A Month of Planetside

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  1. Toumal

    I'd loooove to see PS1 going F2P at last. Pretty please?

    OP: You did a great job making me lust for the old days. Not for the terrible gunplay or the simplistic vehicle controls - but for the bases, the doors, the automated defenses, the various stuff you could do in a base instead of just "hack gen" and "fix gen".
    PS1 sucked in the shooting department but ruled in the "this is why I fight" department. PS2 is the other way round.

    Now why can't we have both in one game?
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  2. Moxin

    If Planetside 1 will be really F2P in June/July, Iam sure a lot more players will join the servers.

    It is how you did read from other people, Planetside 1 had a lot more strategically content and was not just a BF3 type game. Actually, PS2 is a half finished Planetside 1 and rather boring.

    By the way, some years ago there was a Planetside 1 clone released which had a similar gameplay, units and weapons. Not the same quality and gameplay depth like PS1 of course, I think it is called Welkin.
  3. Herrick

    Smeddles has burned me before but lets hope.

    Just please for the love of god don't make it a premium only perk, we don't want to wait all this time just to end up with a still tiny playerbase.
  4. Kernel

    i seem to remember, during tech test/beta, the devs saying they didnt want ps2 to be ps1 with updated graphics/engine... sigh

    iirc it took ps1 almost 2 years before the lattice system was put in and it stopped being so random. hopefully it doesnt take as long for ps2 to get to that point.
  5. MadKat

    Huh, strange, for some reason I remember the lattice always being in there from the start.. Though I was a wee lamb back then, so memory may just be skewered. : )
  6. FlameGankin

    Yep, i imagine if it doesn't happen a good amount of people will be ticked at him.
    Perhaps they'll change their minds. We've already seen a preview of the hex adjacency thing so maybe they'll come to their senses.
  7. Kernel

    my memory isnt what it was either but now that i think about it more i think it was actually put in right before release, beta was pretty short so it all blends together. not sure what i was thinking about

    it seems like they have already started to. all we can do is keep pounding away and support them when they go the right direction 8)
  8. FlameGankin

    Day 6
    Lazy day today. Earlier on i was capping territory with Whose again. Later i dueled with Madkat, who's not to bad timing knife strikes lol. Missed action again according to whose.

    Later it got a bit more interesting shortly after messing around with the engineering and trying to set up a massive defense system. Didnt work to well except for my flak turrets which cut down henryscat's mosquitoes nice and quick. eventually he logged but another TR took his place, FREEF4LL. We traded blows and i decided to trade my certs out for heavy weapons and rexo as we began to trade blows inside the facility. Id get a couple kills on him, he'd get quite a few on me. Eventually he had to go has well putting up a nice fight but unable to take the facility.

    Odd all the battles i fight in PS2 haven't matched up to be as remember-able as these 6 days have been.

    Also this good for breaking up the walls of text Duff_chimp?
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  9. DoctorWhose

    So there was some action after I left? Uh, nevermind..
  10. FlameGankin

    Yeah a tad bit of fighting, seems not everyone hides from me lol
  11. Loclear

    You hit me with the nostalgia bat, and I've re-subbed. Hopefully we'll fight alongside or against each other at some point.
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  12. DoctorWhose

    And another one for the cause :D
  13. MadKat

    Hurray! :D
  14. Loclear

    Well, I'm KillCrazed in-game and I think that I faced off against MadKat who was called HenrysCat. That was quite some fun :D
  15. FlameGankin

    Nope, different people (i think anyway, your not hiding something are you Madkat o_O ?) but he is a sneaky bastard win in his infiltration suit
  16. Fligsnurt

    Your hitting me hardcore with the nostalgia bat, I have been "patiently" waiting for it to go free or something to bring some numbers back, but its getting harder and harder everyday to keep from dropping PS2 and coming back to the glory of the old days. :p
  17. Loclear

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I didn't have darkvision so I was relying on randomly firing around the place untill I could see tracers hitting thin air. I did get him, in the end.
  18. FlameGankin

    More then i can say, he tried fighting face to face and it didn't go so well for him lol, gotta love the JH
    IF smedly keeps his word it could be going F2P within months so the barrage of the bat wont be that long lol
  19. Liquid23

    Planetside is the bestest game evar! but I won't play it less it goes f2p cause it simply is not worth the 50 cents a day investment... I mean I could by 1/2 a can of soda for that
  20. RottenGroinArea

    Nice posts, OP.

    Most sadly, PS1 is just too involved and complex for most of the current crop of gamers.

    I miss those PS1 days, but I fear they are never coming back. :(