880mb update get it

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  1. Pikachu

    Anyone got a guess what it could be? Updated missions system?
  2. UAL328

    There are new bases on Indar and Hossin. I will post pics of the new Indar bases in the Gameplay Discussion Forum in a few minutes.
  3. Regpuppy

    Oh, did they sneak some of the indar tweaks in? Wonder how they ended up handling Quartz ridge. I remember one of them posting a pic with all the assets nuked.

    Guess I'll just DL myself.
  4. Pikachu

    Crown has a stone bridge to Ti Alloys. I thought what they should do was the opposite. Make those bases more isolated by adding a sharp mountain between them so tanks can not bombard from crown to alloys.

    Quartz is being reworked. Also the terrain west of it is changed so there is a narrow pathway up.

    Hvar Western Post and Sandstone Gulch Mining are being reworked.
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  5. unknamed

    I'm still getting the error after the 880 MB patch:
    Windows 8.1 Professional 64 bit.
  6. Regpuppy

    So, calling the current PTS quartz ridge a "rough sketch" would be the understatement of the year right now. But here it is.

    You can kinda guess what they're going for. The thing I find interesting is the hollow pipe prop they have near the spawn room over the garage building.

  7. Botji

    Looks better than what we have now.

    Well, perhaps not but if they can give us half as fancy bases as Amerish its going to be good.
  8. Elrobochanco

    Hmm unsure how I feel about this, the approaches to quartz ridge suck, but I like fighting in there. Could use a teleporter for the spawn though.
  9. Pikachu

    Rock bridge between Crown and Alloys. It's very rough in a way so it only allows vehicles from Crown to Alloys but not vice versa. Maybe magburners can go both ways.

    New passage west of Quartz to Hvar. Sadly it's too steep for vehicles. They don't come far.
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  10. sucoon

    hmm, is the new passage to hvar not allready in? at one fight at hvar i saw enemys coming this way
  11. Ryan Cansler

    In response to Pikachu's list of images regarding the pathway past Quartz Ridge... that pathway has actually been there the entire time. It's not new.

    Anyways, I can certainly see why they'd want to work on Quartz Ridge, but I'm worried as to how any changes might pan out.

    Quite honestly, (at Quarts Ridge Camp) they should put the Spear turrets that face the south towards the Tech Plant on the top floor of the towers. Why? They can only get an angle on 'half' of the oncoming road. And any oncoming tanks can just shoot them down from the far end of the road, without exposing themselves to any danger by the turrets themselves.

    Now, adjusting the towers to angle the turrets, so that they can aim a little higher might look clumsy too (and I also don't think there's a single turret that sits on a sloped surface either, so that's also likely out of the question), so bumping them up a floor might just be enough of a height difference to allow the AV turrets to get to the end of the road.

    Quite honestly, this sort of a change would be rather balanced anyhow while improving its overall base design (who designs a turret to watch a road, if the turret itself can't even aim high enough to reach all of the way down?).

    Bumping them up a floor would make them more effective (in comparison to a lack of efficiency at all in their current state), while exposing the AV turrets to more oncoming fire (particularly aerospace), in addition to making it fairly more difficult for engineers to sneak up to them to repair them unnoticed if an oncoming force is attentive, and is watching the gravity lifts. Lastly, by being on TOP of the tower, they'll likely draw more attention to themselves, which means that at a risk of efficiency and reach, they sacrifice any concealment they'd have, simply by means of standing out against the sky as a shadowy target with a cannon.
  12. Regpuppy

    Xander twitter update

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  13. Lafladitu

    there is a NC vanguard *concept version* at Quartz Ridge all in black with coaxel guns ;)
  14. Doomzzg

  15. Azarga

    Never seen that model before, so the Vanguard part is so far the most intriguing for me.
  16. Timithos

    A better fix would be to increase the vertical angle ability of the phalanx turrets everywhere.
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  17. Unclean009

    What's the new bases on Hossin? The only one I can find is Fallbridge Chemical
  18. Pikachu

  19. Pikachu

    There was several of them on Amerish before it's completion.
  20. Pikachu

    Another ~120mb update.