A thank you where it is due. (Magriders)

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  1. LodeTria

    You do, though if you switching between weapons a lot it can be easy to forget about the lashers unique properties.
    If you're using the lasher 100% of the time you're just dumb.
  2. DatBoi

    Are those unquie properties not why one would pick up a Lasher in the first place? Not to mention the simplicity of the mechanics in the first place.

    It should go without saying how easy and mindless it is to not try to fire through a small gap or window or whatever. Even an animal learns not to stick its nose where it hurts.
  3. LodeTria

    Larger bullets isn't the reason people pick up lashers, the splash damage is. Also auraxiums. Getting yourself hurt by splash damage is the side-effect of forgetting the larger bullets in this scenario. You can still fire through windows and small places, it's just your cone is more limited compared to a regular gun and hitting the wall or obstacle hurts yourself compared to nothing in regular guns.

    It's more like you swap to it, and use it till you hit the cover accidentally and go "Oh yeah" and then you should stop hurting yourself that way. If you continue to do it or even get weapons lock from friendlies then the user was being silly.
  4. Exileant

    ;) See and that is the is what I mean about people miss using the Thunderlord. The Thunderlord can be used constantly through out any stage without running out of ammo. Even so, there are weapons that can do much more than it can, and they do not even use up an Exotic Slot. :confused: The game is only about Grind if you make it so, But you get true objective rewards if you are willing to hunt for them. Speed runs through Raid style stages is not a grind. It involves skill. This game is the poster for a grind game, as it has no story, and objectives are based strictly on kills, which is doing the same thing over and over again. :p What game ISN'T a grind? o_O In the hands of a Titan, a Thunderlord should not be. Thanks to its the class it can take advantage of weapons FAR, FAR more deadly and out right abuse them. :eek: However the only way to do this is WITH your powers so this is why I say it will never be just the weapon. To truly advance you have to know how to use your characters class to a T. :D Thanks to implants, that is the case now in Planetside 2 with Vanu. ;) Sub-par weapons have to be over come by the knowledge of your suit and what will best help it out.

    o_O I do not care how much you strafe or adjust your bursting, V.R. is not going to prepare you for an enemy with armor, shield buffs, both, nor THEM moving, :D It is basically only good for seeing what the weapons look like when fired, and figuring out their recoil pattern. Koltyr allows people to see how other players who are also very new at the game might move, but again they are all Implant-less. That gives them monumentally false data at times. o_O This is an issue for most people because they take the kill data of a dummy as True Combat Data. Since the game has no real tutorial, how is that the fault of the player? :eek: Nobody explains this to anyone partly because they enjoy having the knowledge advantage, so T.W.s are often bought after a few minutes of testing. :p That is how everyone winds up with a Lasher. They see it only takes 6 direct hits and are wowed, not knowing just how fast a soldier can run, fly, jitterbug, or how fast the other weapons spit out head-shot rounds in relation.

    o_O As far a Heavy weapons Each faction has a equal. The Equal or a Lasher is the T7 and Jackhammer, They are all meant to do the same thing. Be a type of Mobil Turret. You aim them down a hall way or from a semi safe, target rich position, and spam. This is how you suppress. However, unlike the other 2, the Lasher cannot truly be used in 1 on 1 combat nearly as well. :D THIS is how you compare them. Vanu versus Terran. :( The T7's Firing and bullet speed will shred Vanu. Vanu Versus New. Jackhammer can even win at a distance thanks to speed of spray, Up close? No contest. o_O The only and I mean the only so called advantage is the guns very weak splash, that can be fired at an unseen enemy. :( This is EASILY overcome by the soldiers speed. Also, since you are shooting blind, you cannot tell where they decide to move placing you at the worst disadvantage in the game. "NOT KNOWING THE LOCATION OF YOUR ENEMY." :eek: Our Lasher needs to be more stable, more accurate and have faster Muzzle Velocity to even be looked at as a viable weapon.
  5. Exileant

    :D As I stated in my novel to you Prior, People pick it up because they see how lethal the direct damage is then look and see just how many rounds they still have in the clip and are like: :eek: "WOW!!!! THIS IS A KEEPER!!!! IT CAN EVEN KILL THE BIG, MECH LOOKING ONES AND STILL HAVE SOME SHOTS LEFT!!!" Then they realize as they are shooting the (MECH LOOKING THING) Max, the hologram next to it dies after say 20 rounds. And are blown away even further because they do not yet grasp just how fast a Max can kill you, or do they understand how fast a regular gun will eat through that 3 hit overshield by itself. :p The Area damage to one self is not big enough for new people to stop shooting. Most do not even realize it is happening to them because they are taking so much damage from the enemy. It took me a while to figure out what the heck I was hitting that made that awful sound when I first started playing.... o_O I just knew I could not stop shooting every time I heard it, because that would mean I would never get any kills with it....

