A simple, comprehensive reason why the Flak armor buff should not make it to live.

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  1. UberBonisseur

    Balance issue = irrelevant to the thread
    I'm arguing on visual clues.

    Now if you want to nerf rocket launchers against infantry the best solution is to reintroduce massive flinch on Rocket launcher ADS or UBGL
    And it doesn't break the game nearly as much as such a buff
  2. Aegie

    True and a good point.

    Still, as far as vehicles vs. infantry goes while it is true the refire time of the vehicle is longer than that of an infantry primary, the ttk for an infantry primary against vehicles is either non-existent or far far longer than the reverse.

    Even if there was a way to easily tell who was using what- do you think that would really factor into your calculations in game in a meaningful way?

    In other words, consider there are two HAs with RLs that are firing at your MBT and one has Nanoweave and the other has Flak. Who do you shoot first and why?
  3. Dis

    Devs finally create a way to counter rocket primary derps.

    The derps complain.

    Mission accomplished.
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  4. neoNEO

    Fair points, but this FLAK armor change is to prevent specific items like anti-vehicle grenades to have an unintended purpose. I guess that the changes still not prevent to die from a Decimator projectile or proximity mines for example. It will probably prevent you from dying in 1 shot against vehicles AP rounds, which i totally support, there is too much unintended purpose on the game and needs to be resolved, players need to start making choices instead of picking something that works for everything, its just my opinion.
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  5. HannibalBarca

    You may prefer Chess, but Poker is a perfectly valid and skill based game.

    I don't think lack of perfect knowledge is a big problem in a game of this type. In fact, I like it. Can somebody give me a coherent explanation of why it is so terrible?

    'Cos frankly, I'm interpreting most of this thread as people crying that they can only succeed in very deterministic game worlds, and are not able to apply heuristics or "play the numbers" in a less structured environment.
  6. CL4p2p

    Flask should , IMO, be usefull against the radius of explosion, not direct hit. So that should NOT reduce any direct damage...

    I mean, an anti VEHICULE thing should just vanish a Human... That's just logical...

    But that's just my opinion, I don't really give a F , I'm not a rocketnoob user. I just try some kill at long range but if tomorow I can't OHK but only seriously damage the target, well I'm fine with this.
    Even if I find totally stupid that a "flak armor" will protect you from a C4's explosion just under your feet...
  7. Zotamedu

    I approve of visual representation. You have it on vehicles so it would be nice on infantry. Not that it really has any real effect since you seldom have the time to switch weapon if you see an enemy and if you have that time, you would have killed him regardless. I approve of the concept just because it's fun and looks neat.
  8. Saool

    So am I the only person who hopes everyone goes flak armour so if stay with my nano 5 I'll do better in gun fights?
  9. WTSherman

    The thing that keeps a rocket launcher from being effective against infantry is that it only has one shot.

    If any other weapon emptied its entire magazine in order to secure a single kill (and then only if the entire magazine hit) it would be considered a terrible anti-infantry weapon. People only complain about the rocket launcher because they, personally, had to take a rocket to the face for their team. They don't care that the guy carrying the RL is now basically helpless against the rest of his squad while he switches weapons.

    Yes, direct hits with anti-vehicle weapons should one-shot infantry easily. What should balance them is that they are overkill, and while they can kill infantry using them to do so should be a waste of the weapon's scarce ammunition and long reload. What flak should mostly protect against (as the name would imply) is splash damage. The better their flak armor, the closer they can cut a near miss and survive.

    Of course, it would help if the class carrying the rocket launcher wasn't already the best anti-infantry class in the game, but that has more to do with the class as a whole filling too many roles at once than the rocket launcher itself.
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  10. Kedyn

    If I shoot someone with an AP tank round, regardless of their health, they should die.
  11. TheMercator

    Can somebody tell me what use the UBGL (especially on medics and LAs)will have? It won't OHK anymore on direct hits, has close to no splash to use damage multiple targets, less range than a thrown frag and only two shells ammunition.
  12. EvilJollyT

    Getting killed by indirect spam, whether it be grenades, or tanks shells, or Deci Warriors is the single most frustrating thing in this game. The fact that base design and game mechanics are largely to blame for this is irrelevant. It remains that defending almost every capture point in this game is not only impossible but also extremely frustrating and unrewarding without flak armour. It simply becomes a gang-bang of players running around desperately trying to avoid spam from all directions while Medics rez as hard as possible and throw rez grenades like candy.

    Roll on the flak arnour buff........... roll on anything that encourages 1v1, infantry vs infantry combat without spam being the deciding factor.

    This thread is ******** and it's reasoning goes against making this a better game. In my opinion Flak Armour should be buffed massively with the game in its current state, although my preference would be to nerf "spam" and leave Flak Armour as it is. Get rid of grenade bandolier, reduce AV damage vs. ground troops (while also nerfing ground troops vs. vehicles........... basically read jak's thread about base design) and make it so vehicles can't lob shells into infantry zones already!!
  13. SinerAthin

    I'd love visual cues to indicate the suit slot.

    You'd think wearing nanoweave/flak or something else is going to have clear visible cues if it wasn't for limitations from the art department.

    I always imagined Nanoweave to be like Vanu's spandex, and flak to be more blocky.
  14. Nocturnal7x

    We say RNF here.
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  15. Meeka

    Good, because people using RPGs as make shift shotguns need to go anyway.
  16. starecrow

    lol, forgot about that little gem. Malorn liked that vid...
  17. Cirevam

    In the interest of keeping things civil, what would people recommend as a visual change? I could see the VS spandex texture changing quite easily. Right now it's hexagons or something; flak could change it to a houndstooth pattern and nanoweave could be paisley :p

    But I just remembered that camo changes the underlying texture and makes it look flatter. That won't work on anyone wearing camo, and color changes are right out for the same reason. Something like composite armor add-ons would be nice, but we already have those and they're also cosmetic. Maybe something like Wrel's spotting icon suggestion? Someone else in this topic pointed it out.

    Also, I'm both excited and terrified for this buff. I have been running max flak on my engi since March or so. I already defuse AP mines with my face and don't give a you-know-what about grenades. I predict tons of people using their refunded nanoweave certs to max out flak armor, which turns into the next FotM suit slot. Tankers complain more, SOE balances explosions around everyone having max flak, and flak gets nerfed into uselessness a few months later. Or if it follows nanoweave's trend, a year later.
  18. ST4LK3R

    Are they buffing Flak Armor because of people using RLs are primary anti-infantry weapon?
    Why not give them massive COF or make it deal only 50-75% damage on infantry within short distance (like 15-20m? Idk).
    Using RL on infantry is a waste of ammo or saying it has very long reload time is just bullcrap. People who use it as primary doesn't care about those and all they want is the cheap kills they can get in tight spaces.

    I second that! SIck of having to deal with noobies with RL every few mins in tight spaces.
  19. Camycamera

    this should have ended the thread.
  20. reticentbassist

    I have been running Flak on my main characters for months now. I will never go back to nanoweave, if I lose a 1v1 fight, then props to my opponent, I would rather not die to mines, and other explosives launched from n00b tubes