[Suggestion] A Silly Tool, which might just work...

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ghostloadout, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Ghostloadout

    I'm starting to get silly, just as I generally do when getting back into a game. WHAT IF, LA got a "Seismic Resonator." This suggestion is not a completely serious one; however I have thought over it quite a bit. To start off, light assaults like rooves, so why not give them a tool that is useful where they like to spend most of their time? This "Seismic Resonator" follows the idea of a flanking and disruptive class down to the definition.

    What the @#$% is it?
    Well fellow LAs, it's a tool. But seriously, what it does is sit on top of rooves (or stuck to walls) and makes anyone under it have a very bad day. It goes about this goal in an unconventional but efficient way. It is deployed like a C4 brick and when placed sends a shockwave below it in a 90-180 degree arc (going through terrain) stunning enemies (and maybe friendlies) for a very short time, with about a 10m blast radius. As to how enemies are "stunned" it could be a similar effect to a concussion grenade from a HA. In order to not interlope with the concussion nade, It has a much shorter effect time, but will periodically generate pulses every "X" seconds. This item also shows up on the minimap similarly to a motion spotter. It emits a low rumble while it is charging, which increases in volume and overall scare-factor as it gets closer to pulsing. The LA only receives 1 per resupply, whether this can be resupplied by ammo packs is TBD. I was also thinking that you could put this on vehicles as well, which will get the concussion effect.

    Counters -
    EMPs, other LAs, map awareness, watching entry points when the tool is close to pulsing, and various other unorthodox things.
    This would make infiltrators much more needed for squadplay due to their EMPs

    Combat Example -
    You're a LA that has been tasked with clearing the point room. You get a look from a friendly motion spotter that there are WAY too many enemies in there to clear alone. But you're not alone, you have your handy Seismic Resonator. You throw one on top of the roof of the point building... wait "X" seconds, the pulse hits and all the enemies are very briefly stunned. You use this time period to bust in there and laugh manically as you run in and out slowly picking them off with the pulses. *This scenario gets even better with Iridar51's smoke idea.* A few pulses later and you have a clear point building as well as a defensible location, which will stun enemies who have bad timing.

    Another sillier example -
    You place this thing on top of a sundy and farm all the infantry that have no clue what the actual #@$% is going on.

    I just wanted to put the idea out there, and it's also kinda fun thinking up crazy things that have the possibility of working. I'd like to hear some input on it, even if it's not serious I think it'd be very fitting and *maybe* even balanced.
  2. EPIC389

    For some reason. I want this.
    (Evil, maniacal grin). Everything is proceeding as I have planned