85 Dollars to buy cosmetic pack???

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MasterDk78, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. MasterDk78

    Thats more than a hole triple A new game, with free cosmetic in it!
    Come on, we like to support you guys, but dont you think ^this is a bit to much?

    Why is it that every company overprice their stuff?
    Then we complain, and they go like
    "subject to change"

    Well change it, dont be so greedy, people dont like that, might even find it disturbingly disgusting ;)
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  2. vonRichtschuetz

    In a game that is free to play and not pay to win, where would you expect them to put a price tag on, if not cosmetics?

    Aside from that, newer AAA games tend to have a lot of gambling mechanics and loot box sales that completely dwarf anything Planetside has.

    Bonus: You get the cosmetics on every character on that account and since it's not a triple A yearly franchise, you don't have to buy the same stuff every iteration.
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  3. Campagne

    There's a difference between a price tag on cosmetics and asking for more than a AAA title. Wasteland 3 is available for pre-order on Steam for $79.99 CND... If it's anything like the previous iteration it shouldn't have any gambling mechanics at all, unless you choose to visit a casino.

    It doesn't seem like a wise choice to ask so much for so little. :confused:
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  4. MasterDk78

    Pretty sure cyberpunk will be free of this god aweful loot-box, and its even cheaper :/ (unless DBG is now EA)?
    And as @Campagne said, asking so much money, is to much for so little.
    they should include what else the made in the game for that price tag, and put in 3months free membership or what ever.
    Angry joe would have screamed at them "you f***** it up" :p

    You can charge 20 for it, not higher guys
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  5. TRspy007

    You don't necessarily need cosmetics. IF you want some, pay, if it's too much for you, not the end of the world, you can still earn a few in game.

    Remember planetside 2 needs to make an income, and with lifetime memberships, a lot of people don't pay the 15 a month they used to. Now they must raise prices to make up for this, and PSA's failure. I can't blame them for this, it's nothing pay2win.

    I am pissed they can't manage our investments responsibly though. If they could use our purchases to improve the game instead of throwing it away on some nonsense, I would start spending a bit maybe.
  6. Liewec123

    It's the greed that dooms all companies, they put the prices so high that very few people will pay it,
    If the price was decent then more people might be interested.

    But they ask for more than the price of a brand new game for a couple of cosmetics (which don't even look too good)

    So they might have made more money if it was cheaper...
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  7. MasterDk78

    Did any actully go and buy the bundle? See some comments here, if u cant afford it, or need it dont buy.
    Your right, at that price, im sure not gonna buy it. they even made it so tricky if your out of DBG u need the big pack wich is 85 dollars. And cmon, every one knows that cosmetic is super important. all like to show off, and put something personal to their character.

    And saying this game is not pay to win?
    Do we agree there is loot boxex in da game?
    Do we agree there is weapon bundle in the game for real money?
    so 4 new ppl start playing, 2 friends from vanu, and 2 friends from tr.
    The vanu guys are poor (sry vanu) they using standard weapons.
    tr guys go all in, buy the bundle.
    Now they meet inj the field. tr has the gatekeep, or vulcan, outcome the same, they win

    What does pay to win mean in video games?
    Pay to win” essentially means that you can progress further, faster, through a game or win more often or more quickly by spending real-world money on various things relating to a game's monetization system.
  8. vonRichtschuetz

    I start a new character every once in a while and have no problems with the standard infantry weapons. For infantry gameplay you can gear a single class to 95% of it's potential within 2-3 hours easily, if you know what to do.

    Also you seem to have never played an actual pay 2 win game, because pay 2 win means by definition that paying equals winning. In Planetside, no matter what weapons/upgrades you use - which are ALL purchaseable with certs by the way - you will never have a guarantee to win. I promise you can give a new player a fully certed accound and they will still suck compared to people who have played this game for years. If you want to see actual p2w, play some mobile games and ready your wallet for spending over 1000$ twice per week for some events to speed up your energy regeneration.

