[Suggestion] A long list of necessary changes for directives

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rhello, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Jake the Dog

    Personally as someone who has tanked alot, deployed ams is really easy lol
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  2. Rhello

    I already have on my TR main :

    - Auraxium chainblade
    - Auraxium SMG
    - Auraxium Sniper rifle
    - Auraxium Pistol
    - Auraxium Carbine
    - Infiltrator directive

    And considering I auraxiumed all of these weapons appart from the carbine, I can tell you they actually suck, they're not sidegrades (president anyone ?). And I just don't want anyone else to go through this terrible and wonky grind either like I did, especially to get some shiny useless weapons.
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  3. Knife

    As someone who mains Infiltrator and has never touched the sniper rifle, I agree with you on the Infiltrator directive change, although I think knife kills should be an objective as well.
  4. Ziggurat8

    Yeah it really does devalue the medal. The reward didn't mean anything anymore so the people that actually earned it had their contribution devalued right along with it. That's exactly what I'm saying.

    People kill stealing for a directive reward is a straw man argument. Plain and simple. It probably feels like people are deliberatly trying to kill steal when you only get an assist and you put forth maximum effort. But where is your evidence of this actually happening? You get kills stolen from you and you steal kills from others so it tends to balance out. If everyone is only waiting to fire then no one is firing so how does anyone killsteal?
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  5. LegendarySalmonSnake

    Personally I would love to see these rewards added which would be received along with the existing ones:

    ARX commie, has empire colored laser sight and access to up to 4x scopes, same fire rate as underboss but higher COF bloom but as accurate as the blackhand (OP?)

    Rocket Launcher
    ARX ES rocket launcher
    ARX default dumbfire (maybe give these stats identical to the kraken and remove it)

    ARX recon dart and motion spotter
    Grenade that after hitting the ground creates a hologram of you that runs forwards until its duration or 200 shields run out (throwing this here for lols since ARX recon tools alone are a bit lame)

    Combat Medic
    ARX medical applicator, regeneration field, revive and healing grenade (faction colored effects instead of normal greens)

    ARX nano armor kit and ARX AT mine

    Heavy Assault
    ARX ES heavy weapon

    ARX power knife

    In short more sparkly **** for my virtual planetman dress up minigame :p
    Can't think of anything to give for the light assault.
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  6. Pelojian

    you are presuming kill stealers always hold fire while waiting for someone to bring down a target, they don't always do this but they can and do when they can afford to (aka there's no other target shooting at them to threaten their survival forcing them to only steal when not under threat)

    directives record on what date and time you complete them so if they did change how directives work people who did complete them before the change would not be devalued in their efforts and can and could boast how they did it old school up the hill both ways in a blizzard.

    you know like people in EQ2 who did their epic weapon when it required 24 people to do it verses now when you can solo or duo it depending on your gear and level.

    'i did it the hard way so should you' isn't an excuse for poorly designed directives which are now just a terrible grind instead of something that can really add depth to the game and give people more obtainable goals to reach for.
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  7. Diggsano

    A little bit too much fantasy...

    The Aurax Commie would be the OP thing forever...

    Also i as Stalker would rather have a balanced gun.

    My Aurax Pistol would be an Silenced Revolver...

    Damage of the Underboss and Firerate of the Commissioner...it would be balanced.
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  8. Rhello

    I'd love an ARX ripper for sure, but this game needs less NS garbage, and more ES stuff, what would I give for a special inquisitor...

    Thing is, we already got rewards that should match up with the grind (in theory), adding more stuff may be overkill.

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  9. Ziggurat8

    I'm all for adding depth to the game and the current directives do suck. But you haven't proposed any depth as far as the actual directives go.

    If anything you've just made then easier "participation" rewards than anything else. Endless insane grind makes some of them very special. How many krakens do you see? How many Auraxiumed MAX? That makes them special so the few players who have put in the time and effort get the wow factor. What you're proposing is no more than shoot x weapon, y times at an enemy. How is that depth?

    I think directives should be much more like achievements in other games. With some of the very craziest only being obtainable by the very very best. That would make them special.
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  10. DoucheSlayer

    I finished the engi directive and I only learned how to properly use the AI turret when I finished it, and I need to say that it is way too situational. When it's good, it's REALLY good, but that's too rare. If it isn't in that perfect spot then it's not worth using or a waste of time.
    AV turret is beautiful, I use that for vehicles, infantry, and air.
    I agree also that the sticky grenade shouldn't be in it. The directives should be class-defining. How about battle rifle kills + a buff to battle rifles making the bloom not so huge, just that minor tweak would make them nice imo :]
  11. Pelojian

    an uphill grind does not make them 'special' it makes them heavily flawed, catering to the top 5-10% of players is bad game design, these are not achievements thay are side objectives which should add to the game for everyone.

    this is not call of duty or games like it this is a tactical and strategic shooter mechanics should reflect that.

    all i see is '*I* grinded these directives i knew were poorly designed, therefore *I* am better then you and you should have to grind the same way to get the same rewards'

    you don't keep a game running on the top 5-10% of players, they simply don't have enough money for that, that why you don't cater to them if you have any common sense and instead develop the game to appeal to demographics which have more numerous people in them.

    directives as-is do not really add depth to the game for everyone that way they could and should to all players, i don't care if it took you months to get an aruaxium directive you knew how uphill they were at the time and you choose to put the time in, that doesn't mean that the system itself isn't flawed and shouldn't be fixed.