7-7 update, wow

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  1. FeralBoy

    Hahaha I'm surprised that amidst all the wailing and gnashing of the teeth over the Banshee and AirHammer changes that nobody brought this up. I'm sure the VS and NC will be quite pleased about this long overdue fix.

    And for the record I am quite tickled that even though the Antares took a slight nick to it's projectile velocity both the Kestrel and the Locust got slight increases to theirs. I have all 3 of these weapons since I am an admittedly newbie pilot with hardly any air time and my eyesight is definitely not as eagle-eye sharp as it used to be. I need those massively larger ammo capacities. :D

    Good thing I have a few extra thousand certs laying around, I guess I will look into tricking out my Banshee a little more. ;)

    And yes, I agree. For all the negative things I say about SOE and DBG they sure are putting in quite a bit of effort recently, which honestly I never expected to see.
    Well done.
  2. Stigma

    It does seem like a bit of a ****** change - since basically everything in the game has heavy resistance to ESF nosegun type damage - incuding the infantry and other ultra-light units it is supposed to specialize against...

  3. kevin33598

    1 esf isnt the problem, 2 esfs are. ESF's always have a wingman, and that lowers the TTK by at least half.
  4. The Shady Engineer

    They removed its instagib capability, how is that a buff? Well, it's effective instagib capability. Not a pilot myself but my friend who played with the tweaked AH on PTS said that it's got similar treatment to the heavy assault shield. It's got less burst power but more sustainability.

    At least the other guy is reasonable, you though... How hard did that Reaver pilot dunk on you?

    On topic:
    Faction Banner: Cosmetic banner that displays your faction logo in constructed bases
    AI Mana, AV Mana, Spitfire turrets now should be able to be placed closer to other deployables
    Optics attachments have been added to all empire specific pistols.
    Added Vehicle gunner sensitivity setting
    Added New Faven loading screens
    Revival timer on deployment screen, showing progress bar and time value now
    Equipment terminal optimizations: should open and process 100-150% faster
    Forward Grip descriptions have been updated to include more specific attachment information.
    Fixed an error where some Forward Grips would incorrectly increase the number of horizontal "kicks" in one direction.
    Fixed AI mines doing damage through walls
    Fix for long standing Tank Mine rendering issues (hopefully)
    Added spot VO callout for spotting enemy ANTs
    Fix for the issue where other players could appear dead, but still be running around and shooting.
    Adjusted volume for the Basilisk firing audio
    Instant action will now correctly redeploy with the loadouts selected in the deployment screen


    Flash is now able to equip Gate Shield Diffuser
    I can already see a 48 man platoon GSD-ing an AMP station on quad bikes. This is gonna be good.

    One change I found particularly interesting-
    Deployment selection defaults to Heavy Assault instead of Light Assault

    Heavy primary infantry class confirmed?
  5. blackboemmel

    Strange evidence.
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  6. Luke_Nadewalker

    Intentional misquote you banana! Thats not the link i posted.
  7. dugital

    yeah the new update is epic, its a shame what ever was in it broke the game hahahaah they been down for some time now
  8. blackboemmel

    Still, your "evidence" is worthless. Try to see the wrong link as a counter-"evidence".
    Haven't been able to try the new Airhammer, but from the numbers i saw it looks like it's going to be a more "PPA-like" weapon. If the AH really isn't a special, unique weapon anymore, that made the worst ESF worth flying it because of it's outstanding versatility, i'll be very frustrated. And to help the pedestrians that where screaming for an AH-nerf because it was "sooo OP against infantry" sharing my frustration, i'll try it's new farming-potential a lot.
    IF it's not been overnerfed like the banshee was before: Say "hello" to a new dimension of infantry farming, RIP Reaver fun.
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  9. H4YW1R3

    I have to agree with the OP. I may not always agree with the changes made, but it is really good to see work and progress being poured into this game.
  10. LaughingDead

