A Salute to new enemies.

Discussion in 'Helios (US West)' started by kaptinkrunch88, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. kaptinkrunch88

    Last night we ran into some Purple Power Rangers and I have to tip my hat to these guys. They were a mixed bunch from several units and some independents as well. They gave us all we could handle and a little more. It was nice to have a real fight on Amiresh for a change. Well done. I hope I can return the favor soon.
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  3. Killuminati C

    Guess I'll have to start keeping an eye on Amerish then :). Need the experience for next weeks weekend op anyways cause I think I've played on Amerish all of 2 times.
  4. kaptinkrunch88

    The population is still low but there are good squad and platoon sized fights to be had. See you there brother.

    Power Rangers? On a similar matter, I got a Trooper named Morphine, I'm tempted to promote him to Lieutenant just so I can have a Squad called 'Mighty Morphine Power Rangers'.
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  6. kaptinkrunch88

    That's funny. Almost as funny as the time when I was killed by CerealKiller. I shot beer out of my nose I was laughing so hard.

    Thats a good one mate, I like that.