A group of team killers hit us. How do you stop that?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Leftconsin, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Leftconsin

    How do you possibly stop a group of people that log into their alts on a factions in a base they are trying to take and go to work team killing everyone?
  2. Alarox

    You don't.
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  3. Leftconsin

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  4. SpartanPsycho

    Well, SOE can't do anything except ban the account that has no meaning to a person who can make unlimited ones.
  5. Utrooperx

    Pretty much...it sucks...but be consoled that you must have done a good enough job stopping the zerg that they had to resort to TK'ing you...sort of a back-handed compliment, in a way...
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  6. Kubin

    And that's sad.

    Fortunately I've only encountered that kind of behaviour once.
  7. BlueSkies

    They do hardware ID bans, which is a bit beyond your average F-wad to spoof
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  8. Taemien

    Easy. Pay to Play.

    IP, MAC, and Hardware Config are easy to spoof, a simple google search will show how. But losing months of 14.99 payments as well as unlocked cosmetics and boosts.... your average jerk isn't going to want to do that. It would take a severe meltdown for someone to do it.
  9. Joexer

    5 minute fac switch timer. Server or same faction switch instant. Repeated TKing adds to the timer for said "banned" faction. but weapons lock doesnt carry over after 5 times one week ban 5 more and 1 month. single offence prevents deleting character for 1 week.

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  10. Hasteras

    Try to drive them to weapons lock.
  11. Anomalous Entity

    Easy enough to fix...

    Check your overall teamkills for the life of the character, and if it's higher than average you have fewer TKs to lock.

    A very high TK percentage vs average and your very first TK results in a lock.
  12. Problem Officer

    /region watch out for ______, mass TK
    Get rid of them given the chance.
    Unless you're very clumsy, the killboards will defend you.
  13. Taemien

    Two accounts, and your 'fix' is bypassed. Don't even have to log out of the main one. Can use it to 'find' the victim.

    Even I have 3 accounts and play legitly (used to 3 box in Everquest). So what's stopping a jerk from getting more than one?
  14. FBVanu

    warp to another continent,.. or, log off.. try to keep calm.... and remember that team-killers are w(p)ussies ..
  15. JudgeNu

    You could report them and describe the incident.
    Then either log out or move to another hex, continent , etc. and it will be over soon.
    You could hunt them down but that may lead to a rage if you fail.
    I suggest the former.
  16. Auzor

    This is one area where P2P can be superior, yes.
    Just make sure the system is "fair" with first warning, temporary ban, then perma-ban.
    Even so, in P2P games there is still trolling & griefing; but then it is up to moderator to take appropriate action.
  17. SpartanPsycho

    Spoofing is not that hard if the person is a professional hacker/troll.
  18. Yuukikun

    No one would p2p a game that gets 5 times more problems than solutions each patch for the last 2 years.
  19. Taemien

    They would. The ones who would pay for it also have the money not to be running 5 year old dells.

    SOE should run a test. Open a new server, only members can join. And they can testcopy their current characters over. See what the quality of play is like over there.
  20. Astriania

    That's true, but I'd guesstimate that 95% or more fourth faction TKers are people who get a bit too angry and can't control themselves, probably young and not experienced with hacking enough to know how to set up hardware spoofing. It's pretty hard to do for a game that interacts with so many actual hardware components, I think (not that I know much about it myself).