    So as you can see, I agree with Tria. :p I missed your post, I would have just given you a like for the Amen if I had read it first.
  6. Inogine

    Claiming the weapons have the same purpose is... no.

    First off, the Jackhammer is a SHOTGUN!(Yes I know what it's "classified" as.) You do not simply aim down a corridor and rack up kills with it at the same distances you can use a Lasher OR a mini-chaingun. In fact, I just don't see the Jackhammer all that often in my kill feeds. Not compared to many other shotgun choices, Vanu ones included. Certainly not at distance where I've walked away on many a shotgun user, Jackhammer included. Hell, used the Baron to better effect than that thing, though that's more to preference than anything else as weapons tend to behave a little different.

    For another thing, sure I'd be all for giving VS another little zip gun. Just remove ALL splash damage from it and narrow the bullet to normal size so that it's no longer then Lasher. Giving that gun anything else would be preposterous after the number of point lockdowns I've seen carried out with coordinated Lasher spam. Just hold the trigger and wait with engies feeding you ammo. It's not an overly adaptable gun, but for choke point holding and firing into a crowd it's hard to argue against. If you want it buffed, just be sure it gets the same treatment as that T7 mini-chaingun. I'm sure you'd complain about that too if you had it as there are multiple guns that fire as fast or faster than the chaingun, it can not even aim down any sights, AND has pretty wide spread.

    What you don't seem to understand is that even with relatively mediocre guns, you can, and indeed, will get kills with them. Hell, I surprise people with the Emissary on a regular basis. General thoughts I've noticed on that are that it's a relatively crap sidearm compared to others, but I use it regularly to secure quite a few kills. Hell, had to outdo a HA more than once with just it and managed. Murdered my share of infils too to where I'm not afraid to go hunting with it.

    I'll still maintain (as many others do) that VS weaponry is rather easy to use. Maggies included. Have you ever tried to shoot with other tanks on the run at the distances maggies do? Takes a boatload of skill with that sight bouncing around like mad, something that's a little smoother with the maggy. Fire rate is good, damage is good. Armor leaves a little to be desired, sure, but that's the cost for the ability to nope out of any situation at any time. Other tanks do not get that choice like the maggy does. It can buzz over terrain that would bog and make shots for any other tank impossible and keep on trucking.

    Weaponry for the VS generally does not have bullet drop. Sure you have an iota less velocity in some guns, but you have to account for bullet travel time, target leading, and some recoil. Other faction weaponry has to account for bullet travel time, bullet drop, target leading, and in a number of cases more recoil. The damage difference is infinitesimal in the grander scheme of things between most weaponry and most have an equal counterpart somewhere if the stats of them are to be believed. But no one else has a lasher except VS.

    As for the "Lasher problem" of damaging themselves and friendlies... That's just bad play isn't it? Kinda on the fault of the gunner than anyone else's whoopsie. People will learn or they'll keep failing. Just how things work is it not?

    VR problem is something I've noted as well. Having some sort of rudimentary AI running back and forth you can shoot at would be nice to practice ranged running shots on. It wouldn't be quite like facing players as there's no way to account for each individual's connection and loadouts, but it'd be a start. I wouldn't want anything more than a simple back and forth movement either. Perhaps one doing side to side quick jukes and the other doing a longer sprint.

    Regardless, most folks by now realize that the VR is probably not the place to REALLY gauge your weapon's full capacity. Try it out, see how it functions and get a rough estimate, sure. As with anything though, if you can't rationalize that shooting a stationary target in perfect calm may not be the best guage of that weapon... You kinda deserve that "trap" you fall into. Particularly with a trial button for the weapon where you CAN test it before finalizing your purchase in a live fire scenario. The joke's on you if you do not take advantage of what they've put in the game to test the weapons.
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  7. Campagne

    Meh. Some bosses themselves soak up 200 rounds to the face and still don't die. But for other weapons, I've not seen nor heard of anything more powerful.

    As for the grind, I shouldn't even have to point this out, but the entire game of Destiny 2 can be completed within a few hours if that. The three expansions take a few more hours all together. There is nothing more to the game than grinding. It's how anyone can play the game for more than 10 hours and still have some kind of fun. Skill though? Hardly. I guess the point-and-clicking isn't totally mindless on the more mobile enemies.

