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    I have been playing Planetside since back when the first PS was created. yes I know, old school. when they released core combat and added new weapons, vehicles. and even giant mechs. where did they go? why no cave system?, why no artillery launchers?, what happened to the loadstar?, why no big giant robots! What happened to the standard equipment and weapons?, A.C.E., pheonix camera guided rockets, why cant we swim? we need to revamp some old school equip, add a few new ones, and have us a really great game! I personally would pay for a membership if devs would bring things from the original PS into PS2. And how about new battle theaters, like Navel battles, both on and under the sea. why not orbital battles? we can call down an orbital strike, means we have an orbital cannon, battle for control! So much can be implemented that would truly make this game leaps and bounds better than some of the other FPS games that are currently available. Lets put PlanetSide 2 back in everyones mind!!!!
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  2. Shibby84

    I have heard this suggestion, both in the forums and in game, thousands of times, a lot of people all agreed to having the loadstar back in the game, and I always liked the idea of having the giant mech back in. It was giant undertaking of designers at the time to make a game that included air land and ground combat, nothing that was ever done. Only now are popular games including open world combat, and mostly its all scripted. When making PS2 you have basic code, a whole bunch of more code to add things, but the biggest issue with adding more content is making sure it works and is bug free. Probably 80% of it is making sure it works. Having better things in this game would require a base-line of code, you know when games got that new Engine everyone was using like Unreal Engine. My suggestion was to develop the H1Z1 and provide a combat system modern, and futuristic that no game has ever even now came close to Planetside has been. Before then I have asked that base building be incorporated into bases, such as destructible doors, and shields on the openings that are more visible through in all game settings, and remove shields from attackers such as LA's and be refillable by ants, in a location such as the bottom spawn tube of a large tower base. A lot can be done in this game, but also it requires money and manpower. Perhaps H1Z1 could be better improved to provide the ultimate zombie/mankind/faction experience. Daybreak games / SOE is hard to come by, and find, but once you did you realize it was great find. Not very much ads from tele or internet of hype like the new COD WWII game.

    I think the Valkyrie should have the ability to carry one MAX in the rear of it, kind of like a manned gunner for the rear, it would provide better transport than sometimes running 700m because you spent your last nanites on defending a base.
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  3. Lucidius134

    I like your moxy.

    I've seen naval battles suggested so frequently. I'd live for that but I'm unsure how time consuming vehicles are. I know they're a lot of work for physics and such. Boats would be cool though!! Magriders would have their old faction trait back.

    Space battles would be neat too! Have you seen the video "secrets of planetside 2" ? It's some bootleg modded client\server with some custom modded ps2 stuff
    One of them looks like American with a space skybox and it looks like an asteroid base. There's also a custom base made of ps2 assets. I suggested that the Battle Island "The Ascension could Have been a space ship or space battleground.

    Tying territorial control of space to orbital strikes could be an idea, although it could be kind of steam roll enabling...

    Looking forward to more posts!
  4. Armcross

    In Hossin sometime I feel my vehicles like a river boat.
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  5. Vamperial

    Simple Answer: Planetside and Planetside 2 are separate games, separate dev teams, and come from different MMO ethos. Planetside 1 was unique because it was like a MMO/FPS/RPG hybird and slow to get into like EQ or even WoW 1.12. It was built from the ground up to be more MMO/RPG than FPS.

    Planetside 2 was built to be a MLG FPS from the beginning and contend with Battlefield for most players in one place at the same time. MMO part was just icing on the "we are unique" cake. The cake my friend was a lie.
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  6. Lucidius134

    Indeed. While people needs keep the fact that ps1 and ps2 are separate games with separate ethos, we should always keep rough ideas or designs in mind with moving forward with ps2. Let's takebold and make new. Not for easy content or to appease beta but to improve the game and bring it back to the gaming media fore.

    Very unlikely without a relaunch of the game but we can dream
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    I still have difficulty understanding why new weapons and vehicles would be hard to add, besides money. now i do understand new battle theaters would most likely involve a relaunch and that would be very expensive and would not be cost effective, but new toys? gunfire coding would be easy to alter, graphics could be outsourced to the community, vehicles drive the same, planes fly the same, most of the new stuff would primarily be cosmetic and slight alteration to the base code. also new idea, DRONES!! 3 types, recon, armed, and explosive. small, rapidly deployed, recon has variable sight ( infared, ultraviolet, thermal) relays troop movement to allies minimap, armed would have a light machine gun or shotty, and explosive would just be a flying bomb. have very little to no armor so most weapons would work on them but they would be fast. not to mention who ever is controlling them is easy pickins as their sight and move is on the drone not their toon. make it a nanite systems creation so would only have to create a basic look that would be universal across all factions ( maybe a recolor for each)
  8. Luicanus

    That's something I've suggested before, I see no good reason not to let the community do the heavy lifting when it comes to designing the new structures, vehicles and even bases/maps that you need, do it like the old Halo Forge did where people can submit their work to a testing ground (similar to PTS) where volunteers can give them a try/judge the quality of the work. Pretty soon there would be an ample supply of unique models that they could draw from.
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  9. Lucidius134

    I think the initial idea was to eventually let players make weapon models or skins with the player studio because SOE saw the money in gun skins in CS:GO but as stated before, once they got player submissions and had to deal with a lot of legal issues wit international copywrite, they probably didn't want to spend money to expand their legal team if it wasn't going to be a gross net gain? Who knows.

    I've seen some player made facilities and such using base game assets repositioned in new ways, and i'd like to see a competition of sorts for designing new building layouts and types from the community that are most fun go fight in. The new continent updates put new variations out there though so we gotta appretiate the new uses for old props.

    Personally, i'd like to see continent specific texture/shaders for the generic buildings. Make it so that when loading into a new continent it loads this version of the generic building textures. I know the reaon why we got new, more bland skins on every vehicle and no new map props was so that more of the game loaded and used more generic textures so there was less to load in memeory to boost performance. Having this entire texture sheet replaced based on continent would likely be an easy change and retain the performance upgrade. Might also make continents be a bit easily distinguished when inside buildings...
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  10. Luicanus

    Continent-specific textures would indeed be a good start. And yes, to player made bases, with all the assets out there and the creativity the public can muster I could imagine some epic bases. Hossin could certainly use such an initiative to replace those construction site placeholders.
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