7 days of MAXing - Soloing Multiple enemy MAX units in the same Killstreak

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  1. Phyr

    I'm sorry I don't live up to your expectations. I kick myself everyday for not choosing a sweet name like yours.
  2. Crywalker

    I feel like you were a little too liberal with the editing, shows more total kills but we don't get to see the full process of moving from kill to kill, surviving in high activity areas, how you move to flank and avoid fire, etc. etc. Many of the kills also weren't particularly special, short clips of 1-2 infantry kills didn't add much. Though I understand you were working with only a week's worth of playing here so highlights I suppose would be limited.

    Also I don't think this proves the VS MAX is good, just that it can work as an AI when using the ideal set up. The MAXes you faced mostly weren't using such a set up vs. you.

    Entertaining vid overall though, don't see many MAX vids and especially not VS.
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  3. Bill Hicks

    phyr why are you so angry all the time. Never see a happy post from you
  4. Phyr

    I'm not angry, I'm disappointed. The amount of stupid on this forum is soul crushing sometimes.
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  5. AccelPrime

    The editing was made into a fast pace style to fit the montage-esque better. This was a mere documentation of my first seven days as a MAX, but right now i'm working on informative videos to guide other players through the MAX, with topics such as which weapons you should get, what you should begin certing into (depending on your playstyle), how to play your role most effective etc etc.

    As for whom I face is something I cannot control:(.
  6. Olek

    I saw a fair few VS MAX's tonight, now I see this thread I can understand why :)
  7. FightingFirst

    Cant believe the VS are complaining about their max, it seems just as effective as TR one to me.
  8. AccelPrime

    Thanks a ton :D!

    Every faction complains about something, because some people seem to enjoy complaining :rolleyes:. IMHO, TR/VS MAX are very similar in performance, it'd be more interesting if there were some actual differences between them, except weapon skins >.<.
  9. Bravix

    Learn to read bud. Maybe you should go and get your GED?
  10. Ranebow

    Obviously it wasn't a video showing many contested battles but a max with heals (also notice a lot of cut scenes where he probably died..) can go along ways vs a few infantry at a time.

    Yes, the fact no one decided to respawn and rocket him in the face is suspicious, but then again,..cut scenes..
  11. Phyr

    The max was much better after getting a second AI weapon. That said the starter max is still crap compared to the starter NC max.
  12. Devrailis

    There's very little that is suspicious about this sadly. You would be amazed at the number of times a MAX will kill a medic, engie, LA, infil only for the fellow to barge right back in with the same class (and given their effectiveness - same loadout).
  13. Frosty The Pyro

    this is not actualy wise, cosmos are very acurate, in bursts, but as you fire your CoF increases, the maxes crosshair doesnt show it like others do, but it does. in order to maintain a useable acuracy at ranges beyond that of a scat max you need to let up from the trigger ocasionaly to let your bloom reset. Dont just pray to the RNG god, keep your CoF small and knock of heads. Otherwise you are giving up two of your three strengths over a scatmax (those strengths being supresive fire, acuracy and effective range).
  14. YoXn

    It's a montage, 1st he was taking out burster max's. They are good against air not infantry. Secondly, the max's he did take out were not decked out. As in they are the default max. Third, it's a montage, he will only show his greatest moments. VS/TR max is still completely under-powered compared to the NC max.
  15. Zan_Aus

    It depends on circumstances, by "fire continuously" I'm obviously being a bit hyperbolic. If you are at mid range where you can actually put all your bullets on a target or facing a specific target you wish to kill like an enemy MAX then yes, you fire lots but also manage your recoil and bloom. However if you're facing a squad of infantry at long range it is often better to not try for individual kills but to coat the whole squad in fire, especially if you are with supporting infantry.
  16. Zan_Aus

    Only at 0-10 metres. Now 'll grant you that's where a fair portion of MAX combat happens a la biodome shootouts but its not the whole story. NC Scatter/HackMAX is completely useless past 20-30m which is not a problem for the TR/VS MAXs.
  17. YoXn

    Why is your reply so off-topic with what I replied with. RTFC.
  18. Flaeb

    Good job with the VS max, although you zooming in on those "high threat kills" got very irritating. Otherwise, good job.