A.S.P. Recert in the future? [Devs plz read]

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NeonSonic, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. NeonSonic

    Like back in PlanetSide 1? In PlanetSide 2 how about something like that for A.S.P. you could "Recert" your A.S.P. skills once every 24 hours.

    That way if people change their minds for token specialization you are not stuck with 1 set up that took forever to get to, This should be implemented since it would eliminate the only flaw of the A.S.P. system specialization.
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  2. FateJH

    If you didn't like how you spent your first point, there's always time to think carefully about how to spend the next one,
  3. Killuminati C

    I agree with you there though I am wondering if they will be refunding tokens as they get some of these dialed in. Especially considering this pretty much went straight to live server. Considering you're limited to so few choices (rightfully so imo) that if something sounds good upon release that a slight tweak later might make one of the other choices a much better option.

    Granted it'll primarily affect those of us that make the switch immediately and most likely it'll only be the first token redeemed at that, but knowing that 20% of my possible options could get nerfed later makes me nervous. More so than say a new weapon getting nerfed anyway.
  4. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    We'll be adding a way to allow players to respec in the future, though it more than likely won't be doable every 24 hours. For now, assume your choices carry weight when using those ASP points!
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  5. Liewec123

    My big worry is, if we spend our 5 points now and then something awesome gets added to the ASP system,
    are we simply locked out of getting it because we've already spent all of our points on phase 1 stuff?
    Yep a respec would be cool, especially if it's free,

    but it'd be nice to know if we can expect a respec when the next lot of ASPs go live.
    (Granted that is likely to be a veeery long way off but it effects the decisions we make today, save or spend?.)
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  6. FieldMarshall

    Im pretty scared of spending my first point just it case something cool gets added in the future. I just know i'll end up with 5 unspent points...

    Recerting even as little as 1 point on a 7 day+ timer would be fine in my opinion.
  7. FateJH

    Yeah, you see this argument all the time. "This item is too useful to waste. I'll save it for something important."
    And then it just sits idle in that person's possession forever.

    Just spend it on something and worry about what comes later later. Shift that trepidation onto your next ASP point.
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  8. NeonSonic

    Sweet sounds good devs thanks for the quick response! Looking forward to it! See you all on the battlefield! <3
  9. Eyeklops

    I'd like to see multiple re-spec options. Something like:
    1. XXX certs to "unlearn" a single spec.
    2. XXX ISO to "unlearn" a single spec.
    3. Membership grants the ability to "unlearn" X number of specs per month.
    This way free-2-players can grind out certs for unspecs or use earned ISO, people with $$ can just buy ISO, and members get an extra perk. This lets everyone work with the system while providing another income stream for Daybreak. I didn't put any values in but I'd expect the cert/ISO values to be high.
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  10. NeonSonic

    Ok its been almost a whole 7 months, thats over half a year! Devs, could character A.S.P. respecialization be coming maybe during the new Oshur Continent update or an update before it? Please respond! THX!
  11. JobiWan

    In the last dev stream they said it would probably happen early next year.
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  12. NeonSonic

    OK sounds good! Thanks!
  13. OneShadowWarrior

    I made some mistakes with ASP choices, a recert option would be nice!
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  14. NeonSonic

    Almost been a year. Hopefully the devs get around to it eventually.
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  15. CaptCran

    translation, Be happy you got what you got. One and done, Mistakes happen snowflake. buyer beware. cry me a river. read the description. sleep on it. use common sense. think about your play style. :rolleyes:
  16. DIGGSAN0

    They promised it would come not long after the System....we are close to one Year later and still nothing?

    Devs, you lied to us. Again.

    How hard is it to do one simple task like making a "Reset Token" (resets all spend A.S.P) for 500Certs/50DBC/Free for Membership (Limited to 1 per Month)?
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  17. Scrundle

    I'll tell you why I think they haven't done it yet;
    Loadouts don't check for unowned items when spawned, if it's equipped then you get it when you press E.
    The check for unowned/restricted is only made when editing a specific loadout and then only on that specific slot.
    The current system, if they introduced a "Refund my ASP points" button, would allow someone to spend their points to a loadout using them and then refund and spend those points elsewhere. That loadout would still be useable even though you no longer have the relevant ASP skills certed.
    I have little working knowledge of coding this sort of thing but it would perhaps be too much work to remake the loadout system right now so they're just kinda sitting on it? Either way, spend your ASPs wisely (Yay, Decoy nades for everyone!)
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  18. DIGGSAN0

    Then we need more Ways to Unlock ASP.
  19. TR5L4Y3R

    ... give infils access to av grenades
    ... give medics access to av grenades and rockletrifle as primary .. either as A.S.P. or certoption ...
    but give these options ..
  20. JibbaJabba

    QFT. This. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube just by reclosing the cap.

    It may be worse than simply getting away with an illegal loadout. It might actually trigger an Unhandled Exception in loadout code somewhere. Dunno.

    It would be nice to get one though. Even if it takes enduring a loadout reset at the same time.

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