800+ rof carbines and assault rifles got hit with a stealth nerf?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by thrikerr, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. joshua

    The 800+ RPM rifles have done less damage at range since pre-launch. Nothing has changed.
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  2. QuakerOatsMan

    I think players tend to overplay the statistics straight out rather than focus on the feel and functions of each weapon (which should be the most important aspect), and they start to think that other weapons are superior above others when actual gameplay doesn't reflect that at all.
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  3. bodmans

    as usual, they tend to ''feel'' something is different.

    also i expected more :eek: in this thread

    how is the :eek: decal going btw
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  4. Gamba

    Did someone say...STEALTH NERF?! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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  5. haldolium


    Funny. Just had an argument about that just an hour ago, saying the exact same. Game itself is influenced by a lot of factors including unpredictable player input as well as the ordinary game glitches, network stuff etc.
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  6. Being@RT

    Note that the changes were about damage testing. Presumably that damage testing had been faulty or not done before for those weapons (extrapolated from minimum range damage and damage degradation of some other weapons/weapontypes?)

    Can we please already have good info ingame instead of the (very manipulative) bars? Likewise with the short/medium/long/very long range descriptors.
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  7. Antivide

    It's been like that since launch, guys.

    Just the Spreadsheets were wrong, listed GD-7F as the only 800+ ROF weapon that took one extra bullet to kill with min damage.

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  8. MrShooter

    I would probably pay SC to slap :eek: on my shoulder

    hell, make it a helmet
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  9. Sulsa

    Everytime this guy gets posted, I LOL.
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  10. Gruntilda

    I was wondering why my Serpent seemed to be sucking

    Guess they want everyone to play Higby's Congolmerante with all the buffs they have been giving them
  11. Zaik

    I'm not really all that surprised, the GR-22 was just flat out better than any other AR for NC.
  12. gigastar

    Which is why alot of people claim the Lasher is **** while me and 2 others in my outfit go on absolute rampages with the thing.
  13. VanuSovereignty

    The lasher isn't awful because of it's actual combat performance, it is awful because people are blind and stupid and get you weapon locked constantly.
  14. Phrygen

    hazaaa... I went with the Jaguar!
  15. Olek

    They want you to buy more shotguns.
  16. gigastar

    Which is why im often screaming over proximity chat that standing in front of a Lasher is not a good idea.

    On a side note, i got weapon locked 6 times yesterday in a biolab.
  17. Jezs

    CQC weapons are slightly less effective at range than other weapons? blasphemy
  18. Kastrenzo

    I just bought the GD7F and VX67, And I already had the Lynx. too

    Thanks Obama..
  19. Cyridius

    SOE: Remaining the most information indecisive company in the ******* gaming industry

    Blatantly lying about stats of their weapons. ps2.dynet.com had stats directly mined from the game data and they have been visibly changed.
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  20. CommodoreFrank

    Forget that, make a tank camo that covers the tank in :eek: