A solution to the Lattice/Hex issue.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DramaticExit, May 29, 2013.

  1. Spartan101

    I'm probably the number 2 poster in this particular thread behind the OP and the number 1 idea generator. It probably wasn't in my original post but it is included in the recap earlier on page 7
  2. LynxFury

    Still like this idea. It would be a marked improvement over the mostly illogical resource system and largely contrived lattice into something that deepens the meta game while allowing unit leaders flexibility with consequences if they ignored logistics for too long.
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  3. Pruto

    Actually it was a refreshing change from having either stalemated meatgrinders or lopsided steamrolls

    That's not a great point to sell the lattice on considering how large fights feel like on PS2. The bases and terrain are limited in a way that they feel like 64p Metro maps once a certain threshold of players is reached. Maybe some of you are interested in that kind of "play", but I think I'll stick with something more varied than shoot guy #1, run forward, shoot guy #2, run forward some more, shoot guy #3, get exploded, repeat.
  4. Spartan101

    On that note, do you have anything to add to the idea itself? Positive? Negative? Point to make? Ideas?
  5. NC_agent00kevin

    Ok, all the ideas are yours and his, thats fine.

    Thank you for fixing PS2 with your genius.
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  6. Spartan101

    Lol. Thanks for the new SIG :p
  7. Spartan101

    What happened to your constructive post midnightmare? Also does anyone else have any comments? I wanna keep this thread growing. 'Pro-lattice' people, have you anything to mention? 'Pro-hex' are you happy with this functionality? Want more? Let us know. Explain.
  8. Midnightmare

    I really like the idea and atleast i cant see any game breaking mechanics in it.

    Not exactly sure how it would work with ghostcapping but dont really it will really be a problem enough post with ideas how to prevent this.

    When it comes to the resources i think its a bit silly system as it is, since they arent really resources.
    they work more like an economy and perhaps that whole system is pretty flawed.

    The way i see it the only real resource in the game right now is ammo.
    A few other ones that could easy be added and incoperated with the lattice system is fuel and power.

    ( did anyone say ant runs ? God i miss thouse! :D for an exampel you would need power to spawn at a base this could be done with ant runs if there is no link or with lattice link system if the link is there, on that thought i also really like the idea of pipelines that can be blown up and rebuild as extra metagame objectives.)

    And the hex system would work kinda as sugjested for attacking.

    I would then like the see the personal economy be something you earn for yourself by your own actions and your own sucess.
    Perhabs even reduced only to 1 kind of resource since i dont think you would really need more than 1 in sutch a system.
    perhabs a low passive gain so you wont always be backrupt as a new player.

    Not sure it would work! just a thought!

    Maybe this should have been in another thread but i really like the idea of this system so just a few thoughts and ideas!
  9. Midnightmare

    why the hell cant i edit this :p
  10. Major

    The silly obsession with "ghost capping" and the multiple definitions for it, and the anger over so called "xp farming" it generates should end, since it is the worst way to get XP and certs EVER!!!!

    I could get ten times more xp and certs per hour following the zerg as a medic or engy, I mean seriously drop the argument, it's lame and makes ZERO sense gameplay wise.
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  11. BetaGuru

    OP, great thread, stroke of brilliance, 10/10, would read and like again.
  12. Spartan101

    When was the last post on this? August? wow, long time.
    It's been such a long time since the introduction of the lattice system and everyone has had plenty of time to get used to how it works.

    I re-read the thread and still think this is a great idea and now that you guys have played the lattice for ages, what are your thoughts?
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  13. DramaticExit

    There are still holes and issues with the lattice system, and in particular the way it has been implemented.

    I have some vague notes on changes to the system I presented in the first few posts of this thread, which I might drop in here when they're in a more complete form. We'll see.

    I'm glad someone ressurected this... I'd like to see some more active discussion on the map/capture mechanics and where they can develop from here. Lattice as it currently stands, doesn't feel like a completed system.
  14. axiom537

    Below is a sample of a Hybrid of the Hex/Lattice system that I put together. I have a link to my full post which explains some of the capture mechanic changes. HYBRID LATTICE/HEX THREAD.

    I am currently working on a complete Hybrid Hex/Lattice Map for Amerish. I just need to put the finishing touches on it.

  15. Spartan101

    :( Im hurt Dramatic, i thought you'd recognize me by now :(

    Very interesting and cool idea :cool: . Exactly what were trying to achieve here with with this system. a few questions though.

    I like the fluid hex capture around the main base, allowing attackers, with effort, to surround the enemy but whats to stop someone moving from blue dot to blue dot, capturing via hex adjacency, deep into enemy lines? You may counter this by saying only the satellites around a main facility would be hex capable. I would then pose the question, why am i only allowed to maneuver around large facilities?
    Another question, SOE IS developing a resource system that transports along the lattice links. Now that only half the bases are link, how will people gain resources fighting at them?

    I like the idea in general, the flow of the battle, flanking to allow multiple attack points and in particular the Lattice only linking to Large bases and facilities. But i feel that the ideas presented thus far in this tread already address all the issues you initial idea missed.

    I'm interested in the different lattice linking you did here and im going to try and think of a way to incorporate it if possible. :)
  16. DramaticExit

    There there, Spartan. It'll be fine. I didn't fail to recognise you, I was simply trying to stop other people from feeling bad about not having brought this thread back from the dead, when you did.
  17. Cab00se187

    Lattice is staying

    Hex is going

  18. DramaticExit

    You might as well have posted "didn't read, lol".

    (If you did read the thread and your reading comprehension is poor enough not to have grasped it, then I'm sorry for being so abrupt with you, and will gladly spend some time explaining it in more simple terms.)
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  19. Spartan101

    ............... Thank you for your ...most.........constructive.......feedback....:rolleyes:
  20. Nihil

    Stop saying hex when you mean region.

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