    The Titan has exactly one skill which would possibly be of any use to the Thunderlord, which is the deployable cover. However, it doesn't protect the player when shooting so that's out and the instant reloads while nice only encourage the player to waste more ammo. As I've said, the bonus to reloading on kill already covers that. Abilities are mostly pointless.

    Look at the stats, do the math, extrapolate the data. Or trial the weapon like I said. The point of strafing and bursting allows one to become familiar with the bloom and CoFs within various stances one might be in when fighting for real. I'd argue bloom matters the most out of any stat.

    The only way a player ends up with a Lasher is on purpose. Read the description, read the stats, trial it, fire it at dummies or nothing at all, doesn't matter. Only a blind fool would randomly choose a weapon without even reading so much as the description. Git gud for the rest.

    They are the equivalents, but they are not equal. They are all meant as lower-lethality suppression cannons and ultimately only the Lasher does that properly. If a Jackhammer kills you at a distance and dealt 100% of the damage, git gud. If you can't kill a single person in a 1v1 with the Lasher, git gud. If you can't even hit anyone because the projectile velocity, git gud. The splash is literally designed to overcome dodging.

    Don't try to kill a MAX solo with a Lasher then? I don't know what you're expecting. Maybe a MCG can from a safe enough distance but so can just about any other LMG.

    If a player cannot understand their AOE gun shooting the wall/ground/cover/player half a meter away is putting them in the splash zone and that they are killing themselves, they ought to just git gud, son. These are just total non-issues, don't expect a point-and-click spam cannon to be the most effective and rapid death-dealer and you'll be fine. It doesn't replace your brain.
  8. Exileant

    ;) I have no problems at all standing at the end of a hall and racking up all kinds of kills with a Jackhammer, in fact it is the easiest of the 3 to milk.
    The Lasher could be fixed by simply adding a silencer and Round glow reducer. o_O The guns main purpose is to deny access. The only way it can truly do this is to not be seen. The Rounds are too slow to kill an aware target unless you absolutely get the drop on them at nigh Shotgun range. There is no learning from the Lasher, aside from learning not to use it at all. There is no way to really use the gun by yourself. The others, as I have stated are both s "Stand-Alone" weapons. :eek: This puts V.S. at a major disadvantage. :confused: We have a Nigh useless gun where as everyone else gets a monster. There is no way to cut for the better. The Lasher is a "Look Pretty", nothing more. It's only function is to prey on the ignorant. Nobody want to sit there an pick on day 1-5 players all the time. :eek: I want something that can kill a Battle Rank 100 A.S.P. That is what T.R. and N.C. have. o_O It is like the flipping Nose cannons of the Scythe. We get a P.P.C. Seems great Great on Ground targets, terrible on air targets, Where as Mosquito gets a Rapid-fire Explosive round Rotatory cannon that not only works great on ALL ground targets, but can double as a Anti-Aircraft Gun. The Reaver? An explosive round shotgun that what? :confused: Do the same, and Will SHREAD a plane with the least bit of aim. Try that with a P.P.C.... The P.P.C. does not even do heavy damage to vehicles anymore to reward you for that low velocity. :eek: Make it fair, Give it high Velocity so it can also attack fighters. Its slow rate Of Fire should be the only downfall it has. Everyone else gets "Stand Alone" weapons while V.S. Gets the situational short end of the stick. :( When we win it is because we are busting our collective butts to overcome the downfalls of our weaponry.

    :eek: The side to side running for a few holograms in the wild is a great idea. :D Some of the tanks rolling around with limited dodge and fire tactics would be amazing as well, walled off to like 20% of the V.R. Zone, activated by a hit. Koltyr is okay but there is noting like actually FEELING the pain of a Vanguard nail you to appreciate how owned you are if one lands the first shot on you.
    I will disagree with you about deserving to be trapped. :( As I have stated many, MANY times: Nobody deserves to be trapped into buying terrible weaponry. Perhaps if it were freely earned weaponry, no harm no foul, but this is a 7 dollar investment, and if you play the game as intended, it adds up to a lot of money wasted, unless you are blessed. o_O Even some of the staple favorites might not fit the player. Even passed the traps, the player must find the weapon that fits them among the USABLE ones.
  9. Exileant

    ;) Have you never heard of the Dark Talon? It can obliterate mobs of enemies far faster and at much farther range than a Thunderlord could ever pray to.

