7 days of MAXing - Soloing Multiple enemy MAX units in the same Killstreak

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AccelPrime, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. AccelPrime

    These are clips from my first week of playing the MAX class, or rather the past four days as I lost quite a bit of clips & aquired the Cosmos' four days ago ;). If you enjoyed the video, leave a comment or tell a friend about it, it'd make me genuinely happy :D.

    Moar MAX vids to come!

    NOTE: My loadout(s) can be found in the video description, if anyone's interested to know what I was using in the video :)!
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  2. nella

    Glad to see someone disproving the noobs claiming that the VS max is useless.
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  3. Deavonere

    Exactly. I was saying the same thing. I was able to shred enemies even with basic setup.

    Good video AccelPrime btw.
  4. IMTasty

    Nice video, honestly I don't see enough VS maxes around. Most tend to be new players, but from time to time to you run into good ones and crap your pants. :)

    Dual cosmos<3
  5. Phyr

    Now do that with quasars.
  6. AccelPrime

    I've done very similar things with the Quasar's, but like i wrote in the OP i lost all clips from my first 3 days of MAXing, and by then I already had gold medals with both of my Quasar's. After that I purchased the Cosmos'.

    I'll record some new footage with the Quasar's and show you :D!

    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone :)!
  7. AccelPrime

    Just bumping in to get the video on the frontpage :rolleyes:.
  8. AccelPrime

    And again!
  9. Zan_Aus

    Hehehe, good video.

    I have not once regretted getting dual Cosmos, 75/525 ammo is just a non-stop rain of fire. I got a 47 killstreak on my Vanu MAX today, was awesome fun.
  10. AccelPrime

    Yeah, the ammo pool is insane, quite a nice buff from dual Quasar's :).
  11. TheEvilBlight

    Had a interesting miniskirmish this morning with Quasar+Comet in the north switchback of The Crown. Comet to splash, short bursts of Quasar to kill.

    If my VS MAX had dual Lashers I would've owned it up, but quasar+comet will do.
  12. Bravix

    ...difference being that the VS Max actually has to aim at the target, particularly the head to kill them fast enough. Scatmax is easy mode and devastating. Which is fine, the difference is good, but there's a reason you don't see many VS Maxs.

    Another thing to keep in mind was that this was purely tower gameplay. Not much room to strafe. Inside a base, the infantry would be moving around enough that trying to get headshots would be counterproductive, since you'd miss too many shots. Scatmax just needs to get a good shot off once and you're dead.
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  13. KRE8R125

    Haha awwww those poor AA Maxes were giving it their all but it just did nothing! :D
  14. Jadith

    Nice, four and a half minutes of killing the blind, unaware, or stupid. Am I supposed to be impressed?
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  15. Bambolero

    Tower hopping LA style with a MAX lol.

    Goes to show you that good players will rip chit up with anything while the bads will keep whining on forums about EVERYTHING!
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  16. Bambolero

    Rly, you still gonna beat that drum, even after a video showing you how it's done?
    Not to mention mowing infantry down at 50+ meter ranges.
    Try doing THAT with NC MAX...

    Seriously, less 'analyzing' and giving excuses why you suck with a MAX and more actual playtime with it and soon you'll be good with it too and you wont have a reason to moan on forums.
  17. Ranebow

    Plenty on our server. Coincidentally they happen to be usually be piloted by the 'top' Vanu clans, where upon they let infantry run out and attract enemy fire, then the max walks in and gets the kills. And to add salt in the wound, some poor engineer is running around repairing him, not realizing that everyone is dying around him so the max can farm his certs.

    "Nice, four and a half minutes of killing the blind, unaware, or stupid. Am I supposed to be impressed?"

    No, I don't think it shows that necessarily, rather it was a convenient place to be for those several minutes.
    And a max with repair is not an easy target. Without repairs I'd laid him out in one shotgun clip, but when you're busy fighting forward and not backwards stuff happens.
  18. HyperMatrix

    The VS max isn't useless. It's good for medium range. I prefer and spend more time playing dual-mercy's on TR than I do playing vs maxes. And of course...not even going to bring up Hacksaw in CQC. Nor will the video he posted. A proper hacksaw max would have downed him in cqc in 2 seconds.
  19. Jezs

    Came expecting hackmax, left disappointed
  20. Liberty

    Was a great vid showing how quick the TTK can be for a double AI VS Max (which has had constant claims of being UP). Hopefully in your next vid you can show some more MAX fights that aren't using dual bursters. I'm pretty confident given your aim/movements you'll be able to smoke some TR maxes in head to head fights to show the two are actually on par.

    I have to say though I was jealous on the range of those first few infantry kills and the speed at which you dropped them. That was just nasty!