A serious threat to the competitive/MLG community.

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  1. Earthman

    I do not speak as a member of such a community in this post, mind you. I get reminded plenty of times with plenty of angsty language how terrible my stats are. That's fine. As a player I still have an issue to bring forth that I feel does threaten not only the validity but also the actual enjoyment of the game (far as I know) of players that consider themselves in the very high percentiles of K/D ratios, and whatnot.

    I'm aware that cheating/aimbotting happens, can happen, and will continue to happen. The relative reduction in GM appearances on my server has been a cause for concern, especially during the current world event.

    I'll get to the point: there are some very skilled players that are playing this game, and I say this unmockingly this time. Some names at high BR I see again and again, and if I drop dead without an enemy in sight and see those names, I know "well, there's that guy again. Better keep in this vehicle unless his buddy's coming my way with C4". But others, particularly the always-low-BR IlillililiilllLLLLiii-style named people, are almost certainly taking advantage of a laxness of cheat prevention and are making the game miserable for the rest of us.

    This is a threat to the competitive community, because while these guys are allowed to run rampant, especially with precision cheats that can simulate "imperfections" in accuracy and the like and blend in with the legimitate players, who is to say who is actually skilled and who is botting?

    Game balance is challenged by this. As a theoretical example, let's say we made a special, extreme range, single-shot bolt action super rifle. It actually requires you to root yourself in place (maybe a prone position) to fire, but if it lands, it can one-hit-kill any infantry from well beyond normal sniper rifle ranges. Imagine that in the hands of a truly skilled and experienced player. Neat, huh?

    But imagine that in the hands of a script kiddie with an aimbot. Sounds like misery and perhaps even some player migration.

    It will be hard for a lot of rank-and-file, ordinary players to stick around when it's hard to tell the talented from the scripters.
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    i personally believe there are very few cheaters in this game. when "low br" people kill me instantly i chalk it up to them getting lucky most of the time or they're a good player making a new character.

    i've played competitive fps in leagues since 2004 from cs 1.6 to tf2 currently and i just started playing this game maybe 6 months ago. with over 4k hours of cs and nearing 6k in tf2 this game is very easy from an infantry standpoint. from my 400 hours of playing this game i've personally experienced less than 10 people cheating imo. all of these were blatant cheaters that would teleport through walls and instantly kill you.

    whenever i die i mostly consider that the person either got some lucky shots on me or they're actually good. since you aren't able to spectate people in this game calling someone a cheater is just stupid.
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  3. Nenarch

    Well I have seen 6ish cheaters since start of the game.. That's on cobalt.
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  4. Liquid23

    the most serious threat to the MLG community is players who actually want to have fun and realize the truth that this is just a game
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  5. IamDH

    Its not what you know, its what you can prove.

    You can think that every player who killed you is a stealth hacker or you could move on. If you haven't got any evidence to prove that a certain player hacks then there isn't much good at pointing fingers
  6. tproter

    Whenever gamers state that they think there are few cheaters in a game, I immediately suspect them of being one of those "few" cheaters themselves.

    Nice try but we aren't that gullible.
  7. Aegie

    Yup, PS2 is hardly competitive.
  8. Liquid23

    I think your tinfoil hat is on a little to tight
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  9. SevenTwo

    I haven't noticed a lot of cheates while playing this game, but maybe cheating is just done more subtle nowadays.

    The few cases I have noticed have been people taking advantage of glitches to get underneath level geometry and some dodgy shooting, which might as well be credited to the client/server model (ie. dying when well past a corner and so on).

    What I have noticed is that you sometimes make some kills yourself, where you are just baffled that they even succeeded, like sniping an infiltrator three times directly in the head with the Orion well outside what should be its normal effective range. o_O

    As far as MLG goes, the real threat isn't really cheating in my opnion but more the seemingly lack of interest from the development team in maintaining a healthy playing environment in which talent has room to grow and thrive.
  10. LT_Latency

    Hackers are going to happen, They can own without mercy with any gun if they turn up that hack juices.

    No reason to limit accurate guns just for this reason
  11. Zombekas

    Oh please, all games have cheaters and if you don't have an actual suggestion then I'd suggest you don't dry your mouth. Pointing out the obvious won't do any good :rolleyes:

    Keep calm and respawn.
  12. tproter

    Of course hackers are more subtle when they cheat. Who wants to get caught cheating??
  13. Shanther

    I dono...back in the Diablo 1 days hackers were not subtle about it.
  14. Liquid23

    if a hacker is being subtle enough about it not to get caught then he isn't performing better than the majority of other players (as even slightly skilled non-hackers get raged at, accused, and reported lol)... thus his hacking isn't really a problem or even an issue as he is indistinguishable from the unwashed masses of normal players

    the whole "the hackers are just being super sneaky" argument is one used by overly paranoid people
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  15. Lazaruz

    Haven't seen a blatant cheater in a few months. A couple fishy people here and there, but nothing to write home about.
  16. tproter

    It's not about performing better than the majority of other players. It's about performing better when it matters the most.

    Great hackers know this even if you do not.
  17. Liquid23

    yes and it's all part of the plot by the shape-shifting inter-dimensional reptiod aliens of the Drakonian brotherhood who impersonate world leaders to rule the human race

    you tell 'em David Icke
  18. MrMurdok

    The only hacker I've seen on Ceres was so bad it wasn't even funny.

    He was using a noclip and aimbot cheat, hiding inside one of the crates in the Crown's A point room and shooting out. His legs were sticking out of the crate, he was promptly knifed.
  19. RHINO_Mk.II

    I should make an iiililiillllilililiili character on another server to piss people off.
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  20. LT_Latency

    He point is, If you have to HIDE the fact that you are hacking so much that you don't stand out. Who cares.

    What is the point in hacking, If you need to turn your hacks down so far I can still blow you away. I don't really care if you are hacking if I am beating you.