800 damage Bolt Actions have damage drop off....WTF

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ArcKnight, May 7, 2013.

  1. ArcKnight

    they were made/advertised for OHK headshots and now we have drop off, the damage drops by 50 every 10meters till its 550 damage at a 100 meters

    here's the proof

    a long range weapon can only maintain its max damage for 10meters and to top its of 100 meters is sniper range, 10 meters makes more sense for SMG's and shotguns and I doubt battle rifle users are happy about their 8meter damage drop offs either
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  2. Sebyos

    6 months later...
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  3. Ouch Electric

    100 meters should have almost no effect on any rifle
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  4. Van Dax

    Its like they just gave everyone the ol' vanu dmg degradation.
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  5. ArcKnight

    I'm not fully sure on what you mean ?
  6. Xind

    I'll never understand why people want to play an FPS so they can be invisible and far removed from actual combat where they can auto kill people who aren't paying attention to them. There's more sport in deer hunting because sometimes a bear will sneak up on your drunken *** and eat you.
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  7. ArcKnight

    bolt-action are for headshot killing people who stand still long enough, infiltrators/sniper kills targets who are unaware of their presence cause that if the bullet hit or miss can mean the difference between life and death while we're aiming for their heads we're vulnerable to who ever sneaks up on us
  8. Xind

    That's like saying, "Tank cannons only deal damage when they hit the enemy directly." You ignore that fact that your weapon is extremely damaging on a Non-Headshot, more so that any other gun in the game and just short of rockets/grenades. The only things that should sneak up on a class, armed with a sensory dart gun and defensive land mines, who is capable of being invisible until they shoot and relocating if they could be detected are air craft with proximity radar...which of course is a predator of all ground infantry. More over, if you can only hit stationary targets...you aren't a very good sniper.
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  9. Vaphell

    who cares if you are decent or godly. Sniping is a legitimate tactic. Yes, you can learn to lead moving targets but it's not hard to move erratically (hold W and then bump your mouse a bit in random intervals in random direction) and then you can do only so much, given characters can turn on a dime and there is no momentum.
    Also you don't use bolt actions to score body shots. Semi-autos are for that. You have 1 attempt every 1s+ and that's assuming you are not aiming. The whole point of BASRs is OHK, because if you fail you get bumrushed hard and become free food.
  10. Ouch Electric

    What I mean is that a rifle round loses hardly any of it's kinetic energy over 100 yards. Even 5.56 which some consider anemic, is quite effective out to 4-500 yards. A .308, which is the low end for sniper rounds, is quite effective out to 800 yards, and 1000+ in some loadings. Then you take much more capable sniping rounds, and they can reach out 1600+ yards and still make a one shot kill. The reason they can do that is because they have so much muzzle energy that they can to lose a ton of velocity and still be effective.

    No one designs a sniper round to be piss poor at > 100 yards.
  11. Slaidd

    Wrong, SOE obviously does. I say get rid of sniper rifles entirely if you're going to make them a focking joke and not even worth using at the very thing you originally put them in the focking game in the first place for, long range sniping.

    I've gotten to the point where I don't even pull an infil any more for anything other than to run around on a wraith flash. And since they're going to nerf the **** out of that soon, once that's no longer worth doing I'll literally never play infiltrator again for anything. Maybe that's what SOE wants, maybe not, but that's the reality.
  12. Fumblewatt

    Just get two ravens and snipe people, they dont suffer from damage drop off, and you can adjust your aim if the players move, dont get the vortex'es though, they are hitscan but got damage drop off, so just switch class, you dont need to shoot them in the head either
  13. ArcKnight

    true but I'm not into MAX's at all
  14. Duvenel

    Are people forgetting the damage multipliers? If you anyone knows the actual damage mutlipliers for bolt actions doing HS' then maybe the damage drop off isn't as bad as it seems?
  15. Bolticus

    Well it takes 3 bodyshots to kill a enemy with a semi-auto as I remember. and with the time it takes for the rifle to settle down, the player being shot has to be extremely ******** to not be in cover by the 3rd shot. And when it comes to bolt-actions, it's nearly impossible to hit the head and kill a moving solider.(I have done it a few times, but it takes 2-3 shots)

    I would be fine with maybe taking down shields on a body shot, and an increased multiple for sniper rifles shots to the head, so it still kills in one shot.
  16. Bolticus

    People with Nanoweave 2 can survive headshots at quite a close range. I think it's about 150-200m. And that's with a bolt-action. Nanoweave 2 is also a measly 11 certs.:p

    You would also be surprised with the amount of people running Nanoweave nowadays. Flak is outdated now.
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  17. Duvenel

    This is kinda my point, does anyone know what the exact multiplier for bolt action rifles causing HS' is?

  18. Xind

    I just can't support anything that makes "fish barreling" any easier. They already increased how much breath time snipers get.

    If PS1 Snipers could reliably 2 shot people with a bolt action all day freaking long, then PS2 Snipers can, and please forgive me for this, L2P.
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  19. The King

    If anything, it goes towards you to "L2P"
  20. ACE McFACE

    I pretty much agree with your statement but it still doesn't make sense that snipers have that big of a drop-off