[Suggestion] A list of ways to make PS2 better.

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  1. BeeRando

    Cut out 50% + some catagories due to 20,000 character limit.
    Please mention the section number and letter in your responses. For example, #4,C.
    1. Max changes
    2. Empire specific Max changes
    3. General infantry changes
    4. Heavy changes
    5. Friendly Fire
    6. Interface
    7. Player/Squad/Platoon Changes/additions
    8. Tank changes
    9. Empire specific tank changes
    10. Sundys
    11 Galaxys
    Everything listed is taken in mind with each empires core traits and themes. I've listed those bellow to be clear.
    Lots of ammo
    Lots of weapons
    Fast firring
    Big health
    Big damage.

    #1. Max changes
    A) Increase model heights/sizes
    B) add a third and fourth health bar(only a third for the Vanu Max, explain in section #2)
    C) remove the charge ability
    D) remove the ability to sprint
    E) remove the ability to be revived
    F) Reduce movement speed by 10%

    This makes Max's more what they were designed for. Slow moving, tanky infantry that push the line forward. The survivability of a Max is greatly impacted by the removal of sprint and charge, but tailors it to how it should be used. A heavily team based unit. Stray from your team as a Max and you will die. The inability to be revived make's Max's remain closer to team mates, and be more conservative with their gameplay. It also makes it more rewarding to kill a Max, just like it would be to kill an mbt. Killing a Max currently has very little impact on game play, and the enemy team. Max's now become heavy duty, dependant, tank infantry, which are more used for soaking up damage and being a meat shield for the team, rather then being a hyped up heavy assaultsprinting and charging all over the place, being revived because death isn't punishing. The added height and model sizes serve 2 purposes. One, it makes it more incline with the changes being made, with the health buffs and speed nerfs. And 2, it helps prevent friendly fire, by raising the cross-hairs of Max's another foot above friendly's.

    #2. Empire specific max changes
    A) Lockdown takes 1 extra second to lock/unlock.
    B) (had ideas for a deployment shield to kick in once locked down, but scrapped due to being op with the global) Max changes listed in #1.)
    The TR Max, with the added health mentioned in section #1, make lock down much more viable. The main reason lock down isn't worth it at the moment, is because its to easy to kill the Max, while immobile. But with the added health, locking down suddenly becomes a viable option. It makes you much more powerful at holding down key locations with out feeling like you'll be killed from a single rocket. You become a mobile deployable turret.

    C) Cloaking
    D) Keeps its current sprint ability
    The cloaking and mobility are special traits among Vanu. This not only allows the Vanu Max to move quicker then any other Max around the battlefield, but allows it to ambush and flank much easier also. It allows it to get to destinations much safer then the other 2 teams also. The Vanu Max puts survivability, and flanking, as its 2 special traits.

    E) remains the same, the shield will be more useful with more health for advancing/retreating
    F) Keeps second hand active while using the shield, allowing for the Max to shoot and advance at the same time. (possibly over powered combined with changes made in section #1)
    G) Give ravens a 3 second reload time. This is partially due to ravens greatly out classing all other AV Max weapons, but also because I am trying to, as a whole, reduce the amount, and intensity, of the AV in the game. This is one of the largest sources of AV.
    The shield for the NC is not very valuable at the moment, because you simply don't have the health needed to make it worth it. Now, with the health bonus, once you remove your shield, you wont be killed instantly by one or 2 heavys with their rockets aimed at you because you've been moving 1 mile an hour. Now, you'll have enough health once close, to make your glowing shield that says "hey, im over here, and I'm coming straight towards you, but take your time getting ready to fight me" more useful. This is something that will be made very evident through game play.

    #3. General Infantry changes
    A) Allow for 2 implants to be active at once
    B) can pick up the primary weapon of a dead player. If the player is revived, they will simply have the weapon you swapped for theirs.
    C) Smoke(from all sources, such as grenades, launchers, smoke screens on vehichles, etc) lasts twice as long
    D) Trialing a weapon unlocks all attachments, and max lvl upgrades during its trial.
    E) Make V-0 be a voice command to get in the vehichle, rather then a check fire voice call. This would be extreamly helpfull for obvious reasons.

    F) double the cloak times for vanu
    G) Include adrenaline pump in the "Infultraitor certs". You are, theoretically, carrying the least gear of all the classes. It makes sense for you to be able to run slightly faster then all of them.

    Light asult
    H) greatly reduce hipfire while airborn for the light asult
    - Include adrenaline pump in "Light asult certs". This is not worth switching out anything else for, but is a nice addition to have as a light asult. Again, like the infultraitor, theoretically you're carrying way less gear then all the other classes. It just makes sense.

    I) remove c4, it undermines the light asult and heavy asult classes, every class shouldnt be able to kill vehichles
    J) double the time healing grenades remane active, i personally still find them useless, but this will help make them better
    K) Double each rank of Triage.

    L) add a second utility slot, so a player can carry tank mines, and claymores, for example
    M) remove av turret, theres just simply way to much av in the game atm, every class basically kills vehichles
    M) Ability to hold and place 2 spitfire turrets at once

    #4. Heavy assault changes
    A) can equip any primary weapon as the secondary weapon, allowing for 2 different primary weapons
    B) remove over shields
    A greater supply of ammo, and weapons, allows the TR heavy's to carry 2 primary weapons, with out impacting the empires vast supply's. The TR heavy is all about guns, and allowing 2 different primary weapons to be carried is a gun guys wet dream.

    C) can cloak(hunter cloaking)
    D) remove over shields
    Again, in-line with the Vanu theme, of cloaking. Pretty straight forward, the Vanu heavy assault can cloak. Hunter cloaking replica basically.

    E) keeps all 3 current over shields
    F) Greatly reduce movement speed, to half or less, while shields are active.
    NC are vanguard type players, they keep the over shields currently in the game. Many players hate the over shields, and many feel they're an important part of the teamwork of heavy asults. I've removed the over shields from 2 of the 3 teams, while keeping it for one team, so the devs have less work to do, and people who like the shields are not completely upset. This makes people on both sides of the overshield argument happy.

    #5. Friendly fire
    A) Taking to much friendly fire will add to your meter just like friendly fire will. Its not fair for regular players to get warnings if you're constantly running in front of everyone giving everyone friendly fire warnings.
    B) You will receive a loss of xp, if you kill a teammate/destroy a friendly vehicle. Equivalent to what ever the gain would be if you killed an enemy player/vehicle.
    C) Getting your weapons locked, also means you can not drive a vehicle.

    #6. Interface changes/options
    Essentially, I want to be able to have a very cinematic experience while playing, like the draw hud option, but still be able to show my self what I want to see, with out having to exit what im doing and go into my options to basically hit a "show all, or show nothing" button. I know what/where infantry terminals are, I know where teleporters are, I don't need to see the icons above everything.
    A) Pressing H has a cycle of three options, instead of 2. A small map, a large map, and a hidden map, that hides the minimap entirely from your screen.(when hidden, includes the objective points(A,B,C,D)
    B) Checkbox to enable/disable chatbox showing up when someone types in chat.
    C) 3 personal way-points, instead of one.
    D) key binded option/checkbox to hide/show tracked directives on my screen.
    E) An opacity scale for the hip-fire radius indicators.
    F) In both hud modes, make this entire section fade away after a moment, just like scrolling through your weapons and gear does. (check-box to enable/disable this feature)
    (enter photo here)
    G) When you right click on the map, include options to remove specific waypoints. This helps solo players, squad leaders, and platoon leaders. Being able to remove one waypoint, and not losing all your other platoon/squad/personal waypoints + smoke, would be amazing.
    H) Checkbox option to show/hide additional waypoint options(aka the options to remove a specific waypoint, as the removal options essentially double the waypoint options list)
    I) Ability to leave/enter command chat
    If I'm playing with a few of my friends, I really dont need/want to hear command chat. We want to do our own thing, and just fight at a base. I don't want to have to use an external chat system, such as teamspeak or skype, just to talk to my friends while I play a game. A simple check box in my voice tab, that enables/disables command chat poping up would be very nice.
    J) Checkbox to enable/disable the showing of terminals.
    K) Checkbox to enable/disable showing of teleporters.
    L) Checkbox to enable/disable showing of outposts.
    M) Checkbox to enable/disable showing of objectives(A,B, and so on)
    N) Priority voice option. For example, if you have command chat set to the priority voice chat, and have the scale set to 80%, when someone speaks in command chat, it reduces all other voice audio by 80% while the person in command chat is speaking.
    O) Checkbox to enable/disable showing of chatbox when someone hits v and says something.

    #7 Solo/Squad/Platoon Changes/additions
    A) Additional spawn beacon levels.
    Each level would cost 1 thousand certs, and add a squad to be able to spawn on the beacon. For example, the first level would allow bravo squad to spawn on your beacon for 1k certs. The second level would allow Charlie squad to spawn on your beacon for 1 thousand certs. The third level would allow Delta squad to spawn on your beacon for 1 thousand certs. This is very expensive, but very useful for platoon leaders.
    B) Players who are not in a squad can spawn at any base that contains a disconnected lattice. AKA an enemy base touching it. This keeps it so platoons cant mass dump people on bases that are about to fall, but also allows solo players, such as my self most of the time, to not have to spawn and redeploy 10 times just to get to a base with a fight we want to be at. And I'm definitely not spending all the resources to spawn a Valkyrie just for my self, to get to a base so I can play. This is also very helpful to new players, as usually the spawn options are either a base that's falling, and being out poped, which will result the new player in sitting in the spawn room, or a base that has 1-12 players, also not fun for new players. What's the point of being an mmo fps, if all a new experiences are 1-12 player fights?

