[Suggestion] A pair of binoculars would be nice...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Twitch760, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Twitch760

    I don't see how they could be abused at all other than to <gasp> allow you to see people.
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  2. Twitch760

    I like the different types of binoculars idea. I agree with you just slot it into a new utility slot.
  3. Zagareth

    Binoculars with autospotting (target someone and click firebutton = SILENT spotting) and changeable 4 - 20x zoom.
    But only available for Infiltrators and Fairies :D
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  4. BrbImAFK

    What makes the VS special? Why should they get this only?? :p
  5. Twitch760

    Great idea! Not game breaking at all making them left click spotting. This may create a commander role where he hangs back and spots and relays enemy position and strength to his squad which is forward of his position.
  6. RobotNinja

    If you want to call for an air (orbital) strike, there's a targeting tool for doing just that.

    If you want to direct friendly forces, platoon and squad leaders and can use orders chat, place squad/platoon waypoints, beacons and smoke.
  7. BadCoding

    Not thermals. They'd counter camo and make visual cover like bushes completely useless and they'd also cause blackness on greater distances binoculars are intended to zoom in on. You've got your weapon attachment for that already.

    I'd rather go with binoculars that go to one of the many spare weapon slots that are still there of 4x, 8x and 12x zoom to toggle through and night vision with an on / off switch. Firemodes toggle the zoom, reselecting the binoculars enables or disables night vision. A distance to focus point indicator would also be helpful for marking enemy positions.

    I've read the counter arguments and render issues to binoculars but nevertheless would like to see how they perform in the game, even if they get me into trouble due to render distance and object display priorities.
  8. NikolaiLev

    I'd love this. Was thinking about posting this myself; I don't know why it isn't already in. Give it a decent equip time and make it change your aiming point after stowing it so you can't bino snipe (like you can in certain other games like Red Orchestra or War Thunder; that stuff is silly.)

    I don't agree with the "call in arty" part. But infiltrators, LAs, squad leaders and platoon leaders (regardless of class) just having a button they can press to view targets from afar and spot them would be lovely.

    Could even have an alternative rangefinder option that had less zoom but showed the range to target. Wouldn't be as useful as Sweeper HUD implant because you need to look through them to find a range, which takes time and can't be done in a vehicle.

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