A simple, comprehensive reason why the Flak armor buff should not make it to live.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by UberBonisseur, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. MrK

    Well, SOE apparently decided you now have to chose the correct tool for the correct target. That' s going to be a shocker for some...
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  2. z1967

  3. Liquid23

    as demonstrated in both games and reality... he who throws the most lead/high explosives downrange wins!
  4. Flapatax

    This thread is stupid or trolling.

    You can't see what anyone is wearing. Should we all complain that we didn't see that SMG infil had ASC so when we followed him he had more shields than we expected?

    Sorry the farm won't be quite as easy if people specifically cert out to avoid getting cheesed.
  5. Slandebande

    Welcome to the world of Prowlers, now it just gets worse :p

    I do also expect people to die when I shoot a bloody 120mm tank shell right at their forehead.

    That's great news, at least the recharge on Nanomesh is slow even fully upgraded so it cannot be spammed. At least SOE proves they aren't completely ******** then, wohoo!

    Since I don't have access to the PTS atm, could I ask if you checked the Indirect hit values for the AP cannons, and whether it has changed or not? Since the other post listed the AP values without splash, so I feared they had removed the Indirect portion of the damage, rendering it unable to 1H-KO in theory.

    Yeah, or 4x C4 :D
  6. UberBonisseur

    It's not stupid nor trolling; when firing a tank shell or a rocket involves a 3.5 second reload it can make or break a fight.

    If I know before hand that the enemy is going to survive a rocket to the face then I'm pretty sure I'll never use explosives against him. But from now on you'll have to take quite a gamble when using those.
  7. Pikachu

    On test server infantry survives rockets except for decimator. You people are screaming for more separate roles and love when MAXes can't damage you with their AV weapons but complain when others can't.
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  8. TheBlindFreak

    Still going to use my grenade bandelier on medic, missile/grenade suit for HA, and ammunition belt on my LA and Infil.

    I may end up running flak if I don't feel the need for the others, bu meh. I get to survive 1(?) extra explosive hit? I suppose that will be useful for stuff like rockets and tank rounds.
  9. Ryme

    This is akin to enemy vehicles displaying their passenger numbers or other loadout options.

    If you can tell whether a Liberator has a gunner, you will know if it can fire on you while floating above or if its safe to line up a shot while standing under it.

    If you can tell whether a HA has C4 or a munitions pouch, you will know whether it has enough fire power to blow a Sunderer in one attack, or if you have time to repair through the damage as they run back to resupply.

    If you can tell whether an ESF has flares, you will know whether or not using a lock-on launcher will needlessly give away your position or if you should stick with dumbfire weapons and try to get the jump on them.

    Knowing is an advantage.
  10. Ice

    Advanced Shield Capacitor master race!
  11. KnightCole

    It will, this new flak armor is going to be a bit absurd. Ive seen waht current flak armor does in VR, where I guess explosions are screwed anyway...
  12. KnightCole

    Redeploy on Sight...

    They done even added more drop on the Dumbfires in test....extra gravity...its noticeable to.
  13. TheFamilyGhost

    This is an interesting grease on the slippery slide of the balance entanglements.

    Now, Fog Of War is being introduced as a balance factor.

    Guys...leave the game to the devs. Create balance and favorable inbalance in game. It would save you countless hours arguing on the internet.
  14. Mhak

    You mean you don't know whether or not you'll kill the guy you shoot at?! Oh my goodness! In a game filled with variables and player specialization, I would have never expected that I wouldn't know the outcome of something before it happened!
  15. a4555in

  16. KnightCole

    No, SoE is going the way of PS1, where one bullet is bad vs infantry and the next isnt...a bullet is a bullet lol.

    A BAzooka to the face is going to do no one any favors.
  17. Aegie

    How exactly is this different than any other situation in the game?

    Example: How many shots from a 167 damage weapon does it take to kill a randomly selected enemy?

    Answer: You cannot know.

    Why? First, how far away is the enemy? Where are your shots landing exactly? What loadout is the enemy using? What if they pop a medkit? Is there a medic nearby? Are they a medic themselves?

    I mean, there may be good reasons why the nanoweave/flak changes need work but not being able to know before hand exactly how many shots it will take to down them is not one of them IMO.
  18. UberBonisseur

    The 0.1 seconds it'll take to refire that "extra bullet" is vastly different from the 3.5 seconds of refiring another rocket/shell...

    I don't want to go slippery slope on that.
    I'm just saying that there's a valid concern that arises when it comes to turning OHK into 2HK; it makes the weapon severely less reliable at what it's supposed to do.
  19. Ronin Oni

    "OH NOEZ! I don't know what my enemy is using and can't abuse that knowledge!"


    Here's a tip... if you see any of my names (v) as an engie or medic, you can count on Flak armor. How's that?
  20. Ronin Oni

    Rockets are supposed to be used to counter MAXes and combat vehicles.... OHKing infantry is just kinda a cheese thing they've been unilaterally good at... NOW there's a way to counter rocket spam cheese.

    I don't see a problem here.
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