    :confused: If you cannot find a way to make Destiny fun after 2 hours, how in the world do you play this. This has no story and only 4 stages. Hahaha! If nobody is playing you cannot play the game. o_O The point was this game is far more of a grind than Destiny, because everything is based on killing on the Playstation Side. And this game has no story at all in game soooo, yeah you can occupy yourself far longer in Destiny than here. :eek: I enjoy both games. Both have their ups and downs, but to say one is more grind than another is like saying a in stead of using salt in my food, I use Lemon Pepper..... either way you slice it, you just added sodium to your meal. ;) Just one is a bit more in your face about it. (Planetside).

    :confused: Again people rarely read, but even so the Lasher's Bio and how it acts lends you to believe the gun is far more powerful than it actually is. It is supposed to be an amazing special gem that nobody else has. :rolleyes: That is a lie right there, because T.R. has the Striker. :D You can actually use it the same way and get just as many kills with it if you are willing to constantly swap to it and risk giving up the kill you absolutely would have had to add some style points to your attack...

    o_O Don't try and kill a max with it? Really. :eek: Oh but it is OKAY that a T7 and Jackhammer can bring one down (WITH EASE) if the player is not being shot at for only 2 or more seconds with a clear shot of the Max? :D Yeah no. :confused: It is not fair in the least.
  10. Campagne

    Don't think so, but knowing you I imagine it's a fusion rifle or something stupid like that. ;) I really get the feeling you don't have Thunderlord.

    FPSes like Planetside 2 and Destiny 2 are meant to be repetitive, but in different ways. Destiny 2 is about grinding, repeating the same set of tasks to achieve a distant goal which can often only be reached through time. (Patrols and bounties anyone?)

    Inversely Planetside 2 keeps the player entertained by engaging him in a number of different skills and environments through more than just different maps with the same basic enemies. The game is much more difficult when playing the same/similar roles, as the enemies one faces aren't just predictable and often just flat out weak one-trick NPCs, but rather other players. (Not to say PS2 is good because it's PVP).

    As far as the grind goes in both games, PS2 only requires a small amount of grinding to establish a base level of abilities and equipment, whereas D2 is all about the loot pickups and the prime engrams. Level 450 guns and armour? Well, you're enemies are now level 470 so you better keep looting those drops. And "story?" D2 has very, very little story. Red guy comes to **** **** up and take the power of the questionably sentient moon thing but fails, the Guardians are weakened but conveniently the player regains his strengths immediately who then goes about helping randos who then help him go and kill the bad red guy and the end.

    Firing a Striker does not compare to a Lasher. A few small rockets or an unending stream of splashy orbs? Nonsense to even compare the two. Not to mention the ammo troubles a Striker would have.

    If a MAX is ever killed by a Jackhammer tell him to go back to the VR and sort out his FPS or something. How could any even half-competent MAX ever die to a Jackhammer? Just standing there, letting someone fire a shotgun point-blank into them and not bother to return fire or anything? And it's not like the JH even does much damage before the minimum 80% damage resist. Better off using a regular shotgun!

    A MCG at least has the sustained fire and potential DPS to down a MAX, but due to the larger CoF when "aiming" it'd still be dangerously close. As I told you thirteen days ago just about any LMG would do the same job better. Don't treat the Lasher like it's some amazing weapon where you don't need to think or aim, it's not a Canis you know. :p Play to its strengths rather than depending on them and it'll work just fine.
  11. Exileant

    :p You have to BUY the expansions. What you just described was only Season 1. :D We are on like season 5 or 6. Each season has missions and more parts to the story. HAHAHAHA! Well that is if you did not spring for the Collectors edition.... I did so you know, story for days. Activities for days. The Dark Talon is a Void Sword that Fires Homing Explosive Void energy waves, in addition to being able to attack and defend like a normal sword. Not only can it obliterate enemies surrounding a Commander, it can dump it's ammo faster than any other weapon in the game. This allows you to see their life bar move by leaps and bounds. o_O Add that to Loaded Question, and please believe me, a Thunderlord is nothing more than a toy. ;) (Loaded Question is in fact a Fusion Rifle.... That is Legendary.... Self-reloading.... Armor-Piercing.... And on a full clip Does Extra Damage, on a HIGH IMPACT FRAME and causes Any enemy killed by that shot to explode and continue to chain explosions exactly like a Sunshot. Cayde 6 Dreamed it up for Banshee to make. o_O If he had it things would be much different than they are now.)
    :D I had Thunderlord Week 1. And I even bought the hint at its use, "The Rail-gun Skin."

