A short list of bugs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by strove, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. strove

    1. The proximity radar model on the lightning is tiny, its kinda cute.

    2. The Mjolnir for the Harassers default view cannot see anything but the 4 barrels floating infront of the camera. Cannot confirm if the Mjolnir for the vanguard suffers the same issue.

    3. Im not sure the cause, im going to research further, but lightnings in the last month feel like they are made of paper, a small pebble, a slight ridge and the front end lifts up and the whole thing flips. Again, ill look into how to replicate this, i did spot a loose mesh one time that may be having some effect.

    4. The Ammo Printer implant occasionally causes a double reload, most noticable in tanks with a single shot before reloads. Essentially youll be reloading when the ammo printer tick happens. I assume, because the ammo count changed, the maths behind counting ammo is triggered again, you still have 0 shots loaded, so you restart the reload again. This is minorly annoying at the best of times, but in tank vs tank combat, that double reload can be death. I have seen it happen with both AP and Heat Pythons aswell as the same weapons on the vanguard. I cannot confirm if other weapons are affected, nor if the tick from Ransack has the same effect.

    5. If you are killed while spawning a vehicle, occasionally the nanites will be deducted but the vehicle will not spawn leaving you often unable to spawn your intended vehicle. I suspect the check to see if you have enough nanites is done before the check to see if you can be spawned into a vehicle

    6. The engineers Hardlight Barriers seem inconsistent. The regular one seems to have a limited deployment amount where you are unable to deploy it again after 1-2 deployments where as the reserve barrier can be deployed an infinate number of times as best as ive seen.
  2. Liewec123

    having one of the old gen 1 battlerifles in your loadout when you log out will reset it to the starting weapon.
    this has been around FOREVER and is very annoying.
  3. strove

    Occasionally, not sure what causes it, but the mission just above the map disappears stopping you getting info about cap timers at a base your at outside of going to the map and checking the long way round.
  4. strove

    Note : Mjolnir visual bug fix is in the test server so thats (2) solved