A thank you where it is due. (Magriders)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Exileant, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Exileant

    :D Thank you for upping the speed of our Magriders a bit. While they are still slower they can be worked with a bit, and no longer feel like a mobile waste of Nanites. ;) I feel like I can somewhat challenge the other tanks without begging them to have mercy and let me win... The max boost speed could stand to be higher, and I still get nailed by spam shots thanks to it's size, :confused: but I think it may be able to at least hold the other tanks at bay long enough to get somewhere :p without prematurely resigning ourselves to the pile of trash we used to wind up as.

    :D The Top Boost speed makes me feel like I am going somewhere somewhere even though it was only boosted by 5. Hahaha! :eek: Beware people, with an minor speed boost comes GREAT danger... I hit a small rock during full After Burn and it went through my hover field without pushing up the tank in time and it took half my life....
    You are not going to completely out run a Prowler in a straight line but you can flee from it if you have the proper distance. o_O Now this is banking you all did not secretly speed up ALL of the Main Battle tanks. I have not tested the other two yet.

    ;) If you did speed up the other tanks as well, :p then I retract this thank you and instead, :mad: curse you for your transgression!!!!

    With love and affection, Exileant.
  2. Hegeteus

    They're not going to make the other tanks faster, this change to magrider was because of an earlier oversight
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  3. Liewec123

    i don't understand this mindset and i see it from vanu all of the time,

    when played well the magrider is CRAZYGOOD.
    you just need to know what your strengths are and use them,

    keep the fight at a distance and you can dodge the enemy shots while still easily landing your own,
    the other tanks have a tough bouncy time hitting a moving target while moving themselves over bumpy terrain,
    the magrider has very little interference from the bumps and also doesn't need to readjust after every shot
    since there is no recoil.
    at this long range an ADAD tank fight favours the magrider by a long way!

    i am certainly not a pro, but that is what i do in my magrider and the other tanks just seem easy to fight.
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  4. pnkdth

    Going by past discussions I just don't think most players appreciate weapons and vehicles which behave outside the standard box in the same way you do nor do they want to adjust their playstyle. They want functional and a clearly defined purpose. The Prowler is probably the most successful in this regard and the Vanguard not so much. Also, the more faction loyal the player they tend to end up with a "the grass is always greener..."-mentality.
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  5. Atorum

    They buffed Vanguards speed some time ago, makes as much sense as buffing Magriders speed, logic was never theirs strong side.
  6. Desann

    I miss launching magriders into biolabs....

    When the boost got nerfed, I swapped to fire suppression and never looked back. A 1 second quick fart of speed is pathetic compared to what it was.
  7. Exileant

    ;) Well the problem with the tank was it could not maintain that distance. Even knowing the tanks ins and outs like the back of your hand would not prevent you from losing any advantage you might have gained. The tank is a close range type that was forced to be played long range thanks to its slow speed, and weapon type. :confused: Yet it is completely unsuited to be played long range thanks to its weak cannon strength. The tank is a ground based ship, it is fragile, wide and is prone to hurt even kill itself. o_O In a long distance fight, even the slightest angle change will throw off your shot in a Magrider, but that is not where the problem comes in. Where the issues lie, are when you try to play to the Magriders strength of going over rough patches without losing much speed and you try to fight. :( They take for ever to level out, this can leave you either staring at sky or ground for a full second sometimes more. This is leaves you very vulnerable not to mention other tanks can EASILY run under you and force you to miss them. :eek: They float a full Lightning over the ground, so they cannot hide in typical low areas the other tanks have no problem with exposing only their top gun.... (While I admit that one does have its uses, I would still say it is a double edge sword.) This causes it to fall between the cracks and makes it bad against the other tanks in a heads up fight.

    o_O Long range is favored by the Prowler, by any and ALL means. Lock-down not only increases its rounds velocity, but also its firing rate. Add the Red Glow increases reload speed even further, at that point the tank can fire 2 and 3 round clips at the speed of nearly a Lightnings Python and it is still Full-Auto. :eek: Sure you are not moving but who cares if you spot the other tank first. Odds are even if they did, they will still need time to calculate their attitude. In that time a Magriders size will absorb even the worst shot that now has the Drop Rate of a N.S. sniper rifle so Point and shoot, and having full auto allows for them to carpet. :confused: When all else fails, a tread speed of 80 allows them to swiftly close the distance while they spray with their tiny frames bouncing around.