    ;) I get the attraction of both games. My point is by default they are both grinds. You still have to upgrade your Battle Rank to unlock new more powerful items here in Planetside, and you have to repeatedly kill to upgrade them. :p That is no different than Destiny. If you want to bypass the Enemies that will actually adapt to you if you press them hard enough, then strictly play in the Crucible. Planetside is basically Crucible played in Open World, all the time. ;) Grind is grind, no matter the background.

    o_O Firing the Striker with the intent of killing a person requires the exact same stupid approach as a Lasher. You shoot a person with something else then SLOWLY swap to it and finish the job, or do the opposite. The Striker has Zero issues being used for style like that. And if you have enough people working together say 5 or more, you can roll-fire them and get the same coverage of area denying as a Lasher Crew. All you need is communication. :D I have gotten a few kill blind-firing one down a hallway. Granted they were few and far between, but that is my point. Both are weapons that depend on other weapons to seal the deal or soften your target beforehand. :eek: You will get no argument from me that that is a stupid way to use a Striker, and by the same token that is stupid for you to have to do the same thing for a gun that is MEANT to kill flesh targets...

    :confused: It is the easiest thing in the world to kill a Max with a shotgun. Most of the time they do not even notice you if you get the drop on them in battle, because they are usually taking fire, and they figure that damage is coming from the targets in front of them. A Jackhammer will jack a Max up if it does not spot the user in time. o_O Same goes for just about anything. Why do you think Infiltrators try to sneak up on them with knifes. Because in a huge fire fight, they can heel-nip one to death. ;) A shotgun is the easiest way to drop a Max next to a well placed rocket. :eek: Especially to the head.... No still standing required. all it takes is about 2 second of the max not knowing where that came from and one short reload later, a full ammo dump will usually drop them.

    o_O You get no argument that a Lasher is pretty much trash and any Machinegun including the SUBS are better. That to me is a problem.... There is no playing to that kind of weaknesses strengths. :( They need to give it a boost. No spray. A MUCH faster velocity. A silencer, so people do not recognize it immediately after it is fired. A way to stop or tone down the Glow of the shots, so people do not immediately back trace it to it's user... Something. A T7 has NONE of those issues. :eek: And arguably it beats out most of the M.G.'s in T.R.'s selection so long as it is at full R.P.M. This is very easy to do given you have so much ammo.
  12. Inogine

    I'd say the "dodging" stuff would be beyond DBG's ability. Simple side to side movement on a track would be ideal and doable by them.

    Again, if you're "trapped" into buying a terrible gun, you need to know how to better test things and use them in live fire with a trial which they offer freely. Again, it's all on you if you get "trapped" into it. What is uncool is that they don't have a guide for new people nor have guides easily in front of new players to explain that things can be trialed and how to activate said trials. Other than that, deserved.

    Also, the VS get far more usable guns than the other two factions do over-all. There are a number of carbines, rifles, etc. I'd never touch on either of those two factions. VS stuff? I deleted my character in disgust and stuck to TR. If ya'll can complain about that arsenal, there's no pleasing you. P.P.C. can still kill infantry at a very similar rate to TR and NC. They can't just sit there and hammer which might be an advantage since it encourages them to disengage for reloads and re-engage naturally where as the other two encourage longer hovering which can often be very fatal for pilots. Ya'll also have the smallest profile from the front, rear, and sides. The "pancake" effect from the top and bottom isn't much worse than the other two factions either since you can shoot through the gaps. Also, it's more the missiles doing the monster share of the damage against vehicles still. Also note that people are screaming air nerfs out of their collective ***. Scythe probably won't be hit, but the mossy and reaver are certainly being yelled about. I disagree with that, but eh, everyone wants nerf wars.

    Now then... Did I just see you compare the striker to the lasher? Reeeeally now? So you're telling me... a tactic that requires no less than 5+ people being EXTREMELY coordinated is the same as a tactic that would require 2-3 people just holding down the mouse button? I'm gonna go with no on that. Not even remotely close. Lasher's a great area denial tool. Any extra buffs would need HEAVY reworks to make sure it didn't run away with the show as another VS point and click adventure tool.