    PPA has no hiding. Banshee can't be dodged. Maxes ARE STILL infantry. Unless you can actually prove AH is OP instead of just whine about how it works now then just don't.
    I wouldn't say better at killing maxes, in fact I don't even know where you would get that. If anything would help a faction kill maxes faster it would be higher sustained dps since all the burst is reflected in infantry ttks. And tbh, maxes should have an easier time with AI counterparts but still they count as infantry. A prebuff banshee clip could kill a max, AH you would have to fly within easy rockey range and shove pellets down the maxes throat, I'd hardly call that OP, it IS a shotgun after all.
    Again, have to get relatively close and if anyone with dumbfires is actually paying attention, could make that shot.
  11. JobiWan

    I haven't seen it in action yet but I've already read two users on here say it still instagibs non-max infantry.
  12. The Shady Engineer

    From much closer range. Well within accurate Decimator range.

    Read: Effective instagib capability.
  13. Raap

    Solid update, although QA dropped the ball a bit.

    Pretty big performance drop after playing for 45+ minutes, and some GUI windows like the world map load up slow and suffer from FPS drops after said amount of play time.

    Oh, and NC Phoenix camera hijack bug is kind of frustrating.
  14. JobiWan

    Performance seems OK but several bugs. LAs are spawning with LMGs and I saw loads of Maxes sliding round on their backs, dead and firing their guns.
  15. Demigan

    Nothing OP about it. You need to do more strafing maneuvers (more downtime inbetween volleys), get closer to your enemy (more vulnerability) and as reward for using those drawbacks you can get OHK's (Which are absolutely possible with any other aircraft nosegun because due to the latency system you are dead by the time the first hitmarker arrives. Oh and don't forget: Even if you do have time enough to react to the LPPA for instance, you'll rarely ever have the time to get out of the danger zone and survive).
    The only "advantage" the Airhammer has is that it's better at engaging other aircraft. But keep in mind that "better" does not mean "beats other noseguns". Any normal nosegun beats the airhammer any day unless you are up against someone of lower skill.

    ******** much? Every single scenario, with the exception of perhaps the A2A engagements (of which Mattiace, the maker of the video, has used the LPPA with similar effect against aircraft btw), every single scenario in that video could have been completed faster and with more kills when using an LPPA. You would have been able to keep more distance, aren't required to make strafing runs, have a better AOE and better chance of finishing all the targets since you have such a constant rate of fire.

    So you are only complaining about something that's not a problem.

    Oh and one more thing: Every single rocketpod outperforms the AI noseguns. So what on earth are you complaining about? Pick an A2A nosegun and finish off them infantry with rocketpods, you get more kills and more results than any other weapon!
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  16. Demigan

    He's making a point: LPPA works better than the AH.
  17. Demigan

    Well... You can (or could) OHK a MAX with the AH. If you are at point-blank range (as in almost sticking your barrel through their nose) and fire off in their head you could OHK them. I once killed 2 MAX's with 3 shots on what used to be Red Ridge. They were standing on the edge of the platform, I came up from below near the edge and killed them (and no, they hadn't been attacked for a while and they had a pocket engineer).

    That said, the preparation, skill and chance to pull it off are so magnificently large that you are better off just peppering them from a small distance.
  18. Haquim

    I don't mind people who like/prefer playing infantery.
    But the hypocrisy in regard to weapons and vehicles annoys me to no end.
    On one hand:
    A vehicular AI weapon killed me in 0.5 seconds - OP, NERF NOW! (The average TTK on infantery weapons seems to be about 0.6 seconds....)
    150mm HE shells with firepower similar to a frag grenade? Preposterous!!
    And then:
    A TANK survived 3 Rockets to the front? Useless needs a buff.
    An ESF lost only 45% HP after I stared at it for 5 seconds and had a green light? I stared REALLY HARD, thats so useless. Buff it or let other people handle it.
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  19. Scatterblak

    Nice flying! I hate you!