A public apology for earlier!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kunavi, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Kunavi

    So today I flipped a MagRider with my Harasser, rammed a Scythe with it, rammed 2 Harassers and won... But at one point at the Science Institute(Esamir) during a huge fight, things started going wrong with rendering and FPS which resulted in a series of TKs among legit VS kills, which I did not intend to do and which I could not really predict. But as I said it was excessive and I do feel I could have just left or drove a bit more mindfully, no matter how much harder it would have made driving under such circumstances. At points I'd park near a Supply Sundy and suddenly people would render and for some stupid reason they just touched my Harasser and died. Others just rendered too late ETC.

    TLDR : SORRY to those I TKed. I really really am.
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  2. ajma

    Yeah, happens to me in large fights while riding my Mag. Sometimes people render at around 10m and I have no time to avoid them.
  3. HadesR

    They are to busy making effigies of you to burn or stick needles in to read the forums.
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  4. NoctD

    If you're REALLY sorry you'd just stop using the Harasser entirely.

    That vehicle is an outright TKing abomination!
  5. Flashtirade

    Live by the nanites, die by the nanites
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  6. z1967

    That's nothing compared to the time I killed maybe an entire squad of my faction when an infiltrator ran over my claymore in a crowded room's doorway. Or the amount of (both friendly and enemy) flashes/harassers my sunderer and lightning have munched on.

    Especially on the second one. Drive on the right side of the road ffs so I don't feel bad when we collide head on. This isn't rocket science, it's common driving knowledge (I guess the exception is britain, but why would you guys be on Connery?)
  7. Arkenbrien

    You've obviously never have driven a Magrider. If you look at it funny from 30m away, it'll kill you.

    Now I'm curious: Which vehicle has the most TK/road kills?
  8. NoctD

    The Magrider is bad. The Harasser, is just worse. At least the Mag doesn't go as fast as the Harasser does, and most Mag drivers seem to try a bit to avoid hitting friendlies. Harasser drivers are indiscriminate... they are the worse sort of drivers to be found on the planet Auraxis. I guess that's the fun in the Harasser - running people over like bowling pins.
  9. Kunavi

    Awkward addition since we're talking TKs; I commented recently on a thread on how Flash RoadKills against MAX are obnoxious and illogical, saying they're fine basically. Today I was TKed(RoadKill of course) by a Flash as a MAX, going down some narrow stairs at Quartz Ridge, Indar.

    Flash TK! Now in Irony and Karma flavours!
  10. Tuco

  11. Problem Officer

    I'm a saint then. Some ********** crawls on top and I skitter out without damaging them.
    Just slamming turbo feels bad. If they're REALLY ASKING FOR IT, I'll get out and kill them with a mine.
    This shouldn't be a thing. Friendly collision damage should be disabled even if friendly fire isn't.
  12. NoctD

    What makes even less sense, you really have to pump bullets to kill someone with friendly fire. Its far easier to roadkill a friendly then it is to roadkill an enemy. That's just beyond stupid! Try road killing enemy with a less roadkill OP vehicle, and you need some real speed to do it. Just tap a friendly at lower speeds, and they're dead.
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  13. Mythologicus

    Hey, don't hate on Harasser drivers. They're the only people in PS2 with a sense of humour.
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  14. Problem Officer

    Recently ran over a MAX and Medic with my Harasser 4 seconds after I hopped out,
    having let it drift into a rock with no one nearby, with me at a spawnroom terminal by the time it stopped.
    I didn't notice any of us having lag spikes yet they dropped dead at least 30m from the vehicle.
    The vehicle owner's client doesn't seem to be involved at all when determining infantry collisions.