[Suggestion] A TR faction-specific sniper rifle that is actually a sniper rifle?

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  1. BurntMyWater

    So I tried the TRAP M1. It's... lackluster to say the least. It performs horribly at long range. It could work as a scout rifle, but other weapons do that so much better. At close range you might as well shoot yourself. It's just that ineffective. It is very quiet with a suppressor attached, but I think the sound is just bugged.

    Maybe a TR specific sniper could be 3 round burst-fire only, but require rechambering between bursts like the NC's Jackhammer shotgun. A 3-round burst, assuming at least 2 rounds hit the head, would kill any infantry but a shielded heavy. The burst would be almost perfectly accurate in that the three rounds more or less hit the same spot with a little bit of spread. This would actually make it easier to land headshots at medium-long range because three round bursts are a little more forgiving than single shots.

    Before you cry 'TR OP!" though, let's make it such that the burst fire mechanic makes it significantly harder to hit targets at long-range because of the cone of fire. So TR don't get to snipe from as far away as the other two factions, but they get a faction-specific sniper rifle that is not only interesting but useful.

    NC get the Railjack, which lets you lead targets a little more easily if you practice. Oh, don't forget the insane 850m/s velocity. VS get the Phaseshift with infinite ammo and charge mechanic. I think a TR sniper would fit very nicely here. It has the TR faction traits of (slightly) bigger magazine and faster ROF. And its actually a sniper-rifle, used for sniping.

    What do you guys think? Any suggestions for the other ES snipers?
  2. Idiocy

    I only see Phaseshift being used if they REALLY want to aurax it. Charge mechanics on a sniper has never been fun in any game.
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  3. HadesR

    So basically you are asking for a Sniper rifle that OHK's on a Headshot with a single trigger press ...

    A bit like all the current Bolties then ...

    I'm sure in that case people could maybe come up with better / more fun / unique mechanics other than " burst " ..
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  4. BurntMyWater

    Yeah actually that's exactly what I'm asking for. Burst firing was the only way I could come up with to retain faction flavour.
  5. Jubikus

    The TRAP much like the stiker isnt crap in concept but in execution they both lack the control ability to allow them to do what they need to do the stiker was complete crap because it had a huge cone of fire and didnt do enough damage after several buffs it now works ok tho it still needs a bit more tweaking in the COF department. The TRAP is very similar the fact that the burst has so much recoil during the burst itself this makes the weapon useless at any sort of range if the recoil happened all at once after the burst making fallow up bursts difficult it would still not be OP but a good shot could at least land the burst into a target at a decent range it may not be all the weapon needs to be a good ES weapon but its a starting point.
  6. Ximaster

    Pick another class and take a shotgun, u become cqc king...
  7. _itg

    The basic issue is that there are only so many ways you can make a bolt-action unique without making it strictly better or worse than the others. Your suggestion of a BASR with larger mag and faster RoF is likely to fail for this reason. How do we make your gun a sidegrade to, say, the T1s? Does it get a painfully slow bullet velocity? Accuracy problems? There just aren't many variables to work with.

    I'd also point out that although the Railack is quite usable, it offers virtually nothing over the Longshot. Now that enemies can render past 300m, its longer OHK range is relevant, but other than that, it's a straight downgrade due to the obnoxious trigger delay, small mag, and terrible RoF. The Phaseshift does offer something unique in the form of infinite ammo and the option to go semi-auto, but it's still a weak weapon because the charge mechanic is awkward. The TRAP may not be a sniper rifle in any sense, but it is a usable scout rifle and a weapon that offers a legitimately unique experience.
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  8. Littleman

    The Trap is the only ES "sniper" that isn't replaced by a bolt action because it's function is more for advanced scouting and med-range support. It's a superior scout rifle, while the NC and VS sniper rifles are more like awkward side grades. The Trap can "OHK" in a single triple burst however and at any range. It's woefully under estimated, and most infils keep trying to shoehorn it into a long range sniper role when that's not how it works.
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  9. Ianneman

    The TRAP is ******* amazing, seriously. You're the one that's lacklustre.
  10. TheDarSin

    I used to think the TRAP-M1 was alright until I started using the CQC semi auto sniper and scout rifles. The trap is an under performing scout rifle acting like a carbine at best. The effective DPS compared to the CQC semi-auto rifles is really low. The TRAP-M1's effective DPS is 766 max and lowest of 695 compare and that to the Vandal's max effective dps of 1419 and low of 1190. The TTK of the TRAP-M1 almost has a double TTK against targets when compared to other rifles.
    The TRAP-M1 could be good but it needs a decent bump to its dps. As it stands, the TRAP is bad and you should avoid it. Hopefully DBG will give it some love.
  11. RedArmy

    TRAP is actually a fairly good bolt action sniper for mid range, at 100m you aim for the crotch first shot hits there and the second pulls up into the head in two round burst, the three round is for within 50m, do the same thing crotch/chest/head, and one shot is for beyond 115m
  12. BurntMyWater

    Maybe the NC should have underbarrel shotguns on their sniper rifles. Wait no! Underbarrel sniper rifles on their shotguns. Even better. They already have shotguns with UB shotguns.
  13. BurntMyWater

    Ouch. Why must you hurt me this way...
  14. Serialkillerwhale

    Maybe just have a bolt action belt fed sniper.

    Because mag size.
  15. BurntMyWater

    So its a bolt action with a huge magazine? Or a bolt action that never needs to reload, only rechamber between shots. That would be pretty cool too I guess.