64 bit client still crashes.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by cyb_, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. cyb_

    Not 5 minutes into the game after the patch and the first crash of the 64 client is there - yeah!
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  2. Kunavi

    Had my 1st one too just now(Which is why I'm back here). Cherry popped ;P No offense, just saying. BTW is this how they "Fixed all CTDs" according to the note we got earlier? -.- Oh SOE... Ohhh SOE...

    InB4 HotFix4HotFix4HotFix4HotFix-Over-10-Days-TimeAndThenBackTo32BitFor1Month ;Ppp Perhaps I exaggerate much here but I don't know.. I mean... SOE, right?
  3. Wecomeinpeace

    15-20 minutes in, first crash just happened (the good ol' "freeze and gotta use task manager to close application").

    I will play some more today to see if it has gotten any better overall and i just was unlucky.
  4. UberBonisseur

    Crashed twice in 20 minutes.

    Not sure if I should bother launching the game again, I don't want to increase my C/D ratio
  5. Bvenged

    Shame, works fine for me.

    It even mitigates hitching and stuttering completely at 60+fps, unless I whack my graphics on ultra (60+fps still), then it starts to stutter like it's 32bit again.
  6. iProtocol

    I crashed after about 20 min as well.
  7. Villanuk

    Crashed 5 times in less than 10 minutes and im not even going to try again today, quite pointless.
  8. Wecomeinpeace

    Can we switch back to 32bit manually?

    Or is that denied, because it is an option and they don't do these in PS2?
  9. David Lancaster

    Works fine for me, FPS is also a bit better :cool:
  10. Warobsessive

    I recommend restarting your computer. mine had to be restarted to initialize the new 64 bit software update
  11. NoctD

    64-bit client is fine for me - had 1 crash but that was due to firewall pop-up stopping the game from talking to the servers.

    Can we get some specifics on your systems - wondering if there's any trend to the crashes.

    Win 8.1 64-bit with Nvidia 332.21 drivers and 16GB of RAM myself. Just recently upgraded from Win 7.
  12. Vearo

    I had one crash as well. I also noticed that loading seemed to take longer, around the 95-98% mark (game is on a SSD). I'll restart my computer to see if that helps.

    To be honest, SoE probably threw down a ton of fixes to the crashes. They likely (unfortunately) need a more stressful environment to find the more finicky ones.

    Brief Specs:
    Win7 x64
    8GB RAM
    NVidia 760 GTX
    Intel 4670k
    Samgsun 840 SSD
  13. Wecomeinpeace

    Number two now...

    ...give me an option for 32bit or **** please.
  14. Sledgecrushr

    Workng great for me.
  15. NoctD

    Guess I spoke too soon, got into a turret, rotated it, and sudden CTD. Although that could be very well related to the hitching > CTD issue which was on the 32-bit client as well.
  16. Konfuzfanten

    So the last time you did the 64 bit patch:

    - log in, pull MAX...Crash.
    - log in, Again, pull another MAX...crash
    - log in AGAIN, pull another MAX for my final infantry resources and then crash 2 mins later.

    - log in, pull MAX, because you know Tower defense...crash.

    Great 64-bit client.
  17. Hosp

    I've been asking around but noone is confirming...

    Goto your planetside 2 folder, look for a launcher that has x86 at the end. That should be the 32bit client. Try that.
  18. BillHaverchuck

    2crashes in 5 minutes. At least i managed to play an hour before that.
  19. Konfuzfanten

    log in again, lasted 5 mins...another crash.
  20. Konfuzfanten

    ...another crash, lasted 26 min now.