    :D The Magrider is now manageable, that is about it. We still have a lot of issues we have to overcome to make the tank usable. Most of the time we sneak up on other tanks for the win. If you do not have the element of :eek: "BOO!!!!" we are not winning that fight. :p Unless we are just amazing.
  8. Exileant

    :D Oh I appreciate how different the Magrider is, I just believe it should not be punished by how different it is. o_O The Vanguard is an absolute beast thanks to that shield. Not to mention it moves at a blistering 75.... This is very frightening giving its size and strength of even its NORMAL main gun. For me the Vanguard is also very smooth when it comes to bumps so I have next to no issue gunning and running. :p But hey maybe that is just me. Now the Prowler can get a bit jittery, but with that Full-Auto main gun and 2 shots, who cares if you miss one, you have 1 to 2 more shots :eek: if it glitches for you.
  9. Exileant

    :D This was one heck of an oversight... o_O It lasted for years...
  10. Demigan

    I really hope you learn how to use the Magrider one day, because this constant moaning about "being at the mercy of other tanks" and crap is really getting old and the Magrider is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with the other tanks. My experience proves this, the fact that Magriders keep up with MBT kills per life proves this. And since then the Vanguard has gotten more nerfs and the Magrider and Prowler are getting buffs like extra speed and Barrage...
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  11. Hegeteus

    Other tanks haven't had their traction traction buffs for years. It was those changes where this oversight was referenced.

    Nevertheless, don't complain to me about years of having slightly un-optimal stuff. I used mag-scatter for 4 years and auraxed it 53 times while it's still waiting for significant changes.
  12. Liewec123


    If they were Saying ZOE is useless then we'd all be in agreement!
    But maggy is incredibly powerful when played correctly.
    It's certainly my favourite MBT, and the one I perform best with (and i have fully certed vanny and prowler)
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  13. pnkdth

    And just like those who do not appreciate the Magrider when you guys blow it up to be some god-level mode MBT you sound even more ridiculous.
  14. Demigan

    Damn right! When people use words like "toe-to-toe" and "keep up with" they are talking about god-tier supa-dupa OP! AmIright?

    Dont blow things out of proportion.
  15. pnkdth

    Maybe I'm just too cynical at this point but I've seen where these threads go. In this case, I guess I jumped the gun though.
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  16. Pacster3

    In a 1/2? I want to see those numbers. I call you out on that one. In a 1/2 vanguard I kill you in a magrider anytime.
  17. Demigan

    I'm extremely cynical as well by now so I get where you are coming from.

    Magrider is A-OK.
    ZOE has needed a buff since forever.
    Most Vanu weapons are not UP and not OP.
  18. Liewec123

    Are you on cobalt? If so we'll have to set a date for me to change your mind about magrider!
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  19. Pacster3

    Yes, I'm on Cobalt....and on test server(not sure if I got the certs to upgrade the Vanguard on Cobalt right now).
  20. Exileant

    ;) Now THAT seems like what jet engines on a tank should be able to do! :( Sadly at that point you would be a magnet for C4 up there, but the thrust from that would be able to keep you safe on the ground. :D And the cool factor alone of just BEING there would be worth it. Hahaha! I wish I were here for that. Sadly the Magrider was very slow when we met. Even so it was a happy meeting because the gun worked VERY well on infantry. o_O Still bit against other tanks and got dismantled my Vulcans, :eek: but if it was left to its own devices you could easily pull 60 and up kill streaks with it. I always thought 1 second was outright stupid unless you got a MASSIVE boost of speed so you could coast to where you need to go, then kinda stop to crawl at 49kph.... 53 if you are going down a hill. Hahaha! Glad to know there at least used to be SOME logic involved with the Magburner...

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