money to buy the dual hacksaws, and even then its all close range stuff. I get sniped by TR maxes all the time.

    Conclusion: leave everything as it currently is.
  13. Rigsta

    Thanks for the video. It nicely illustrates how the NC MAX damage drops off at 10m and above.

    The reason people hate NC MAXes is that if you meet one indoors you get insta-gibbed, even if you're in a MAX suit yourself. Plain and simple.

    Keeping range is all very well out in the open, but indoors movement and walls restrict the distance you can maintain.

    It's the same argument TR and NC use to "prove" the Magrider was/is OP; it has a long-range advantage, and the majority of tank engagements happen at long range. The NC MAX has something in the region of 4-6x better TTK indoors, and the majority of MAX work is done indoors.

    Fact is, if I'm going to be fighting indoors against the NC I don't both with a MAX. I take HA, whittle them down a bit with the LMG from behind or from range, then try to finish them with a rocket.
  14. Stigler

    Excellent video.

    Daily reminder that NC Maxes are balanced and fine.
  15. Kafein

    Now put engies repairing both MAXes and see whether the NC MAX actually dies when shot by the TR MAX at 30m. Because I can guarantee you, the TR MAX dies when instagibbed at 5m.
  16. Purg

    I don't even understand the point of your post. You've manufactured a stalemate to prove what? Funny thing is, your TR MAX can kill infantry out to 30m without too much trouble where the NC MAX takes much longer at that range. If you can kill the opposing Engy you can kill the MAX.
  17. Liberty

    If you want to make a real vid keep the 5 10 15 & 20 M ranges and let the NC MAX run at/charge the TR MAX and show what happens. Any idiot who stands still @ 10+ M with a shotgun rather than closing the gap deserves to die. If the TR MAX can kill before the NC can close you may actually make a point.
  18. Purg

    Did Charge for TR and VS MAX get stealth removed in the last patch?
  19. riker

    make a vid of a hacksaw max vs the VS max and one with the VS max against the TR max
  20. Dkamanus

    Jesus. People have no subjective undestanding whatsoever. IF you can't say at 10+m of him, this is a problem on YOUR part as well. The idea of the test was also to show (and I though people would be intelligent enough to get it) that a TR/VS MAX can easily deal with the NC MAX at distance. It doesn't matter if you can't kill him, he'll might run away or hide. But if people on the TR and VS side keep charging head-on a NC MAX, you will die. It is that simple. On another case, if you say at 10M or longer, he'll die or run for cover, suppressng him enough to make people want to charge in and finish the job.

    People don't charge ALL the time up, but they actually pull them with a team backing them up.

    A TR vs. VS MAX video wouldn't make sense, since both function pretty much the same, so the fights could be shifted towards any of the sides. And since we don't have any TR/VS MAXes with upgrades to do the second part, it wouldn't be so good anyway.