    #8. Tank Changes
    (Most people want tanks to have a little more health. I personally think the health of the tanks is fine, its the sheer amount of AV in the game, and the fact that essentially every single class in the game can kill tanks. My solution is listed above, in the infantry changes, where I remove alot of the AV, instead of buffing mbt health.)
    A) combine all the armour platings together as one option, but with levels, each level adding one of the platings(including mine guard)
    B) reduce the time it takes for auto repair to start after damage from 12 seconds, to 9 seconds
    C) cant be spotted with Max lvl stealth, each rank also reduces the distance you appear on the minimap when firing, meaning at Max lvl, you wont show up on the minimap when firing
    D) proximity radar is basically turned into scout radar, transmitting the data to all nearby friendly's
    E) Add each empire specific mbt ability to the "X certs" Section, freeing up the utility slot for fire suppression or smoke. This allows mbt drivers to not only spend more certs on their vehicles, but customise it further to their play style.(unsure how this work work for vanu, as this document provides 2 different empire specific cloak options for the Magrider, unless ambush cloaking was scrapped)

    #9. Empire specific tank changes
    A) Lockdown also effects secondary gunner
    B) Increase lockdown/unlock time by one second
    Specialise the prowler for ranged combat. With the changes brought to the other teams, the prowler is even less effective while not locked down in comparison, but the second gunner getting the bonous helps emphasise the need and power of locking down.
    C) Remove mag burner
    D) Slight enhance the control and speed of stafing
    E) Replace with two different options of cloaking ability's enhance(stealth'd from minimap while cloaked) (Both cloaks remain active even if the vehicle is not occupied)
    F) 1. Hunter cloaking, drains while active, recharges while deactivated
    G) 2. Ambush cloaking, drains instantly when you move, remains indefinently when not moving. takes along time to recharge.
    Make the Magrider more in-line with Vanu traits. Rather then being a mountain climber, it gets the ability to chose one of 2 cloak options, making it drastically different then the other teams. The Magrider is all about survivability, and ambushing now. Its enhanced ability to strafe, and cloak, allow it to not only survive alot longer in the open, but also flank much easier and ambush other people.
    H) Shield isn't impacted by damage taken, purely time based
    I) Activated for 7 seconds total instead of 6
    J) Can only be activated every 60 seconds, even at max lvl
    K) AP shell damage increase, by 200
    L) Increase bullet drop
    The ability to remain shielded for a much longer duration of time, greatly increases the survivability of the vanguard, and actually allows it to be exactly that, a vanguard. Allowing it to push straight into the enemy lines, and deal serious damage, and not have its shield be destroyed instantly allows the vanguard to truely earn its name.

    #10. Sunderrers
    A) Repair sunderrers also repair Max units
    B) Ammo sundys also replenish the ammo of Max units
    C) Someone hitting resuply at your sundy, will give you 10xp, same as an engineers ammo kit
    D) Double the spawn xp for sundys, it is the most important vehichle for battles after all
    E) Raise the resource cost of a sundy to match a lightning
    F) Proximity radar is basically turned into scout radar, transmitting the data to all nearby friendlys
    G) Include one of the horns for free, like the NS B horn. It helps reduce friendly fire, helps get friendlys attention, and is just an over all feature that almost feels required for the sundy.

    #11. Galaxys
    A) Proxy repair also repairs max units
    B) Proxy ammo also replenishes max ammo
    C) Air pads give repairs.
    D) Double the range for proxy repair.
    As someone who has fully certed up the proxy repair ability, and spent thousands of certs doing so, I can honestly say its not worth it. As cool as it sounds to have 2 repair gals together, the likely hood of both people having it certed to the point where its usefull, is very slim. Why is this important? Because it serves 0 value to your own ship. So, either you're using other galaxys as meat shields, and repairing them, which is also impossible, because of how big galaxys are, and how small the raidus is on the proxy repair. Unless the other galaxy is still, and above/below you, you are not going to be repairing it. Its impossible to use while moving, which greatly reduces its effectiveness. To make matters worse, esf's are constantly crashing into me, locking my weapons, trying to get repairs. The radius is so small, even esf's have to basically get right in my face just to simply get repaired. This is bad enough when I'm still, when im moving its even worse. As it stands, unless your using voice chat with another galaxy pilot, and you both have proxy repair, and you both have it fully certed, there is very little, if no, value in equipping proxy repair on the galaxy. Even then, you and your friend will crash into each other half the time also, because of how big galaxys are, and how small the radius is. Infact it's actually a negative, due to how many friendly planes crash into you, giving you friendly fire warnings, because of how close they have to be. You're basically spending thousands of certs, to cert up a weapon locking, friendly esf killing cert tree.
  2. FateJH

    1. Infantry players already complain that MAXes have too much health for the amount of damage they deal and your change doesn't really do anything to address that regard. Additionally, "the inability to be revived" is going to be countered by their increased health giving MAXes more ability to soak up damage before needing to pull back, most assuredly resulting in an increase in autonomous (non-group) operations. All the same, that option - no revival - is going to aggravate MAX users in terms of doing AV work and in terms of C-4 damage. The latter will will annoy Infantry if it now takes that many more sticks, MAX users if the increase in health did not actually lead to increased survivability against C-4.

