64bit client not working as it should

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by JoCool, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. JoCool


    I get constant stutters and worse performance in certain situations. Please give me the option to revert back to 32bit. This is unplayable. I am forced to just wait 2 days, since the next subscription is due 27th, if there is no fix until then I must cancel it. With a heavy heart, since I love this game.

    Best regards..
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  2. AdrianM

    same here.
  3. codeForge

    How much physical memory do you guys have? Which OS?

    Would like to get to the bottom of this. Thanks guys.
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  4. Eyeklops

    I really think this is an issue with the drivers not recognizing the new x64 client executable and not properly applying the PS2 driver profile. I had to manually add the new x86 and x64 executables myself, after that no stutters. nVidia user. I'll repost somewhere after I get home and see how the updated x64 client runs.
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  5. Norington

    4GB RAM here, Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit).

    RAM is FULL when this is happening, with constant HDD activity.
  6. ManicUndies

    Good lord! SOE responds.

    In lieu of starting another thread, I'll just add my info to this one.

    8GB RAM
    Windows 8.1 64-bit
    i7-4700MQ @ 2.4GHz

    If it's not micro-stuttering and input lag issues, it's memory leak crashes.

    Could we possibly get some sort of official forum post about this issue? The fact that there seems to be limited SOE response (mostly "post your specs" / "we're looking into it"), it feels like you guys only respond when someone threatens to cancel a subscription. While I'm sure (I hope) that's not the case, a detailed statement on what's actually going on would be immensely appreciated. 64-bit has been implemented a few times now, all horrible failures. We'd just like to know what kind of testing your doing and what convinced you multiple times that it was ready?
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  7. Ball5

    Game is also unplayable for me as of today.

    -Stuttering framerate 20-40fps (usually is pegged at 60fps w/ smoothing and V-sync on).
    -Cloaked units including myself are no longer visible (Typically they are visible since I run mostly high settings)
    -Depot panels and various other textures are missing.
    -Screen goes white when looking in some directions.

    64bit Win7
    i5-2500K 8GB RAM
    2x 6870's in Crossfire

    I have rebooted, enabled/disabled CF, checked game file assets, and changed game settings to low with no luck. The game was working fine 6 hours ago....
  8. Tito

    dude more ram 4 giga ram unplayable
  9. Ling

    I am having severe stutter with the 64 bit after today's patch. I'm running Win 8.1 64, 12 GB RAM, 3770K and a 780TI.
  10. Norington

    Minimum System Requirements
    • OS - Windows XP
    • Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 or higher / AMD Phenom II X2 or higher
    • Memory - 4 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive - 15 GB free
    • Video Memory - 256 MB RAM
    • Video Card - nVidia GeForce 8600 series or higher / AMD or ATI 4850 series or higher
    • Sound Card - DirectX compatible
    Been having no problems with stuttering untill now. The issue is with the client, not with my amount of RAM.
  11. Li3ber87

    Oh great, 64-bit client is here just in time to ruin the long weekend for us Aussies. FFS SOE are you purposely trying to kill Briggs? We don't want this 64-bit junk, we just want to be able to play. I'm having the same issues as Ball5 but framerate is more like 15-25.

    6 Gb Ram
    Intel Core i7-2630QM
    NVidia G-Froce 540M with driver version 3221
    Windows 7 64 bit

    Not impressed. PLEASE give us the option to run 32-bit from the launcher, how hard could that be?
  12. Aka007

    As of today, this micro-stuttering that I did not get before its making it unplayable.
  13. dreamcast87

    I played a bit today before i left for work at 2PM EST. So this ninja patch must have happened after that time so when i get back home at around mid-night hopefully this issue will be sorted out. I'm a bit curious as to how the 64bit client runs on my system. Every time it's released and i get back home to check it gets pulled. Please SOE put some kind of toggle in the launcher so we can select between 32 & 64 bit.
  14. Octiceps

  15. tigerchips

    I seem to be having hit reg issues, unless it's the stuttering and low framerate causing it?
  16. namd3

    Hitching here

    • OS - Windows 8.1 (64bit)
    • Processor - Intel Core i7@4.6Ghz
    • Memory - 16 GB RAM
    • GFX - 770s in SLi configuration
  17. NoctD

    Stutter madness

    Window 8.1 64-bit
    i5-3570k with 16GB
    660 Ti with 332.21 drivers
  18. kun4L

    I never had any probs with 64bit before only in the most recent update it started to stutter and drop fps and lag previously it was very smooth i felt like i got extra 2gb ram for the game. May be it is because im using AMD

    WIN 7 64 bit
    4GB RAM
    FX 4300, HD 6670
  19. CraigthePacifist

    I'm not sure my problem is exactly the same. I wasn't having a problem at all this week, but today I tried to get on for the first time, and whenever I click play on my launcher, the game will make like it starting, the entire screen will flash black, but then nothing will happen. It will go back to the normal desktop and launcher. Then after like 30 seconds the launcher will disappear. If I press play again before the launcher disappears, it repeats the process.
    As far as I can tell it isn't running in the background, and it's not just taking a long time to startup. I've never had this problem before and I tried restarting the computer already.
    It's like the game thinks it's running, but it shuts down before it actually starts up.

    Edit: I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and i'm still having the same issue.

    I have Windows 7 64-bit
    Intel Core i7 Extreme 2960XM
    12 GB Ram
    AMD Radeon HD 6900M Series
  20. Librux

    I know u like to add the 64 bit SOE but i would wait til hossin is out so it does not break it and fix Briggs i dont play there but i feel really bab about the guys that do please SOE turn off 64 bit client for now until hossin is live and briggs is fixed. AND BRIGGS GUYS HANG ON GAME WONT BE THE SAME WITH OUT YA THEY WILL FIX IT SOMEHOW AND SOMEWAY. Support From KobaltTeal Of Connery