A message to all "Flyboys"/ a general overview of the air situation

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  1. ColdSuit

    There we go! Individuals giving suggestions without major issue is what I'm getting here. I appreciate those who give good suggestions and opinions such as those in the posts above. I may still have some issues with air, but now I can understand where the pilots are coming from.
  2. user68

    I second this, Ranger is a tickle cannon.

    Problem is, I don't have to tankbust Skyguard to kill it. I can just sit on his face, and my Shredder gunner will 1-clip it.
    And you can't blind gunner because he has thermals.
    Skyguard stands no chance in direct damage/hp exchange, and it doesn't feel right.
    It could benefit from DPS increase at very close range to counter Shredder killing power.

    The only place where lonely skyguard can put up a decent fight vs competent lib is Esamir frozen river.
  3. KuzKombain

    Will there EVEN be a proper or CLOSE to proper "Heat-seeking" in this game? Tribes 2 (year of 2001) had VERY nice AA missles... 2001>2015? lol? really?
  4. ppanj

    I'd like to see thermal being able to see through explosions, they blind me just the same when I use thermal... maybe it's my graphics settings?
  5. user68

    They definitely add some obstructions, but I can't call it "blinding" as I can shoot through it just fine (I'm playing in potato mode)
    Without thermals flak can blind, yes.
  6. axiom537

    1 man vehicle vs a 2/3 man vehicle ....2/3 man vehicle should win most engagements. I do not see the problem...

    You could do the exact same thing with any MBT AV secondary gun vs a an AP Lightning.

    Now add a 2nd Skyguard or Burster...and your chances of surviving in the liberator is less then 50/50. You will probably kill the lightening, but the 2nd AA will kill you or you will barely get away.

    Add a third Skyguard...And you might kill one of them, but odds are you will die before even one of them dies...

    And this in a nut shell is the core issue. AA increases exponentially as you add new sources of AA and ground based vehicle and infantry far outnumber Liberators by a factor of 4:1. The skyguard is not meant to 1 vs 1 a liberator, it is meant to 1 vs 1 ESF and even in that role it is much strong then an ESF in a head to head engagement.

    If you want to get in a vehicle that can go head to head with a liberator, I would suggest a Blockade Sunderer with Dual Walkers,(buffed rangers would be damn nice too) or as I suggested earlier we increase the elevation of the main gun on MBT's and buff the ranger so that we have a vehicle, the MBT, that is similar in cost, manpower, armor and fire power that can engage liberators 1 vs 1. Give an AP MBT another 20% increase in elevation and a buffed ranger that is similar in firepower to the Walker and then we can have a skill based AV/AA MBT that can more easily engage Liberators.

    Buffing infantry based AA or even the Skyguard is not an option IMO, because they too easy and cheap to pull and they will over saturate the battle fields with AA even more quickly then they do now.
  7. Obstruction

    it's the lag created by the flak more than anything, really. remember when they couldn't fix the lag trolling in the warpgate so they disabled people spamming bursters there? it's not like they ever fixed it, they just did the typical Higby-rig to stop the trolling.
  8. ppanj

    Hmm, I was attacking a skyguard just today and all I got was a white screen, I'm on high or medium, not sure.
  9. Jawarisin

    I find it funny how you expect us to listen to what you say, but you didn't bother reading what I wrote.
  10. zaspacer

    HA Annihilator is in a good place vs. ESFs. I know, I use both extensively. You hit an ESF with 1 Rocket, and it matters... unless it's a very small fight, with terrain to break line-of-sight, and it's basically just the lone HA vs. the ESF.

    I agree that Lock Ons are underwhelming vs. Healthy Libs or Libs in small battles. Though Libs can't exit as easily once they actually get in a bad spot.

    I don't really think Skyguard should be buffed vs. ESFs. Unless you want to make the Skyguard turret grant greater Resistance to ESF Weapons... maybe. I don't use Skyguard, but depending on Terrain/line-of-sight and support, even one can be brutal on multiple ESFs over a very large area.
  11. Mrasap

    I fly a lib. According to players planetside website I even have the same amount of kills as you in 2/3rd of the time.

    I think the skyguard is lackluster. I suggest a damage boost in the range of 0-100m against air or a boost against ground units.

    p.s. I dont get why my arguments has more merit than the OP. Get off your high horse and stop with the experience BS.
    p.p.s. I agree with you that the lib is in a tough spot in 96+ battles. Though, when I fly with my friends we can still deal some serious damage in these fights. Solo lib versus skyguard in a 1vs1 fight is so easy its not even funny.
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  12. Jawarisin

    PS: Your DA stats page hasn't been updated since you were br 74. I'm taking care of that right now :3 I thought it was funny, anyways.