    2.A. Still not very viable. Being stationary will always be death and adding non-revivability really makes this a no-go.
    2.C-D. NO. 2.D is especially a kick in the shins, considering that you're taking it away from everyone else to promote this new playstyle for MAXes, and then returning it back only to one faction.

    3.B. It's an expensive gimmick without additional support mechanics.
    3.C. I'd rather it just spreads out more, but extra duration might be fine too.
    3.L. For the love of god, no. As a dedicated Engineer , I'd rather they untangle the mess that is the Utility Pouch in some way; but, outright giving Engineers two utility slots from the get-go is exceptionally powerful, if for no other reason than that we already have one hidden inventory slot for our Ammunition Package. Forcing Engineers to return to a terminal to change the type of explosive they place is a good check on their power.
    3.M. It was sold for SC / DBC / BC, so it can't be removed, just modified.
    3.N. One school of thought is to make it like the MANA turrets and allow one turret to be moved around indefinitely.

    4. I'm actually surprised none of your suggestions involved the Rocket Launcher Tools.

    5.A. Since the goal of the system is to punish everyone equally, I guess that makes some sense. I'm not sure I agree with it but it makes a bit of sense.

    7.A. I can see a Platoon Beacon, placed by the PL, that all squads can use but not cross-Squad Beacons that any SL can use. Alternately, pull an AMS.
    7.B. Drive. Fly. Transport yourself. I absolutely encourage you view the whole battlefield between here and there and not just the "there" as a potential fight to be had.

    8.A. Actually, I think keeping the Directional Armors differentiated serve a good purpose. Mineguard could probably afford some C-4 defense, the Skyguard could probably provide some minor boost to the Top Armor, and the VS could use something special in how their Directional Armor works due to the nature of their fixed turret, but I'm not sure too much is really needed. A single Composite Directional Armor might be an interesting an addition, but not if it exceeds any of the normal Directional Armors in what purpose they serve.
    8.D. They intentionally changed all Vehicle radars from Scout to Proximity (except for the Flash and ESFs) for the very reason you want them to change it back, so I don't see it getting a step back. I could possibility still see it on a Lightning and using that as an AFV during Infantry rushes across open fields; but, I don't have my hopes up.

    9.C. I hate to break it to you but the Magrider doesn't need the Magburner to climb in silly ways. The Magburner just helps on the more difficult terrain and the steeper, higher ones.
    9.D. They reduced strafing speed in the past because its previous finesse made shooting at Magriders beyond spitting range completely aggravating.
    9.E-G. ... You really need to explain to me why you think the VS need cloaking options on so many things.
    9.H. I can already see that people would complain about it being even more of an I-Win button.
    9.I-J. They why have multiple ranks for it? It seems, if you want to go the "H" route that rather than making the Vanguard impervious, each rank of the shield could add additional resistances on the Vanguard's Directional Armor while it is engaged. In other words, it'd be a Resist Shield

    10. The biggest problem with Sunderers, if you can call it a problem, honestly, is that they get the strongest of their features into the fewest number of builds.
    10.F. My first notion was "only when deployed" but, in retrospect, it's too well-armored. It would be better, the way it is, to promote people stay with an AMS in the Gunner seats. For anything else, just have some Infiltrator place a Motion Spotter there.

    11.C. That's not really a Galaxy change, is it? That's a base change.
  3. BeeRando

    @Fate (to save space, from how large our reponses are.)
    1) Interestingly enough, I have a fully certed, lock down TR Max. I Use my Max mas much as I use regular infantry, and these are changes I'd like. It's completely pointless to kill a Max, as it can simply be revived. The work you put into c4ing a max, or taking one out, means nothing more then some xp. Now, it would actually have an impact on the battle. As someone who consistently pulls Max's, specifically TR lock down Max's, these are changes I personally would like to see. And saying that this will reduce the need for group operations is nonsense. The reduced movement speed, loss of sprint and charge make the Max an extremely vulnerable target. It becomes a damage sponge, and because of that, is even more reliant on engineers then they are currently. As a Max user, I want my skill and effort to stay alive meaningful. If I die, so what? I'll probably be revived anyway.

    2. A) Again, as someone who constantly pulls lock down max units, the only time I don't use lock down, is for anti infantry. I use lock down for fractures, air burster's, and pounders. Even then, I still pull lock down for anti infantry half the time because it massively helps lock down doorways and bio labs. I have fully certed my lock down for my TR max, despite contrary belief, lock down is a fantastic cert tree. One that is in my opinion, infinitely more useful then the shield and ZOE the other teams have.
    C-D) Just because people have something, doesn't mean they should have it, or that it makes the game more fun. The game massively lacks diversity, and this greatly diversifys the way Vanu max's act and play, compared to tr and nc max units. Theres no point to having 3 teams if every team all has the same health, same weapons, and same upgrades.