    Also, that TR mini-gun you hold in high regard? Most folks agree it's subpar or average at best. There are plenty of MGs that have much higher fire rates than it even on other factions. Cone's so so too. It's only good close up but can barely be used as that due to the spin up time. You have to more or less be expecting trouble and you'll be deleted by a number of things before it can deliver enough bullets to kill. Now if you walk in on a guy unprepared? Like anything, it'll rip'em up. Hell, I kill people often with the little Emissary and folks consider that a garbage pistol. Doesn't have to be the best to get the kills.
  13. Campagne

    I actually got Desinty 2 for free when they gave it out, and then bought the Forsaken DLC on sale and got the other two expansions free. Ultimately I got all the content for less than the full retail price of the base game. So no, believe me I described the entire game. I've played the entire game, not much changes. Grindy grind with a bare-bones and predictable story.

    Curse of Osris is bascially just a bunch of kill this and kill that missions in the same boring landscape and Warmind is pretty much just the same with a giant worm at the end.

    Swords and fusion rifles, well tinkle me pink if that ain't the darnedest thing... Is what I might have said had been at all in the least bit surprised. :rolleyes: Swords obviously require short range as do fusion rifles with their recoil and small magazines, while Thunderlord is just point and click DPS to the face with AoE lightining bolts tacked on.

    I got Thunderlord day one of week one of its introduction and kept it until I uninstalled the game. Killed every single boss in the game with it, not to mention countless minibosses and strike bosses and whatever NPC filth there is left over.

    A light assault with a default carbine already has everything he needs to play the game. Can go from BR1 to BR120 with the defaults and their free attachments to boot, but there's a snowball's chance in Hell of playing Desinty 2 without ever changing weapons or armour. In PS2 players grind by choice, in D2 players grind to play the game.

    Well maybe if you're an idiot you might do so. As I've said, the two are completely different. You're just grasping at straws and clinging to flimsy arguments attempting to legitimize them. The Striker has a small magazine with less than half the RoF of the Lasher while having lower maximum damage and all of 25 more maximum damage per splash. It is not a sincere comparison.

    If a player can just stand behind a MAX at point blank and shoot him there would be 30 other weapons which could do the job better than the worthless Jackhammer. Hell, even another shotgun would probably be better. But at that point a SAW to the back of the head does the trick pretty well too, from 20x the range. Any MAX that is stabbed to death by an infiltrator does not deserve to play as a MAX unless on a tiny sliver of health and chose to do nothing about it.

    If you needed to be told to breathe in and out every 20 seconds you're lungs wouldn't be the issue. If you lack the competency to use a Lasher for its intended purpose that is not a fault of the Lasher.

    See ya next week!
  14. Exileant

    :eek: You are a Freemium Player there. That explains a LOT. Sure if you play only the story and skip ALL of the adventures, then yes, you will just fly through the game. o_O There is actually enough things to do to where as I have not even gotten TO the Warmind on my Huntress. My Main STILL has not ignited a forge. And I have done only 1 weekly bounty in the Dreaming City. I am receiving 650 items but am only barely 600. Completely Masterworked out, with relevant armor for now all 3 Subclasses of all characters. Without even unlocking the new powers. :D And that is why I know you do not have either of the weapons I just told you about. NEITHER of them require anything close to shotgun range to kill a target. :eek: The Talon can be used like a Homing Rocket launcher only or Colony Grenade launcher only by far more powerful and much more ammo. o_O The Reservoir Shots on Loaded Q. tack on over 1000 damage (per bolt) this allows it to function very much like a Zen Meteor only without the silly head-shots to turn it on....:eek: A Thunderlord is a toy because by the time you fire your first few bullets in order to try to chain the Question will have already taken out a whole crowd by destroying a major and like 10 other targets in one shot. With a Talon, I can literally Fire off 6 rounds in a "V" pattern and forget in some large stages, then while running forward, watch as they kill every living thing in the area if the situation is right. o_O That is something a Thunder Lord will never be able to do. Neither is hitting a target behind cover by itself. A Talon's wave has 0 problems rounding a corner and killing even multiple human targets. Granted, the Thunderlord is powerful, but as I have said before. ;) There is MUCH better out there.

    :D What you just described with the L.A. is the very DEFINITION of GRIND. Taking Low Gear and continuously killing the same thing over and over to advance in level. Hahahaha! Both games are grind games. ;) Planetside even more so because it has no "YOU" mode.

    ;) My argument is strong, and the Players on Vanu side support it. That is why they neeeeever use the weapon. How may times have you been killed by it this week? None. How many times have you heard it even being used in the field this month? Willing to bet 2ice, and not for long. :confused: The comparison to the Striker was just to say it is not even truly Unique. T.R. has an area weapon that has a blast radius that they can use, no matter how brief. And the Striker can do something that off sets its slow fire rate and limited ammo... :( It can at LEAST damage heavy armor. All this to say Vanu yet again has the short end of the stick.

