[Suggestion] A "out of the box"/Fun way to make infiltrators viable

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  1. L1ttlebear

    My suggestion is simple and easy to implement but will make for unforgettable moments that will be fun for everyone involved (assuming we have no sour sports) and will make for some good laughs.

    I propose allowing infiltrators the ability to "hack" unmanned vehicles. Simple as that.

    Everyone knows that annoying 1 guy who takes a flash and runs around ghost capping bases. STEAL HIS FLASH!!!! :D

    What about that guy who abandons his tank or get killed while repairing it? Why not allow an infiltrator the ability to hack it and take it for a spin?!

    It would allow people the rare opportunity to drive, and even ear medals for, enemy vehicles!
    The vehicle would remain the EXACT same as is was for its original owner (i.e. camo, weapons and cert load out)
    It would be easy to implement as zero stats need to be changed.
    It would make the infiltrator TRULY be able to infiltrate enemy zergs and take out a few tanks before being discovered.
    and most importantly, It would piss off (and troll) those annoying ghost cappers :D

    what do you think?
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    This idea has been brought about since Planetside 2's release ad naseum.

    And I want it.
  3. MrIDoK


    I want it, i always wanted to steal that Scythe parked in a base while its owner is flipping the point.
    Or to snipe the engy repairing a Vanguard and take it.

    Unmanned vehicles are rare, so this would just be a nice touch to give some more use to infils. :)
    I can't wait for a TR magrider zerg (but they need red paint) :p
  4. Dingus148

    It gets my vote. Infiltrators have a chronic shortage of lulz, and this would go a long way to fixing that.
  5. Jyrox

    Saw this on PS1, loved it.
    PS2 infiltrator is sorely lacking vs PS1 infiltrator, but then again you are a dick! Or do you not like it when people invade your thread!
  6. L1ttlebear

    Thanks for the bump :)

  8. Minsc

    It would be a lot of fun. It would be most useful against sunderers. Oh, I'm sorry, was that your sunderer? :D I have suggested this idea before actually. The vehicle's color would have to change to make it visibly hacked (nothing too major mind you, but if you look, you will notice it). You could have a fleet of NC-hacked Magriders sniping the VS from a hilltop, just to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    To go with it, LA should be able to land on a vehicle and "breach" it. Open the hatch and chuck a grenade inside. It would take as long as hacking a terminal and then there would be the normal grenade delay. Occupants would get an indicator once the grenade is put inside. It would make for a brilliant LA-Infiltrator vehicle hacking team.
  9. Gavyne

    I'd much rather give infiltrators artillery strikes, which gives them a laser target on vehicles. So if you spot an unmanned vehicle, you can destroy it no problem. Artillery strikes would also make infiltrators more useful among large scale combat.

    One of the things that throw infiltrators off balance is their cloaking ability. It's not seen in most other FPS games. Because they can cloak, devs have to be more careful at giving them things and abilities to do. I'm not saying hacking unmanned vehicles wouldn't be a fun thing for infiltrators. But I do find it quite ironic to say how it's annoying for someone in a lightning to drive around and cap bases. I find it more annoying for a cloaking class capable of going around doing the same, and at the same time flipping all the consoles. At least those driving a lightning can be seen.

    Maybe I care about game's balance too much, but oh well it's my opinion anyway :)
  10. Minsc

    Balance is vitally important. The vehicle hacking is rather balanced actually. The infil will have to find an unoccupied, unattended vehicle, decloak, wait for for the hack to complete, and then they get the vehicle. This would not be an easy feat and would just further force people to guard their sunderers.

    Invisibility (or at least partial), is a tough thing to balance. But having unique conditions required in order for them to accomplish the new skill goes a long way to keeping them balanced. They also tend to be a long range class (SMGs may change that), so giving them a close range anti-vehicle ability makes sense. Being able to snipe enemy vehicles with an artillery strike only furthers the problem of not being able to find an invisible enemy because they will be really far away. Which is why I think it's more suited to LA. We are not effective at long ranges, so tagging an enemy for friendlies to focus on would make us more useful at range. Infiltrators are great at range already, they need something to make them better at close ranges. Stealing enemy vehicles could do that.
  11. Gavyne

    Well to think outside the box, I can already see people logging in a second account, and giving themselves whatever vehicles they want to use. So what started out as a fun lil thing, becomes a thing players exploit to get the vehicle of the month. And you know how it is with gamers, if you give players a slight chance to do something to gain advantages, people will do just that.

    We're gonna see a bunch of people with Magriders, or whatever air is the best for the month to hijack. Imagine a whole TR platoon full of magriders, while that sounds sweeet and fun, it can get tiring fast.
  12. Minsc

    That seems like a lot of effort to go through just to get a vehicle. You'd have to have 2 games of planetside 2 open in order to do it, otherwise the desired vehicle would deconstruct itself on logout. The exploiter would then have to hope no-one notices the transfer of a vehicle. And whatever vehicle your alt pulls won't be as good as one you could steal in the game, playing it like a moral person.

    Yes, everyone trying to steal flavor of the month vehicles would be annoying, but people would protect their vehicles better! And it's easy to track. It would also give everyone a means of testing out enemy vehicles for balance. People might be afraid to pull a MBT to get to a location to cap a point on their own because a guy could steal their tank or plane or whatever!
  13. Nintyuk

    As long as deployed vehicles are Immune I'm all for this.
  14. Daioh

    yes! do this, this is a good idea!
  15. Minsc

    Why should deployed vehicles be immune to this? If you leave your sunderer unattended it would be just as easy for an Engineer to blow it up with tank mines, or HA with rockets, or LA/HA/Engi/Medic with C4, or a AV MAX, or anyone with a vehicle. This is just a way for an infiltrator to do so without the need of a vehicle. They currently can't do anything to deployed sunderers besides camp them, which is a shame. Moral of the story: You should not deploy and forget AMS sunderers.
  16. BH Brigade