    3 B) Its more of a concept I'd like to bring up. Gunplay in this game isn't given the attention it deserves. Most guns have the same models and sounds, being able to pick up enemy weapons was an interesting concept I thought I'd bring to light, that works well in other games, like Battlefield.
    C) Extra duration or spread, either or. Smoke feels under whelming at the moment.
    L) "Untangle the utility slot" That's exactly what this does. It brings more focus to the engineer being a class of deployables. The engineer is not a gun class, that's medics who can heal themselves, heavys with shields, light assaults who can fly, and infiltrators who can go invisible. This would not make the engineer "exceptionally powerful". All it would do is make the class what it is, an engineer. A class of deployables, a support class.
    M) Just because something was sold for station cash means nothing. I constantly see people say because of that, x cant be removed. The dbc would be refunded for the item, just like certs are. Some of the things I've purchased with station cash I'd love to have refunded, so I could buy other things instead.
    N) Not having to resupply to place a spitfire turret would be a fantastic option. I chose to go the route of 2 placeable spitfire turrets because it helps emphasise the classes role. Its a support class, a deployables class, not a gun class. As it stands, spitfire turrets are not very powerful, and pulling a mana turret will bring you more kills, and xp every single time.

    4) Nothing needs to be done to rockets, especially if mbt health is not increased. Each rocket launcher works fine, and does good damage. Heavy's and light assaults are the mbt killers, leaving their AV intact helps keep it that way.

    5) The intention isn't really to punish people. There's countless people who just play as if they're the only one on their team. They run in-front of turrets, Max's, and so on, and give everyone else friendly fire warnings. People would learn to instinctivelywatch out for this, just like how people have learned to instinctively not shoot friendlys.

    7. A)Platoon beacon would be another option, but it means you now place 2 beacons, which is not something I personally want. It lessens the seriousness of your beacon being destroyed. I chose the upgrade route, because it means the devs would have to create less content(a different type of beacon) and could just add upgrade options to the existing beacon.
    B) Sure, make the game more realistic, but there becomes a point where realism becomes overbearing on game play. I have to redeploy 2 or 3 times every single time I switch to a new continent just to get to a base, and as I mentioned in my post, for a new player, this is infinitely worse. Not everyone knows how to fly, not everyone wants to spend resources doing so. Some people just want to open the game and start playing, not spend 5 minutes just getting to an area to BEGIN playing.

    8. A) The directional armours all becoming one cert tree, is not only because they are largely underwhelming at the moment, considering the other options available, but if my other suggestions were to be taken into effect, this would become even more useless. All the options for tanks I've presented, will be much more specific to the drivers play style and preferences.
    D) I'm aware of this, but as said earlier, with all the other changes to tank options, and considering that proxy radar is one of the least certed/equiped options in the entire game for vehicle users, it makes sense to boost it up again. Especially in comparison to my other vehicle upgrades to the existing options.

    9.C) I'm aware, but it does help steer it away from being a mountain climber, and replaces it with something that would be much more useful the vast majority of the time.
    D) This is true, but all changes are suggested with all other changes in mind. This is enhanced to balance the Magrider in comparison to the new changes to the other tanks.
    E-G) Diversity, and themes. As stated in the beginning, each team has some core traits. The Vanu's is cloaking. Currently, the main reason why people pick team 1 or team 2, is because of the way that team looks. It has virtually nothing to do with the way that team plays. There's very little diversity between the 3 teams. I'm enhancing and expanding the diversity.
    H) Again, every suggestion is being made with all of the other suggestions in mind. The shield is enhanced because of the strafe ability of Magriders, and the increased dps of the prowler while locked down.
    I-J) Apologies for not clarifying. Each rank of the Vanguard shield increases the time the shield is active. So that way, right from the getgo, your vanguard shield isn't as effective as it would be at Max rank. Each upgrade increases the duration of your shield.

    10) One of the reasons why the cost of sunderers is increased to match the cost of a lightning.
    F) Every option for a vehicle has a great impact on how it acts. The proxy radar helps prevent light assaults and such, but in order to have it, you give up blockade armour, or the deployment shield, or the proxy repair/ammo. Whats equipped on vehicles should be effective at what they do, because of what you're giving up to use it.

    11. C) I know, but like I said in the beginning, I had to cut out half, realisticly more then half, of what I had typed up. I had a category that included the air pads repairing planes, but had to take it out for space. Its a very simple, small feature that goes along way for pilots.
  4. Sagabyte

    Some All of these ideas would totally break game balance.

  5. Jbn0s0rus

    I've read most of your post.

    Gameplay-wise, your suggestions are quite interesting. I agree with a few of them, however, the most part is unblalanced due to the fact that they are heavily advantageous the smaller the engagments are, things like the Vanguard shield... 7 seconds, really?

    In a 1v1 fight or even with a few well organized tank column, it is unbeatable. It means that for 7 seconds, the enemies tanks have no target whatsoever to deal damage to. They're left as sitting ducks.
    TR prowlers if deployed you get wrecked, VS magriders could try and flee but exposing their rear would alos lead to death, even with nice camo active...

