65th Highland Rangers

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    65th Highland Rangers

    So you have taken an interest in the 65th Highland Rangers! We are currently looking for new privates. Our main goals are Land and Air, we hit them from the sky and on the ground. We always try to stick together. We believe in freedom this is what we fight for. We are a Semi Military Realism outfit. We have a good time as well making tactical choices and the best route to assist the NC. Joining us you will be given a run down of Airborne tactics, or Piloting Tactics, Armour Tactics, even Leadership Tactics and training! Interested in joining? You can contact us in game or on Teamspeak 3 which is listed below, or you can leave your name here and we will contact you in game.

    Teamspeak 3 information -

    Ingame Contacts -

    Website -
    Coming Soon

    We are looking forward to seeing you future ranger! Give us freedom or give us death!