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    Update Minimap!!!

    Still can't capture Imbanon Interlink, Binusilan Interlink, Dekat Interlink, and Anat Interlink. Their capture points don't work.

    Gildad Cliffs' aircraft terminal doesn't work.

    Gildad Cliffs and Anat Interlink's battle scoreboard doesn't work and can't know A capture point's status near the spawn room or the sundy tower.

    No equipment terminal in the Fort Arceo's spawn room.

    Terran Genetics Inc's vehicle shields are upsided down.

    Mirror Bay Watchtower's B capture point and C capture point are swapped. If I try to capture B point, C point is being captured, and if I try to capture C point, B point is being captured.

    Some construction outposts (Wavecrest Beachhead, Mirror Bay Checkpoint, South Viridian Beachhead) need 4 minutes to capture. (Normal construcition outposts need only 1 minute to capture.)

    Some construction outposts (Viridian Decontamination, Mirror Bay Checkpoint, South Viridian Beachhead) icons should be replaced. (from construction outpost's one to construction outpost's one)

    Wellerman Watch needs only 1 minute 20 seconds to capture. (when controlling all 3 capture points. / 2 minutes when controlling 2.5 of 3. / 4 minutes when controlling 2 of 3.) Too short to defend. It must be 5 min / 7 min 30 sec / 15 min.

    Mirror Bay Watchtower is a large outpost, not a small outpost. Also extend capture time to 4 min / 6 min / 12 min. (The Crown needs 4 min / 6 min / 12 min to capture)

    Tridents are too hard to capture. Reducing capture time from 3 min 53.333 sec / 5 min 50 sec / 11 min 40 sec to 3 min 20 sec / 5 min / 10 min will be best.

    Suggestions for map balance

    New construction outpost at the north of Centri Import Hub, and connect with Centri Import Hub, Ligalai station, Astira Hydroelectric.

    New small outpost at the island near Seaside Bluffs, and connect with Ligalai Station and Seaside Bluffs.

    Binusilan Interlink is the only route for Southwest Flotilla's side to capture central island's outposts. New attacking route which can bypass Binusilan Interlink must be prepared.
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    More BUG

    Can't capture Seapost K12 and K&H Tech Station. Their capture points don't work.

    Solstice Pass is a construction outpost, but needs 4 minutes to capture.
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    Gee, how could they have EVER missed THAT?!