    :confused: You are not going to be standing anywhere for 20 seconds shooting it so I have no clue what you were failing to do with the delivery of that joke. :p Hahaha!

    o_O Finally, by your definition there are some A.S.P.s out there that do not belong in a Max then. I have seen some of my teammates take advantage of me sustaining distance fire and watched that glowing knife slash haunches until the Max died. :eek: MORE that a few weaken them enough to where I can hit them once them with my tank shell for a kill. :D Even more so, is me standing just over a max with a Jackhammer and spraying into them just as I see bullets entering the door, and poof: "Instant panic!" turned into a kill on the second clip.

    ;) Be safe and enjoy where ever you are going this week.
  15. Campagne

    I got a game for free which was offered for free by the publisher, and that somehow makes me the bad guy? Did you miss the part where I bought the expansions?

    I think we'll have to agree to disagree regarding Thunderlord and perhaps Destiny 2 as a whole. I must admit the entire subject is becoming rather dull in my opinion, and I'm quickly losing interest. :p

    Not really, the default carbines are not "low gear." They may be the free ones everyone gets but especially with the Mercenary they never have to be replaced. While other carbines may offer different things not are inherently better. (Except for the Trac and the Jaguar if I can recall correctly.) Point being that default equipment is at least competitive and will always be so, whereas D2 the inverse is generally true: What's new is what's best.

    The same amount of times I've been killed by a Striker as infantry, (or really at all), or the same amount of times I've even seen a MCG or JH. Namely zero times in the last week.

    Indeed, any fool stabbed to death as a MAX deserves it. It generally requires very little in the way of effort or intelligence to stay at enough heath to survive a couple knife wounds. I daresay most MAXes don't even die at less than half heath given the only effective counters tend to do more in one go. Most high-level ASPers I've seen are in tanks or aircraft though, so that wouldn't surprise me.

    Thanks, you too. ;)
  16. Exileant

    :confused: Why would dodging be out of Daybreak's abilities? Unless you are saying they are idiots on the sly. o_O All dodging is reaction to what you decide to do. ;) The only difficulty is in making it look human, because done wrong the game can have perfect prediction and you would never get a hit in, unless completely out of the the systems detection range or they use sub-par equipment... :confused: So huh?

    :confused: As far as not being as bad from the bottom? :eek: A Scythe has nearly double the area of a Mosquito. That makes it a bullet and rocket magnet for anything other that what is is directly facing, and makes retreat nearly impossible because anytime we dodge we absorb everything from Dalton to Coyote. o_O And I you all can quit that smallest from the front and rear. :confused: A mosquito you can barely see at ALL from the front. Especially at night. They are only slightly more visible from the side which is no comfort, because a Scythe is just as long from ALL directions.... Scythes should have like 25% more armor because of this and the slower speeds. I also believe that the blades should be functional ramming tools that deal extra damage for suicide runs. :( That is basically what Scythe pilots have to revert to, since we cannot really run from anything. When Vanu calls for something, you had best believe it is for a reason. We are used to crap tools, and thrive in spite of it, but you get tired of the obvious difference in abilities after dealing with steadily increasing benefits on other factions while you remain but an after thought....

    :D Lastly, I do not know a soul that considers the Emissary garbage. Not a one. As far as the T7 goes? Yeeeah they said the same thing about the Sweet Business. Even back when it was a pure enthusiast weapon I was pulling 15 and 20 kill games with a positive Ratio. o_O Now that they fixed it? :D Hahaha!!! 20 and 30's. (I almost got a 40 (39) but the bell sounded just as I started in on a group of 3 from behind. :mad: I was mad because my Arc Soul actually killed the one I started with just after.....) :eek: The point is, T7 was far better. I have zero problem killing people with one. The key is knowing where your enemy is, and in THIS game that is beyond easy to stay on top of; unless you are dealing with a Stalker. :confused: Anything else is eventual Prey. Most people believe it is sub-par because they do not take the time to practice with it. The Sweet was no different for me. I used to get it handed to me trying to use it. But practice makes perfect. Now I can and will drop an entire team with it, I have even managed to drop a team 2ice back to back with it. o_O If you stick a few leashes on me here? I can do the same thing without much dodging. No leashes, it is still good for about 3 or 4 people running around per clip. However it is obvious people believe it is more than sub-par, because I always here one or 2 popping corn like they are about to watch a movie.