    And there's plenty of unbalanced stuff like that throughout your post.
  6. BeeRando


    I understand. I main TR, and have also fully certed my prowler. I often find the vanguard shield highly underwhelming. The tank its self is extremely slow, and massive, making it incredibly easy for everyone to hit. If both my prowler, and a vanguard begin fighting, and we both have full health, and I'm locked down, my prowler will win against the vanguard almost every single time, regardless if the overshield is used or not, unless I miss a clip. As someone who loves tank fights, and drives prowlers alot, the vanguard shield feels very underwhelming to me. I created an NC account and tried it out for a bit, and it also felt underwhelming to me as the driver. So as someone who used the vanguard shield, if only for a brief period of time, and is always on the opposing end of it as a prowler driver, its very underwhelming. But I understand completely your points. Perhaps if the duration wasn't increased, and remained at 6 seconds? While yes, the tank is invincible with my suggestion, you must remember that the tank has the slowest forward/reverse speed of the mbt's in the game. The shield only gives you enough time to get about 2 shots off before it wears off.

    But again, this is a change suggested by someone who constantly drives Prowlers, and is always on the opposing end of the vanguard.
  7. FateJH

    MAX Charge is one of the reasons MAXes are so survivable in general, and provides them incredible autonomy. That they can still barely sprint isn't even comparable. If the idea is to remove Charge so that MAXes stay closer to their allies, then giving it back to a single faction is not something that should be done. I may have already made that point, but I am very insistent about it. Charge is the only thing I ever use when I MAX and I know how it has been able to save my bacon as much as it has helped me suddenly get into a greater position against more numerous targets before they were perfectly prepared for me.
    Besides, it would make more sense to give Charge to the NC MAX for reasons of the limited effective range of its own arms, and not giving it to the faction who already have the most accurate weapons. Even then, I wouldn't take it away from everyone just top gift it to one faction. The ability offers high sustainability.

    No, I'm not talking about that. I want them to untangle the Utility Pouch Suit Slot certification so that it's much more straigtforward. At the moment it's C-4, AT, C-4, AT, AI, and all levels are of increasing certification cost. The last two are both 1000. The organization of the item's progression is messy and easily confused, and the pricing is arbitrary. To your idea, the Utility Pouch offering a second Utility Slot sounds more sensical; but, the least I really want is that the Utility Pouch just add levels to existing utility certifications (+1 Utility Slot item per rank), the number of rankings be reduced, and the cost of each rank adjusted.
    Technically, Engineer's can also be considered a gun class as our default "Ability" is a turret that is much more powerful than our Carbines, save for being immobile.

    Daybreak is holding to their previous convictions as SOE that they do not refund things that can be bought with game-bought tokens unless absolutely necessary. It's not just "other people" say it: it's Daybreak saying it.

    You see, that's the underlying purpose behind the way the system currently works. The system is incapable of determining actual player fault so it punishes both parties. The shooter gets grief and the player who gets shot takes damage/is killed. Any proposal to changing the system has to at least take that into account.

    Why would they need to create a new beacon? Just write logic that covers that happens when the PL puts down a beacon, which is no different from rewriting the logic behind everyone's beacons. As an additional benefit, that could also mean the PL could a beacon independent of being the SL of any of the platoon's squads.
    If you complain about the re-deploy system, you drive. If you don't want to drive, deal with the re-deploy system. This isn't about realism; this is about actually playing the whole map as a whole game. The enemy should always have the option of deterring you from getting to your destination but should also have to work for that option.
    That's not the correct mindset for this game anyway. Players are not wasting five minutes before they start playing the game: as soon as that person leaves the Warp Gate, he is officially playing the game. (He could probably PL or SL from within the Warp Gate and that would also count as playing, I guess.)

    General damage reduction to all sources but C-4 and tank mines is not largely underwhelming, though, otherwise combining the armors into one tree wouldn't be any more useful than leaving them separated. They also influence the way tanks engage targets and what counts as "flanking."
    Perhaps the presentation of this idea is faulty, since you say you want to take all the tank changes in context to understand why you wish to merge the Directional Armors into the same tree. If you would be kind as to expand on this suggestion per tank, that would be helpful as to understanding how this makes them "much more specific to the drivers play style and preferences."

    I stand by my "no" because I do not believe your aggregate changes mitigate the previous engagement issues dealing with Magriders that have very loose strafing power.
    I do not believe providing a lot of cloaking options is a good outlet for that sort of faction diversity. In fact, I implore that you should make a completely different thread about this topic for datamining perceptions and opinions.
    Don't ignore the fact that the VS already have about half a dozen things that can be called or sold as "faction traits" spread out across a variety of weapons, most of them things some of the faction also doesn't like but others would not want to give up.
  8. BeeRando


    Max changes 1 and 2
    Im not giving the charge ability to the Vanu, only the ability to sprint. Just to clearify.