    The new CoD sells for 60€, 100€ if you want cosmetics. All of that will be lost next year with the next CoD. CoD MW also has an ingame shop - and every single one of those items will be useless in a year.

    And just to make another comparison. CoD mobile sells a "loot box" which gets more expensive everytime you buy it and out of 10 items that can drop, the two cosmetics in it will drop in boxes number 9 and 10, making it effectively a 250$ cosmetic DLC.
  9. Campagne

    That's CoD though, a series notorious for recycling games every year and nickel & diming their customers.

    And even then, the greed of one company doesn't justify the greed of another.
  10. Nuggz

    I rarely spend much on any cosmetics in any first person game I play for the most part simply because you spend so little time looking at your character. You're basically paying out the nose for looking cooler to everyone else who sees you. You yourself see almost no cosmetic benefit for the money you spend which renders them a poor investment especially given the price.

    Others may be fine paying far too much so they can look cooler in the eyes of other players but for me it holds little to no interest. If the prices were a little less money grubby I'd feel differently.
  11. Exileant

    :eek: You are not lying... o_O I Prefer this system over D.C.U.O. Any day of the week and 7 times filthy with the Lords BLESSING on Sunday. :confused: Let them offer a lifetime membership again and see don't I buy it....
  12. Exileant

    :confused: Wasteland is a parted series... o_O Trash games where you have to toss away all of your achievements every new installment... This is only the first one as far as I know on PlayStation, so this is not one for us. I would have payed out of the nose to keep all of my old Destiny 1 gear. That is the reason the original creator left it. He never intended his game to be a series. It was all supposed to be a 1 mega game like D.C.U.O. with maaaaany many episodes and add-ons. :confused: I do not mind paying high dollar for stuff if it keeps them from making a part 3 and forcing me to start over. That was the reason I left Armored Core Armored core was revolutionary because they made games where all of your parts crossed over from the last game, and you could ONLY get some of those amazing parts if you played the game before that. It gave you a distinct advantage when starting off a new game. :eek: It made you FEEL like you were a Vet. ;) They even went out of the way ever once in a while to include your status in the movies and scenes. :( When they stopped doing that, I was out of the door, because the parts they made you hunt for were to hard to obtain to just have to start over. If part 3 ever hits, I am gone... :mad::eek: I will NEVER work like a dog for in-game money to buy so many upgrades again just to have them snatched away from me....
  13. Desann

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. The cosmetics in this game are WAY OVERPRICED...

    I will NEVER buy a $10 camo....but I will buy 10x $1 camos...see the diference?

    Option 1:
    One camo costs $10....I buy ZERO due to the inflated price.

    Option 2:
    One camo costs $1....I buy TEN of them, because I feel $1 for a cosmetic camo is worth it...

    In option 1, Daybreak overprices their digital assets and I buy nothing. In Option 2, they get the same amount of money they intended and I am satisfied with my purchase and can swap between my 10 camos as necessary.

    This point seems to elude many and I don't get it...So I guess ill play with the camos I acquired for free or ones that went on sale during holidays and such...oh well. Daybreak must not like my money.
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  14. Pelojian

    if you get DBG as part of your subscription i don't see the problem with a camo or cosmetic for $10 (i usually wait till sales though), those big *** bundles that cost $40-80 are nothing new, as the game has gotten older and bled more players the prices have gone up, not down, they are trying to milk more money off stupid people to fund arena and planetside 3, after all they pissed away ps2's profits on their failed everquest next instead of actually using the money properly.

    DBG knows planetside 2 is on the way out, that's why they are trying to milk people out of as much money as possible before it kicks out completely.
  15. Desann

    MICRO transactions should be MICRO. ie a few cents per purchase. I will spend money and buy more stuff. But if I can literally buy an entire game for the cost of some cosmetics, as the above posters mentioned, I just don't see value in that.

    I get what you are saying, we are agreeing. Its just corporate greed and the game quality suffers for it.
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