A Note From PS2 Producer Nick Silva

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    Hi everyone,

    You may have heard that Daybreak recently parted ways with a number of employees as the studio reorganizes. Times like these are always rough for everyone involved and we appreciate the outpouring of support we have seen on the Forums, Twitter, and Reddit.

    I am happy to report that PlanetSide 2 has not been negatively impacted by any of the recent reorganization at the company. Our plans for the rest of this year have not changed and we are excited to continue to bring amazing new systems, features, and content to the game we all love.

    In the coming month we will be celebrating the 15th Anniversary of PlanetSide as a franchise. There will be new content, some promotional events, and a new alert type added to the game. We’ll also continue to put out game updates at a regular cadence, as we have been previously.

    One of the reasons we get to keep working on PlanetSide 2 is our incredible community of players - without your support and energy we would not be able to continue improving the game. Thank you so much.

    Nick Silva
    Producer, PlanetSide 2
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