    Well, according to player stats, not only have I flown more than you, but I've been more effective to fly than you, and I was actually the pilot. Whereas, looking at your profile....

    But hey, let's wait on DA to update you :)
  13. DQCraze

    This arguement about the lib has been on the forums since day 1. Yes the lib can pop a lightning no problem, and it should. Its a heavy bomber vs a light vehicle. It is an air vehicle, it takes hits from 360 degrees so it needs the armor. Since the game promotes large fights it balances units around that concept. Yes things will be unbalanced in smaller fights and here is where the whining starts. You can't have it both ways.
  14. Jawarisin

    Yeah so to continue what I was saying, you've been a gunner more than a pilot. Not only that, but you're nowhere near being great. So if stats are what you want.. mine are better and I'm telling you: Skyguards are just fine if not a bit too strong right now.
  15. Mrasap

    You should start looking at it from a skyguard perspective. The skyguard is stuck on the ground and cant simply fly around a corner for cover. It is weak against infantry and stands no chance against other tanks. It can repel enemy air effectively but rarely gets a kill. It stands little chance against a lib and even a competitive hornet ESF pilot can take care of you in a 1vs1 scenario effectively. You are better off with AP instead of the skyguard - even against air.

    You should have a look on the DA site to see how very little players have the auraxium of the skyguard: http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/item_leaderboard.php?query=3107

    You miss the whole point of my post. I'd suggest you read it again, especially the "p.s." part. Though, if you want to continue on the stats: nice lightning experience you have there.
  16. Obstruction

    if the skyguard could fly it would be on the nerf campaign with the rest of Air, because the peasants and tittiebabies on the ground wouldn't be able to use it without smashing it into a tree. have your opinions, but let's not be coy about the people we're talking about here, and the skill levels involved.

    if the skyguard were mounted on the Liberator for one day it would be nerfed into oblivion and never spoken of again. the fact that it's on the lightning is a major balancing factor that is done purposefully and with good reason.
  17. Pomelo

    "Get gud" is actually relevant here, AA is solid at the time, you just need to use it right.

    When i use my guided missiles it's at the escape path of aircraft, and i tend to score kills frequently. When i run my skyguard it's all about position, you will never win against a lib that is heading your way and know you are there, he is out to get you and your lightning will be toast.

    When running a skyguard you have to sit in ambush at key locations, aircraft entry or exit, if a lib goes for you, you gotta move, back and fowards again, don't stand about in the open, get behind cover, just like when you play infantry.

    When i run skyguard i seldom run out of hit points, i run out of ammo, the problem is people think that when they run skyguard they are a heavy out for blood, in actual fact you are an infiltrator out to assassinate heavies.

    A good point about AA is that often, there are like 1 or 2 guys with any sort of AA in most engagements, right in the middle of the base and of course the planes will just swoop inn and out then.

    A force needs to spread out it's AA, and have at least 2 dedicated AA in flankin positions in addtion to the regular randoms with lockons and spawn room camping burster maxes screaming for mechanics. So a lighning covers the base from a bit out, hidden behind some ****, but close enough to friendlies that harrasers don't appear and pop you, and a heavy with a lockon on a nearby hill, when air swoops inn they get softened up by the defenders camping base, and when they go out in escape mode to hide and heal up they get flak and a missile, with no flares left and low hp most will pop.

    This is all from my experiences running mostly solo and lone wolf style, organized groups with commanders and functioning voice chat never have any issues with air as long as they are not up against a zerg.
  18. Jawarisin

    Say whatever you want, but stats show not only that I'm a way way WAY better player, but that you are also a ground farmer. Therefore, by the law of stats, your opinion is irrelevant.

    I could argue with you, but instead I'll let it at that because I know you'd probably be closed to any reasonable conversation.
  19. Mrasap

    You still don't understand the point of my post.

    p.s. I find it funny how you come to the preliminary conclusion that I´m not open to any reasonable conversation, while you are blindly staring at a ´law´ you made up in the first place.
    p.p.s. Nice lightning experience you have there.
  20. Mrasap

    Who cares about the skyguard gun without taking into account the obligate vehicle it is attached to. If any of the belly guns of the lib was mounted on my wraith flash it would be nerfed into oblivion as well. Nice way of derailing my argument. How about you start looking at the skyguard as a whole and see how bad it is.

    It seems I don't need to give any more arguments since you only pick out the first and ignore the rest, like you did with my previous post.