A cordial message to community.

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  1. xLluisett

    Hello to all who know me if it is the case and new people. I will start a sorry message to all players who i was tóxic in ps4 Ceres,i am taked a bit of free time to live outside consoles,i am doing rehabilitation those days,things going fine in life,finally!!! I will not be a stupid person and talk with heart,i matured a bit,i did friends outside console and i meet a person i like. This end of the month maybe i get a ps5 but ill consider two times before buy. Real life is more beautiful than virtually and if i arrive to buy the ps5 i will not play like before my console time separation of those times. To the grain. I will not be tóxic to anyone i will thanks the rehabilitation i am doing and play fair and say gg every oppossing faction who wins the base. Maybe i can not Transfer how Happy i am with the community of ps2 and my rehabilitation. Guys i learned much things from stay away from consoles,life is beautiful. You must thanks for everything,even if a girl reject you can in real life,no worryes,you are valiant for try. I would like to transfer this cordial message to ps2 community for make this awesome game. Think if anyone kill you take It as no personal problem,at the end is a shooter game and not a cars game. I know that silence can be bothering if the player kill you and say nothing but think this player maybe is not your neightboor or something like that. I apologyze for my tóxic behavior in the past,but toxucity ends when you live the life outside the console.Life is beautiful if you believe is beautiful,you must always see the cup half with more water. You and all people in the world must help other people with difficultues,that is how we make friends and no enemyes. I will not be a tryhard persón in game,at the end is a game. Playing console is my hobby but after now not my entire time. You must Desire what thing makes you inner peace and be emphatic.

    Sorry for this wall of text but things are start going fine in my life and i wanted to share and apologyze of my past. I would like to say more things but i end saying,life is beautiful and thanks to this company to make this wonderful game. Take care guys,maybe we seen again each other at the end of the month,i will play with the Vanu faction this time,even knowing is underpop in Ceres. I hope Ceres will gain more people in time and Ceres people on genudine will return to Ceres. Have a wonderful day auraxians and why not,champions of the game,think if a guy with no armas and legs have a girlfriend,we must thanks for have that. We all have potential,you only need positivity and see things different. And absolutely thanks to rehabilitation of my country who help me to have a better life. We all here friends if you want,but first thing is real life because life is beautiful. See you guys,maybe in a time. Lluisett out.