~ 60 Second NC-08 Mag Scatter Review, NC Sidearm ~

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  1. belthazor3457

    A review in one minute. Exactly what the title says.

    The weapon's not very good, even at very short ranges. I got a few nice kills with it, but nothing that couldn't have been done better with a desperado, magshot, or other pistol. It's bad at the multiple-target scenarios you may need more ammunition for (as demonstrated in one of the clips) as are so common in planetside, and it's only real advantage - that one initial shot where you can slam a wounded target - can fly right out the door very often due to its accuracy problems. I feel the gun is in need of a buff:

    the refire time is too long, the pellets are too inaccurate, the magazine size is too small. Another pellet, or a 20 point buff to the pellet damage, or a slight refire time buff, or magazine size increase - any single one of the above possible changes would significantly improve the weapon, and wouldn't even need accuracy tweaks (Though that's certainly an option too, though I'd consider it a bit less easy to balance).

    And that's still saying nothing about the suppressor bug.

    Personally I'd prefer it to simply be reworked altogether and turn it into a pocket-hand-cannon double-barreled-shotgun of sorts, but that's merely a personal anecdote with no real importance to the above.
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  2. Nexus545

    Pretty much sums it up...
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  3. jiggu

    I don't understand why you'd want any gun over the desperado
    god I love that gun
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    Still better than the spiker.
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  5. GhostAvatar

    I can do that in a two word review; It's poo.
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  6. DorianOmega

    needs 2 more shots per mag.
  7. Bape

    Seriously best review ever lmao.
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  8. Matt879

    Nice review, have a like and a subscribe.
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  9. Arsonix

    The suppressor is meant to be a smart choke. Put it on and then browse over your selected attachments and you will see they just named it wrong. Also give this pistol to the VS and I guarantee it will become their new favorite pistol, it isn't really that bad. Just needs that suppressor thing fixed.
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  10. Torok

    Nice review, reminds me of (P.S. oh lol it's always you! :D ahah)

    The first time I heard this gun was in development I got excited thinking we'd get a sawed-off shotgun, but then I saw the first iteration of the Mag Scatter and all I could think was.. "Ughhh"

    Such a wasted opportunity :<
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  11. tf2hero

    good to see ya back bathesdor ;)
  12. Pikachu

    I loveyour ms paint drawings.
  13. belthazor3457

    A slightly more wordy, and possibly less polite, review concerning the spiker will be coming soon >.>
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  14. _itg

    The "suppressor bug" is that that attachment is actually the smart choke. It's just mislabeled in the VR (not sure about elsewhere).

    You also neglect to mention the bodyshot+knife combo, which actually makes this gun pretty decent with the stalker cloak. Compared to the crossbow, it's way more forgiving in CQC and better for jumping multiple targets due to better RoF, but of course you give up the ability to pick off people at range.
  15. Goretzu

    I would love it....... if I'd never loved the Repeater.......
  16. jiggu

    The Desperado and Repeater functions pretty similarly. The Desp has a bit more range to it though.
  17. lilleAllan

    Nice review. Looks about right.

    Can confidently say that I will never use the Mag Scatter.
  18. Bankrotas

    I don't love either :/ Revolver FTW.
  19. GhostAvatar

    Its very poo?
  20. Goretzu

    Similar, but the Repeater is better.