    As far as the Lasher versus Striker point I am pasting what I told Camp: ;) My argument is strong, and the Players on Vanu side support it. That is why they neeeeever use the weapon. How may times have you been killed by it this week? None. How many times have you heard it even being used in the field this month? Willing to bet 2ice, and not for long. :confused: The comparison to the Striker was just to say it is not even truly Unique. T.R. has an area weapon that has a blast radius that they can use, no matter how brief. And the Striker can do something that off sets its slow fire rate and limited ammo... :( It can at LEAST damage heavy armor. All this to say Vanu yet again has the short end of the stick.
  17. Inogine

    How often in all these years have we even gotten "simple" content updates? How often has even the game running been messed up? Very few games figured out a proper dodge mechanic with a focus on them. And you expect these guys to?

    Kinda offsets it having the smallest profile from the business end then. Reaver ends up twice as bad as the scythe does in that argument. Why aren't ya calling for it to be buffed? Oh right, you're a VS main.

    You haven't looked at the wiki of the weapon nor people that have posted anything on it. Generally hailed as a not so great weapon since its inception. Just more or less forgotten except as a "poor man's SMG" which is saying something considering it costs the same as an SMG. That is a quote, by the way, by someone other than myself. Hell, my buddies generally prefer the commissar and you never see an infil running Emissary do you? Why is that?

    And yeah, the T7's so so. It's not the worst gun, nor is it the next coming of Christ as you seem to make it out to be. It's an average performing gun all things considered. Not worth the investment compared to some other LMGs which have better damage profiles, fire rates, and (blessed be) the ability to more reliably score hits and headshots with the added ability to aim down sights. It does serve as a scary weapon, however, as people tend to panic when they hear the noise it produces more than the effectiveness of the gun.

    And of course Vanu support it. It's their gun versus a gun for an entirely different purpose. But muddle that some more for us, won't you?

    Also, saying the lasher can't damage heavy armor.. No crap. Neither can the T7 or the Jackhammer. Welcome to the party. When you're done ignoring the obvious draws of said weapon, you let me know. You know, the area denial of doing the impossible holding down a button with an ammo pack nearby that no one else can do?

    Also, crap weapons? Hah! A look at the latest PTS max change is about all you need to see to see that's bull. VS are being given, on top of other already decent performing weapons, weapons that eclipse the TR max at its own role with its best weapons for said role by a good margin. NC's being left in the dumpster, and that TR "buff" is anything but. It doesn't bring that heavy cycler up to compete with anything on the VS front. But the VS now have multiple usable max weapons if that PTS change goes through.

    Lotta folks are starting to get tired of the VS complaining about an already superior arsenal. Pound for pound, they can outperform other weapons in most junctures. If the arsenals were suddenly switched, hell yeah people would jump the VS ship faster than you can imagine. People don't join the VS cause it's the underdog, that's for sure.
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  18. Pacster3

    ROFL. If you ask VS OR TR both gonna tell you that NC has the best arsenal...whether you like it or not. VS has the most unique and possibly fun one but nobody but NC gonna argue that NC is having the best toys.
    Scythe has only the smallest profile right from the front...unfortunately there is hardly any fight where you see an ESF ONLY from the front. During most air fights and especially from ground you see a lot of the top and bottom of the ESF and there the scythe has the largest frame by a good margin. So stop the whole "NC is so weak and VS is so strong"-mimimi...nobody believes you anyway.
  19. Inogine

    Quite a few do see it that way. There's also the little bit about the scythe... Yeah, you're right. You sometimes don't see it from the front. Good amount of times you see it from the side... which still has a slimmer profile than the other two ESFs. Also note that you can't aim directly up so the most disadvantaged position for the scythe is generally not too big an issue.

    Also, I'm comparing usefulness of both. Nor am I looking from the NC side. I'm TR so... There's that. You know, the Lynx that used to be a good gun and got nerfed into the ground? If we're gonna get done that way, might as well do everyone that way eh? (Actually against that, but I'm starting to get real tired of VS complaining about an arsenal that works exceedingly well.) NC's generally fairly happy with their own arsenal, but TR has been mostly left in the dust. VS weaponry does what TR weaponry does, but in most cases... better. Either with larger magazines, shorter reloads, or with staggeringly better cones of fire or accuracy on the move.
  20. pnkdth

    So what? A lot of people think NC MAX units are OP so now they are because apparently, that's all you need. Nerf 'em to the ground, baby!

    Also, "STAGGERINGLY BETTER COF" now, is it? This place is just getting dumber and dumber. That said, your latest posts really have revealed your bias towards VS.