A request to SOE, things that need to be changed on "Infiltrator"

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by direwind, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. direwind

    These are afew of the thing i feel should be changed on th Infiltrator.

    #Ability to jump higher than any other class, i do not mean jumpjets, i simply mean jump higher, the reason for this is due to the fact we need to get into positions giving us the best field of view, the nerf to jump high prior to release hit us too hard. after all we wear no armor. we should jump higher.

    #Ability to pass through any force field, this was in planetside 1, and it was a key class defining ability, as it stands the Infiltrator cant really infiltrate much, light assault seems to do most of that.

    #We need a UI overlay showing clearly at what viability level our cloak is at, again this was in PS1

    #Cloak needs to last longer, given how bad it is in this game atm, and the fact it takes 3 seconds after movment to fully cloak.

    #Infiltrator melee needs tweaking, if you have tried to use it you know what i mean.
    #Infiltrator should have C4, why dont we have this! i want to fkkking sneak upto a tank and plant c4!
    #give Infiltrator a tool to allow us to broadcast via a way point system the location of enemy formations, was in ps1 but worked alot diff

    other then giving us everything from ps1 inf which will never happen i cant think of anything else.
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  2. Vepo

    1)Ability to jump higher

    Personally I feel the jumping as it is right now is perfectly fine. If we were able to jump higher, then it would only open up a lot of terrain exploitation, which of course many of us wouldn’t do, but those who want to annoy others and just abuse the system would have a field day with this.

    2)Ability to pass through force fields

    This is indeed something I would like to see added, but of course there are far more important features/bugs to be added/fixed at this moment in time. This may come in the future …. We can only hope; however I can foresee a lot of complaining arriving if this does arrive.

    3)Longer last cloak

    This was in the beta, but it was removed. We may see this get added again, but personally I feel the cloak length is perfectly fine. Remember we have the Hunter Cloak cert, which increases the regen time of our cloak.

    4)Infiltrator Melee

    I personally wish they would add the knifing to be usable while in cloak, like it was back in Planetside 1 … hell even the trial for Planetside 2 has the VS infiltrator going stabby stab on the NC noob!


    Personally I don’t see this really something that should be added. We already have claymores, which are sexy as they are :D

    6)Location of enemy units.

    This is something, which should indeed be done as after all we are Infiltrators and we should be given the ability to mark units to allow people to see where incoming units are coming from, which have been spotted by fellow Infils across the zone.
  3. StockpowerXD

    Don't we have that weird tool nobody uses to locate and mark enemy positions?!
    I don't even know what it does except shoot white ballistic glowy thingies and the fact that I read something about it being a radar-something that something enemy something locate something mark... something...
  4. Aktarus

    bring back PS1 infil features , add the headshot to it , let people choose between a basic long range sniper without support stuff like mines, OR aggressive recon with an EFFICIENT CQC/mid rifle ( not this under powered 700sc shadow trash rifle ) and dirty tricks licke advanced hacks / various type of mines and GG you have a fun class to play.

    where is the infiltration from the name when you just cant get close to anyone without being pwned. actually its just about logn range sniping.