A Statistical Comparison: TR's T32 Bull vs VS's SVA-88

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  1. Mxiter

    In fact, Tar and HV-45 are more or less balanced by recoil and reload time.

    Just get a look at the Jaguar: it's as good as others carabines (if not worst by large horizontal recoil and very slow reload) and get the 0.75 ads m.m. as TR faction specific bonus.
    Just gives TR that lacks of an all rounder something as good as the SVA would be without the 0.75 ads m.m.wich is the VS faction specific bonus.

    Compare the lynx to VX6-7: worst hip firing COF and more horizontal recoil for the lynx.
    Serpent have higher ROF and lower vertical and horizontal recoil in exchange.
    Otherwise, the lynx just get 0.75 ads m.m. better
    DPS and damages per mags are generally balanced with reload time. (wich explain why VS 143/698 and 143/698AR and carabines reload so fast: small/medium ROF+small magazines)

    T5amc have 710 damages more per mag (with longer reload time with the same logic) lower predictible vertical recoil (17%) higher muzzle velocity but higer horizontal one(14%), worst still ADS COF, slight lower DPS with worst damage degradation. It trades accuracy for easy handling. (wich is certainly better for unskilled player, i admit).
    Even TR godly carabines are more or less balanced (like NC ARs)

    I'm not complaining about the orion wich is imo completely balanced around the MSW-R and the anchor.
    But even without the 0.75ads m.m. (VS flavour) the SVA (or even the pulsar LSW) have no equivalents in TR side. NC at least get the EM6 wich can do the job.

    I don't know is SOE planned the Carv-S or the T32 to fill the gap between CQC (Carv/MSW-R) and long range (T16/TMG50) but both are crappy and far from NC/VS all rounders.
    I really don't want buying the NS-15M to get an okish all rounder and actually prefers using the TMG at close range or MSW-R+ foregrip at mid+ range. I won't buy weapons that isn't as good as my opponents and gonna give me a disadvantage.

    T32 is a lost cause imo(in the same branch than the EM1), but Carv-S could be saved with faster reload time to 4.5 sec (EM6 reload actually faster :eek:) and lower horizontal (and maybe vertical) recoil (V:0.4,H0.2/0.2) that actually makes it crappy over 25m to get a decent all rounder without sharing mobility with the SVA.
    Getting bullet hose drawback on a limited ROF weapon is a bad idea.
  2. Kociboss

    Less than our Carbines and ARs which is pretty silly.
  3. W0rthy

    Not that i don't know this is captain obvious but you seem to completely miss that the bull can use soft point ammo. Which sva88 (hv only) cannot.
  4. Flapatax

    I got a bunch of kills with the Ursa last night. Not sure what everyone is complaining about.
  5. Posse

    The TAR and HV-45 are close range ARs, they're not used that much for longer ranges, taking that into account, their hipfiring performance is exactly the same, and considering how fast a 30 round 800 RoF weapon eats ammo, those 10 additional bullets make a LOT of difference, I'd gladly change the faster reload for the bigger magazine in this case.

    Btw, people here are overrating the effect of the 0.75 ADS multiplier on LMGs, your speed with the shield activated is pretty slow anyway, it's not that much of an advantage as people wants to think. The problem with the SVA is everything else, if you look at the Orion and the CARV, they end up being pretty balanced against each other in performance across the playerbase.
  6. P4NJ

    Bull is in sort of a weird place, it doesn't have enough bullets to have only 3 mags in reserve but it has enough bullets not to have 4. I'd give it another mag in reserve. It's fine otherwise.
  7. Jube

    What really is funny about this argument is that people are saying things like, "You can't compare this LMG to this LMG"
    Why not, they're all LMG's after all.
    This game has everyone so "Niche crazy" it's amazing.
    All LMG's regardless of faction should be spray and prey weapons. They should do a ******** of damage but have not very good accuracy. And they should all have one fire mode, full auto. They should NEVER be the weapon of choice for CQC.

    And btw the T32 is my weapon of choice. Why? Not because it's great, but because I bought it a long time ago and now I'm used to it.
  8. VoidMagic

    The Orion is actually a better gun but, the SVA-88 lets u play pretty pony gun dress up.
    You leave my pretty pony alone u bad men.
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  9. Mxiter

    The recoil also influence hip firing. But i give you that more damage/mags gives an edge in 1V2 or 1V3 engagments while faster reload is better in consecutives fights. It's different gameplay design but TR are favored in big batttes.

    Trues, but it still helps. I don't think it's underrated. Mobility is strong (ZoE, LA, browling magrider or prowler).

    SVA is more or less balanced (compared with EM6) if you add that 0.75 ads m.m on LMG is VS flavour but it's also TR lack of decent all rounder that is annoying.
    Orion and Carv are both close range weapons and not the matters here. (i find the Carv pretty poor compared to MSW-R but it's personal taste and it' fun sometimes to run with 100 ammos with that high ROF).

    BTW, I think that Carv-s could get some tweakings to fill the gap. It's actually the only one "S" version that have no special interest.
  10. Kyouki

    You asked me to compare. I didn't say which is better or stronger. The serpent is in fact in the top tier of RPM among carbines while the lynx is not.
  11. Kodaa

  12. EnviousCipher

    I have to disagree, the road to Auraxium on the Bull was measured in fun. The road to Rhino is littered with potholes and frustration, at least for me.
  13. MintiFresh

    Just a TL;DR with a bump.

    The SVA has .75 ADS move speed, 15 rounds more per mag, a slightly faster quick reload speed for some reason when the Bull has a smaller mag, and how is this supposed to be balanced out by SOE? By giving it a nonexistant amount more of vertical recoil. Brilliant.
  14. Morpholine

    The TMG-50, SVA-88, and EM6 were the LMGs unlocked with Alpha Squad.

    That would seem to indicate (to me, at least) the TMG-50 is the counterpart to the SVA-88, and not the T32 Bull. Weapon statistics not considered, of course.
  15. Aegie

    [laughs about TR and VS bickering about who has the better weapons]