7-7 update, wow

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  1. IcEzEbRa

    You amaze me DBG, and TYVM, you've put a LOT out recently.
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  2. IcEzEbRa

  3. Haquim

    Not that I mind a buff to the Banshee, but I REALLY hope that

    -Ammo provided from Ammo Capacity cert line from 32 per rank to 35 per rank

    Is a serious typo.
    The Banshee may lack the huge splash of the LPPA, but that doesn't really matter if you can **** out over 150 projectiles without reloading.

  4. Cyropaedia

    All Scythes will now equip Maelstrom Turbo Laser. NC/TR...time to feel some pain....
  5. Liewec123

    good patch BUT...

    LOL, that is kinda ridiculous.

    also TR, prepare yourselves for banshee nerf threads, i used it on PTS and it is soooo much deadlier than prenerf PPA ;)
  6. Haquim

    No problem, we are used to that.

    Also, of course it is deadlier than the PPA. Those weapons are totally different from each other.
    The PPA with its huge splash and sustain is a weapon designed to suppress a big area or wipe out big groups of infantery.
    The Banshee on the other hand is designed to burst down single targets or groups that huddle REALLY tightly together, ideally in a strafing run.
    If the PPA was more sustainable with bigger explosions and on top of that deadlier, who the hell would use the Banshee....

    That being said, lets see how the new Banshee works out first. The explosive area is now back to pre-nerf levels, with the difference is that the maximum splash is 150 and not 200, which is 25% weaker than the original Banshee.
    But I think a lot of people will not realize that increasing the minimum splash radius from 1 to 2 meters is, in fact, a buff of 400% regarding the are of effect....
    I'll wait for two weeks of oracle stats until I give final judgement, but I think this is what they should have done in the first place, instead of the hammer they brought down to stem the floods of NC and VS tears.
  7. Vorest

    oFlare Gun and Deep Freeze holiday pistols magazine size from 1 to 2 and their Ammo capacity from 21 to 22.
    I feel bad for all those who have auraxed this jokegun in past, now it will be way easier to finish it.
    oMain Battle Tank secondary weapons, MR11 Gatekeeper, Aphelion VEX-4, and M96 Mjolnir, have been added to their respective directive line.
    oOptics attachments have been added to all empire specific pistols.
    You did as you promised, now all those VS secondaries will be easier to ADS ;)
    oInstant action will now correctly redeploy with the loadouts selected in the deployment screen
    Yas! It was missed so much...

  8. Daigons

    So what do the Devs do to address the issues with the air game? They buff 6 weapon systems for the Mosi & Reaver while nerfing three of the Scythe weapons. Good going. That should encourage new VS pilots.
  9. LodeTria

    Ammo capacity is your reserve ammo, not mag-size.
  10. Kristan

    That will encourage old VS pilots to relearn how to use their ex-OP toys. [IMG]
  11. Haquim

    That makes a lot more sense....
  12. JobiWan

    Buffing the already OP Airhammer? No thanks. Ok so the damage is reduced somewhat, but twice the ammo and fully automatic.

    That's just wrong.
  13. Luke_Nadewalker

    Flying shotgun shiite is the most unbalanced , overpowered weapons in the game. im not one to call for nurfs, but this needs to be removed completely or made to fire candy!!. against infantry there is no defence, no way to hide from the Wide shot pattern. Quite often the server lag / mechanics mean it fires through thin cover....

    I honestly thought it was a joke or atleast a mistake, but evidently not. AND NOW THEY MADE IT MORE POWERFUL????

    PHUQ OFF.... REALLY? (idiots)
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  14. Luke_Nadewalker

  15. Halkesh

    What do you think about this ?
    As far as I know, these weapon were damage type 3 (light ordnance). It's a huge nerf of the LPPA and Banshee for A2A.
  16. Halkesh

    You can do slightly the same thing with LPPA and banshee, except this MAX farm : AH is far too much effective at killing maxes.
  17. kevin33598

    **** man, they killed galaxy gunships! 10 a2a missiles = 5 kills? Galaxy = the new flying piniata, mfg m8.
  18. freeAmerish

    Decoy grenade will return:D
  19. JKomm

    Air Hammer is also very vulnerable, being an ESF nosegun and a shotgun, you must get quite low to the ground to use it, and as such you become a very easy target... I am overwhelmingly happy they made that weapon fully automatic though, one major problem with NC specific weapons is you have to spam click to use, where TR and VS weapons you generally just hold down. As well, the Light PPA has such an extreme effective range.

    NC weapons have always been better at killing MAX units, that's why we have the strongest MAX in the game... but it certainly cannot deal with infantry the way TR and VS can, even with slugs our range becomes slightly improved comparatively, and the accuracy is still unreliable.
  20. Haquim

    I'm pretty sure that 10 Tomcats is about a TTK of 45 seconds.
    Being able to use firesuppression twice before going down doesn't really sound like a helpless "pinata".
    Aside from that: Although it lost 150m/s velocity, you still can mount TWO walkers.
    If you can't force an ESF thats staring at you like a lovesick dog (kinda a requirement for lockons) retreat with that kind of firepower you are either an empty, floating squad respawnpoint, or you desperately need better gunners.