7,997mb patch?!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Camycamera, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Camycamera

    so, i haven't played on the test for about a week (i played to try out the optimisation patch) and i open up the test to find a 7.8GB patch..... i know there would have been mini patches, but srsly?! what the hell was it for?! OMFG patch 2?! because i see nothing about it on the test announcement page.....
  2. SirBurning

    they changed all texture to different models to improve performance. Hence you basically have to re-download a very big part of the game.
  3. The Grand Crusader

    When you mean changed, do you mean downgraded the textures? Just wondering because I haven't checked out the PTS yet.
  4. SirBurning

    Yes, they have changed all camo patterns from 512 bit textures to 256 bit. And probably alot of other textures too.
    But, there is virtually no quality loss for us. It's not noticable on the models, but it is in performance

    As I asked Tray mself:
  5. Backf1re

    I'm downloading only 1Gb, you must have a really old test client build. In regards to the texture change by TRay, 256bit textures will for sure free up allot of VRAM. This improvement will more than likely be seen in the big fights, with all those camo patterns etc.