    "To your idea, the Utility Pouch offering a second Utility Slot sounds more sensical; but, the least I really want is that the Utility Pouch just add levels to existing utility certifications (+1 Utility Slot item per rank), the number of rankings be reduced, and the cost of each rank adjusted."
    My idea was that you get a second utility slot, regardless of the utility pouch. The utility pouch would remain its current cert tree.
    For example, I have tank mines, and claymores equiped. The utility pouch acts exactly as it does now, upgrading the amount of deployables I can carry. So, with a higher utility pouch, I can go from carrying 2 tank mines and 2 claymores, to 5 tank mines, and 3 claymores. But, regardless of whether or not the utility pouch is equiped, I still have the second utility slot, meaning I can at the very least, carry my 2 tank mines and my 2 claymores.
    "Technically, Engineer's can also be considered a gun class as our default "Ability" is a turret that is much more powerful than our Carbines, save for being immobile."
    True, but thats really it. Its primarily a support class, with the option of a mana turret.

    "Daybreak is holding to their previous convictions as SOE that they do not refund things that can be bought with game-bought tokens unless absolutely necessary. It's not just "other people" say it: it's Daybreak saying it."
    Ah, I wasn't aware of that. That's kind of lame. That's basically saying "no matter how much of an improvement an idea is, we refuse to do it, because it might mean we wont potentially gain 5 more bucks from someone".

    "The shooter gets grief and the player who gets shot takes damage/is killed. Any proposal to changing the system has to at least take that into account." I'm aware. Theoretically you do in a sense get punished for being obnoxious/oblivious by getting damaged/killed, but you can just insantly be revived. It's the innocent guy who you ran infront of who has their weapons locked, and is the real victim. Constantly running infront of people, should at the very least, give you some kind of punishment, if even just half of the greif points of actual friendly fire. The reason why I wouldn't make it full greif points, is for example, some guy was annoying my girlfriend and constantly c4ing her vehichles. She cant do anything about that, and should'nt be taking greif points. A system would have to be worked out on how it would be handled, but, the door should definently be open on greif points to those who give them to everyone else.

    "Why would they need to create a new beacon? Just write logic that covers that happens when the PL puts down a beacon, which is no different from rewriting the logic behind everyone's beacons. As an additional benefit, that could also mean the PL could a beacon independent of being the SL of any of the platoon's squads"Two reasons. One, I've worked with alot of coders and programmers over the years. Alot of the time, a simple copy and paste can't be done, meaning although the know-how is already there, the content still has to be re-created essentially. I don't know the specifics of what can or can not be easily re-created with planetsides code. And two, it gives you 2 beacons to place. I personally think that's a bit much, as it requires the defending team to do twice the searching and such, but platoon leaders may like having 2 beacons, along with many others. I haven't ruled it out completely, my initial impression is it would just be double the hassle for defenders.

    "I stand by my "no" because I do not believe your aggregate changes mitigate the previous engagement issues dealing with Magriders that have very loose strafing power."I understand. I am not aware of how effective they were before the nerf, that was before I really had a good prowler and was constantly driving around. All I was suggesting was a slight enhance, as with the current version, hitting Magriders is almost as easy as hitting Vanguards for me.

    "I do not believe providing a lot of cloaking options is a good outlet for that sort of faction diversity. In fact, I implore that you should make a completely different thread about this topic for datamining perceptions and opinions. Don't ignore the fact that the VS already have about half a dozen things that can be called or sold as "faction traits" spread out across a variety of weapons, most of them things some of the faction also doesn't like but others would not want to give up."

    I most likely will make more posts. The only reason I've put off using the forums at all so far, having been playing the game so long, is because of the people above. It's annoying having obnoxious people scream for attention while others are trying to discuss things to come up with ways of enhancing things.
    I'll have to learn how to properly quote on the forums tho before I do haha.
  9. Taleroth

    I would not complain about a cloaking Magrider.

    Everyone else would, but certainly not me.
  10. Zombo

    lol, so you want to make NC the only Faction that can hold a point? good idea, will be fun for sure...

  11. StormyFacade

    Personally if any Max were to have Charge, it'd be TR since they're basically all about mobility, if their MBT is any example. For TR maxes I would instead make their health bar the same as that of VS. The NC are all about tough, slow, hard-hitting stuff right? It doesn't make much sense to have TR and NC maxes equally as tough.
    I'm sure the kill-ability of a TR max with 3 bars via 1 rocket wouldn't be that big of a deal at 3, but I don't know exactly how much health a max has in a quantified amount.

    For a platoon Beacon, Just make the PL's squad beacon into a platoon beacon, not a temporary but a replacement for as long as they're Platoon Lead. The beacon would act identically to the squad beacon, basically it would just be a renamed copy/pasted item, only anyone in a platoon could spawn on it.
    Also the way SMS' work is that other squads can't spawn into Alpha's sunderer unless it's deployed and there's a squad member of the other teams either in it or the leader is near it. Might be wrong, but just what I've observed in the last half year or so.

    Having your weapons locked should mean that you can still use the medic/engineer support tool so they can still remain useful rather than being TOTALLY useless in a fight. It just makes sense honestly, since you can't damage anything with those tools.

    I think Vanu cloaks on non-infil classes should work in that it doesn't really work completely (since there's always more to be bending light from) so the fade to complete invisibility should take longer while moving with said cloak active would drain it just a bit faster than normal. Upgrades would alleviate this handicap, with it being removed at max level (in other words, Max level Heavy cloak would be equal to a level 1 infil cloak).

    I honestly completely agree with the TR 2 weapons with Heavies. At the very least, Secondary weapons should include SMGs if not all the others.

    Heavy guns should be the exception for picking up and using other faction's weapons, since they're basically the gun equivalent of an MBT. They're locked to each faction for a reason, maybe they'd have security making them useless to members of other factions?
    Though I feel this might increase server load unless there was a small time period which the guns would remain on the ground for. Perhaps it'd be just as long as a corpse would stay on the floor?

    I would like certain upgrades to be improved versions for specific factions. For example all infil cloaks for vanu would be better than the others to begin with, TR Extended Mags would either carry 75% more ammo, or would double as a 50% ammo capacity increase, and NC nanoweave would be 20% better than they already are.

    I'm all for increasing the diversity of each faction and totally agree that if they're all nearly the same, so is the reason for playing one faction or the other rather small.

    I dunno about anyone else, but a Nano Repair grenade for engineers would be a decent addition. Think Healing grenades for vehicles/maxes.

    I personally use Maxes as TR alot of the time and lockdown is decently useless unless taking down aircraft since you can get picked off easily while immobile, especially now with the Archer in existence, nevermind tanks and rockets downing Maxes without flak armor in a couple of shots.

    I personally think the Grief system is fine how it is, though an Exp deduction should happen when you get locked, just make killing friendly players give triple the grief points if you do so when there isn't any enemy players within a 50 ft spherical radius. I wouldn't mind a sort of Revenge system to allow you to go after TKing team members who kill you in similar situations, only without any consequence until you've killed them as much as you've killed them, maybe even with an always-active name reveal until this condition is met.
    Since... I don't know about you, but when we're in-game, I kill all who try to kill me, or actually does kill me. I find it deeply aggravating when allies kill me intentionally, not like me walking in front of a chaingun, but literally no enemy is within 2 hexes of in-game space and they kill me.

    That or just remove Grief and put in a Karma system for Friendly Fire with different levels for negative and positive sides of it. Not doing Friendly fire for long enough will get you small, incremental bonuses to things like certs, nanite collection/capacity, or whatever isn't gameplay-related, while doing tons of it will net you penalties to identical things, which won't be as incremental or small. Maybe even titles to be gained for extreme levels on either side.

    Though it happens rarely, having new players get team killed repeatedly by specific people can be very offputting.

    I'd suggest that smoke be upgradeable with a tier that makes it so that NV/thermal scopes can't see past it as the smoke itself will light up like an enemy, and another tier would cause a spot-blocking effect wherever the smoke physically is (like say the smoke is clearing, the holes in it where there is no smoke would not share this effect). This effect would not affect players of the same faction, like a TR-fired smoke would not affect TR players, just Vanu and NC players.

    I'd like a max ability for TR that allows them to more quickly reload as while firing, the suit will sort of queue the next clip to allow for reloads that would be essentially be reduce by 80% at max level. It'd be rather expensive obviously and would likely be in the same category as Kinetic/Flak Armor. That or it would disable the ability to melee. I think this would fit the TR theme rather nicely. I would have the NC max be able to upgrade it's health maximum instead. It would go in the same category as charge I think. Not sure about the equivalent for VS maxes, cloaking would feel good.

    Also it wouldn't make he NC be the only one able to hold a point, just that everyone else would use a different method of holding it down. VS could hide most of their troops inside and ambush enemy forces, while TR could keep mobile and active, laying down steady walls of suppressing fire to keep enemy infantry out.

    Which reminds me. If engineers had empire-specific abilities, TR would allow them to lay down two ammo packs at once, with a slight increase to explosive resupply cooldown. NC would have the ability to buff turret damage based on proximity by no more than 5%. It's be based on Medic heal auras, with the recharge time being decently long to make sure it's not too ridiculous. VS could maybe make the speed of allied infantry faster, the ability working similarly to the NC's turret damage buff aura.

    Or something. I dunno, just my opinion. I like alot of OP's ideas. Again, I'm 100% all for making the factions more diverse as it's kinda sorely needed.

    I am also ofcourse worried that some might indeed make some bits OP, or that some changes might anger people, but honestly it's not like people will stop playing if say charge is removed from nearly all maxes. Change just comes with a challenge of learning the new stuff and how to interact/use it.

    Personally? Nowadays I'm not at all hopeful of any change getting into the game itself, no matter which game we're talking. I've seen ones both decent and okay, amazing and fantastic, all get ignored and never implemented like the bad ideas. Even ones which are well-fleshed out with plenty of material to reference to like images made by the poster themselves.
    Call me pessimistic, you'd be 100% right. I'll say it's possible to at least be acknowledged. It always is. I still support idea threads nonetheless because sometimes, developers like to prove me totally wrong. :)